What is feminism: history and varieties


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Definitions of what feminism is, there is a great variety, but all of them are true. Very often feminism is defined as the science, policy, or activity. Of course, we can say that this theory of the protection of women's rights and its application in practice. In principle, it is, but it is worth noting what the women asserted.

In General, rights can be described in one concept – the ability to choose a certain behavior, without expecting negative consequences. There are also specific rights related to childbirth or pregnancy. But the main focus still aimed at equal opportunities between women and men.

What is feminism

Women's feminism: implications and objectives

If to speak about consequences, they can be social (I mean public opinion) and legal. So describing what feminism in the first place say biased treatment of women in judicial practice, legislation and requirements for specific behaviour.

The Main objective of feminists – is the alignment of the standard of living of men and women. However, any progress in this direction occur with great difficulty they meet resistance. The quality of life of many women is at a lower level in comparison with men. Basically this situation is caused by discrimination of women's rights. In the result, there is biased allocation of resources and a complete disregard for women's needs.

Traditional and radical feminism

Female feminism

If to speak about what feminism is traditional, this concept is called first women's movement in the 1840-1930 years and its many varieties.

The Feminism of the second wave, dated 1960-ies, called the radical. Sometimes this kind of movement is compared with the work of Friedrich Engels "On the origins of the oppression of women”. The analogy is carried out due to the fact that the radical feminists in the same way as Engels, considering the current world situation as a confrontation between the two class groups: the proletariat and the bourgeoisie, men and women. Radical feminists believe that the Patriarchy created to oppress the male sex for women.


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But by the beginning of XXI century the question of what feminism, was not as popular as his supporters came to believe that violated not only the rights of women, but also men. After all, they were required to meet the roles that they were assigned to a Patriarchal society. It was agreed that such forced compliance harms the development of the individual person, regardless of gender.

History of feminism

The History of feminism

As a political movement, feminism has been shaped by situations, typical female. For the first time, women demanded equal rights during the War for US independence (1775-1783). The first supporter of this movement in America, raised the question of what feminism is, I think Abigail Smith Adams. It was her phrase – “We are not going to obey the laws in adoption of which we did not participate, and government that does not care about our interests”, has entered the history of feminism.

Many people mistakenly believe that all feminists think men are their enemies. But in reality, a protest of supporters of this movement aimed at the Patriarchy and not on the strong half of mankind as a whole. Mainly because the system of Patriarchy operates to service men and women in this case - only resource consumed. In this system, the distribution of roles takes into account biological sex.

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