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Cost-benefit analysis – this is a great opportunity to enhance your business and increase profits several times. The fact that the value of the method  in understanding which sectors of the enterprise are the most costly and is there any sense in these costs. The illustration of the method surpasses all other test results several times;  the results are expressed in terms of the scheme, which can be demonstrated in the meetings of its assets. This is the main advantage of this analysis of the work of the company.

 Method of functional-cost analysis using the most profitable and promising enterprise, and this confirms its importance and success.

What is the objective of this analytical approach to work? First, cost-benefit analysis is carried out mainly in order to find weaknesses in the organization of work of the enterprise. However, the task before this analysis put more global: this method should help to improve the quality of its products. It is necessary, first and foremost, consumers. The second task – the maximum reduction of costs on manufacturing of the product itself, the more interested the organization itself. However, the solution of the second problem will not prevent the consumer: the fact that if it will decrease cost in the production, and the final product will be cheaper. This means that it will be accessible to the masses, and thus easily sold. So, cost - benefit analysis helps not only to reduce cost but also increase the market, which naturally has a positive  impact on the prosperity of the enterprise. By the way, this analysis method was first invented by the designer, Sobolev, and now it is successfully used by companies all over the world.

How to conduct a cost - benefit analysis? The fact that specific guidance on this issue no. However, there is the experience of numerous enterprises using this method.  Offer details  value analysis  next  example.

First you need to divide all the information into phases. First – functional model of activity of the enterprise. Here the main block diagram, located in the center, will be the main function of the enterprise, for example, “to make soft toys», «to produce fashionable clothes" - try to isolate the main direction of your company-what your company ultimately delivers to market sales. From the left edge will need to record all materials and supplies. From the right – the instruments of production-machines, sewing machines, melting shop, etc. Top   write two important block – documentation and production plan. And the bottom -resources of the company. So you clearly portrayed the basic costs that cannot be excluded under that condition if you want to the company to perform its primary function.

Next, go to the second phase, which is called    model  value of activity of the enterprise. Function in this case usually two. They stand in the center and are inseparable. That is, they complement one another and presented in a consistent interaction. From function 1 to function 2 is the arrow that shows  the output result. Top 1 and 2 functions are placed 2 large blocks, called resources. To the left of the 1 function mark raw materials, and the right of the second – a product. Bottom – also resources. Near the arrows that go from the top of the units with the resources you need to mark the cost of managing these processes. So  the work of the enterprise and the cost of each of the services is visible schematically.

Cost - benefit analysis,  an example of which we have reviewed, held. It remains only to draw the appropriate conclusions and to take note of them for further work.

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