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Fighting windmills: what's hidden in this phraseological turnover? Involuntarily everyone at least once uttered this expression. It can be addressed to myself or to another person. The most important thing in such a statement in principle no one is offended. It is interesting to understand what this is about.

The Naive knight in armor

If somebody haven't read the novel writer, a Spaniard of Cervantes, I suggest you do it as soon as possible. Called the work "the Ingenious Hidalgo don Quixote of La Mancha". The novel was written a long time ago, but in our days has not lost its relevance.

It's All about the main character. Tall, awkward and skinny don Quijote - the comic image. But because his character is so fond of the reader to laugh at him, no one wants or dares. Don Quixote - the romantic and sincere nature. He believed the stories of valiant knights, described by the poets, that he decided to become so.

fight with windmills

Hero written by the author is quite comical. Don Quixote no longer young, not too healthy body. Tall, skinny, long face with a long nose and a funny mustache. And that most likely, his brain was some changes that resulted in a passion for vagrancy. And his horse, Rosinante, too, was skinny and comical. Funny armor completed the image.

His Servant, Sancho Panza - the antithesis of the hero, starting with appearance and ending with the ability to soberly assess things and call them by their names. But fate brings them together. As often happens in life, isn't it?

These knights, according to the hero, certainly was supposed to do valiant deeds in the name of the beautiful ladies, and they must help all the faithful squires. Knight had intended to praise the beauty of beloved and tell the world about their exploits in the name of love. Don Quixote chose his beloved Dulcinea del Toboso. By the way, his choice wasn't so great to for her to sacrifice anything. But the knight was blind and deaf, in his mind Dulcinea was the most beautiful woman on Earth.


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fight with windmills value

What is the meaning of fighting windmills

In the fevered imagination of don Quixote windmill - a huge monster that somehow threaten humanity. It is clear that don Quixote is not quite adequate. But his exploits he devotes to the lady. In the novel struggle with windmills has for the hero of special importance. This amazing generosity, combined with naivete is disarming.

Sincerity always softens the hearts of the people. It was before and remains true now. Don Quixote furiously raced in his scrawny horse, and attacked the monsters - the dragon, piercing them with a spear trying to kill. He was essentially a laughing stock for others.

It became apparent to the readers the meaning of the expression. "Fighting with windmills" as an independent phrase went to walk in the light, not depending on M. de Cervantes.

It means a waste of energy to perform useless actions. Pointless search impossible. Empty faith in unworthy people. Or you can give the following formulation: silly behavior that does not lead to the result.

tilting at windmills meaning

Knights among us

Why is the hero of a novel so loved by people? Everything is simple. Don Quixote didn't want to put up with the commonplace and routine. His eyes were able to ignore the dirt, vulgarity and greed. Soul aspired to a high flight. He was still at the time was surprised at these qualities of others.

With deep reflection, begin to understand the power of the phrase "fighting with windmills", the value of which is reversed.

Now the nobility will not meet at every step. But they are "knights without fear and reproach". Such people attach special importance to "fight windmills": unwilling to accept injustice in society or violence. Fighters for the truth, they make a protest to attract public attention, sacrifice themselves in the name of higher (often unattainable) goal. Volunteers, animal rights activists, members of societies for the protection of nature - everything they do battle with the "dragons". And none of them laughs.

fighting windmills the meaning of the expression

Thank you don Quixote

I Want to be happy the fact that the image of the "knight of the sorrowful" forever will live in people's memory. He is kind and sociable, sincere and brave man. It includes such valuable qualities that laughter is not the hero himself, and his actions.

Fighting windmills will last forever. Otherwise the world will become dull, boring and mundane. People will become poor in spirit and will forget high purposes, will lose the main values of the human soul. The world mired in philistinism, greed, greed and sloth. "Madness of the brave" have always admired and will admire. And writers and poets will draw inspiration from the most (seemingly pointless) feats!

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