Kinoveevskoe cemetery in St. Petersburg: how to get address and phone of administration


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The urban infrastructure of the Northern capital is not a widely known. Not even all native Petersburgers can tell the visitor, as the shortest way to find that marked on detailed maps of the city as "Kinoveevskoe cemetery of St. Petersburg". However, the necropolis with the same name in the city on the Neva is, and it deserves no less attention than any other.

St. Petersburg stories

His name Kinoveevskoe cemetery got the name of the monastery, once located in the area of Malaya Okhta. The toponym of Greek origin and means something like "common life." That was the rule in the monastery Okhta, all its inhabitants for admission to the Holy abode gave her all his possessions and lived as one community. Abode, otherwise referred to as the "kinovea", was the country branch of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra. The monastery is long gone, but Kinoveevskoe cemetery, once when it exists to this day. The same name and wore the prospect held close to the cemetery. In the mid-twentieth century it was renamed and included in the other bus.

It is Possible to assume that in the days when Saint Petersburg was the capital of the Russian Empire, it was fairly easy to answer the question: "Kinoveevskoe cemetery... How to get to it?" Look for the graveyard followed, of course, Chinavietnam Avenue. The arbitrary change by the authorities of the historical place names often leads to difficulties in orientation among city streets.kinoveevskoe cemetery

History of graveyard

The founding Date of the necropolis is considered to be 1848 when a number of existing on-site Kinovea Church of All Saints began to be buried by local monks. Throughout most of the nineteenth century Kinoveevskoe cemetery was considered the country, and the graves it made are relatively few. Notable social composition of those who had to be buried in it. For the most part people malozatratnye and nothing is known. Mostly peasants with the organization of the banks. Among the prestigious and aristocratic this necropolis is attributed to was no way.

During the Summer of 1862 the cemetery was laid out five-domed Trinity Cathedral. Subsequently in its vicinity were made for the burial of persons of the spiritual and the merchant ranks. In the early historical Soviet era ceased to exist Kinovea, gave its name to the graveyard. In 1942, the cemetery had mass graves where they buried the soldiers who died in hospitals in the defense of Leningrad, and the inhabitants of the besieged city who died from hunger, shelling and bombing.kinoveevskoe cemetery how to get

Kinoveevskoe cemetery today

The Modern territory founded in the mid-nineteenth century, the necropolis is not much more than sixteen hectares. Kinoveevskoe the cemetery is located between two busy urban highways - the far Eastern Avenue and Oktyabrskaya embankment. It directly borders with the streets Mginskaya, Samoilova, and the embankment of the river Volkovka. Architectural background of the historical churchyard is a modern industrial building. Of the buildings of the nineteenth century it survived only a few buildings, they are located from the promenade.

In administrative terms Kinoveevskoe cemetery is a structural subdivision of St. Petersburg State Institution "Specialized service of Saint-Petersburg concerning funeral business". The cemetery is still active. But they are manufactured here, primarily, related to burial and burial of urns with ashes in the grave or in the wall of the columbarium. Reserve available space in the cemetery is almost exhausted, and the prospects for its expansion are not available.kinoveevskoe cemetery how to get

Reconstruction of the cemetery

Reconstruction of economic infrastructure, the redevelopment and expansion of the cemetery was conducted several times throughout its history. In 1946 was installed the memorial at the mass graves of wartime. It is made in the form of a black column-obelisk. In 1964, at the fifth phase Kinoveevskoe of the cemetery was decorated so-called "Communist platform", where the graves of the old Bolsheviks and party functionaries of the Soviet era.

Most large-scale reconstruction of the necropolis was carried out in the late eighties of the twentieth century. On the territory of a modern administrative and commercial buildings, was dealt a solid coating on all Central avenues,conducted work on the landscaping and installed lighting design. Close to the Central alley was the memorial anti-aircraft crew who died in 1943, reflecting a RAID of German aviation on the Finnish railway bridge. After the completion of works on reconstruction of Kinoveevskoe cemetery came into view, the appropriate architectural standards for such urban infrastructure. The appearance of the necropolis, mainly determine the burial of the mid-twentieth century.kinoveevskoe cemetery address

Operation Mode

Kinoveevskoe cemetery, whose address is marked in the directory as Oktyabrskaya embankment, 16, building 3, is open to visitors. To visit it is possible with 9 to 17 hours from October to April, and from 9 to 18 hours from may to September (excluding weekends). Visitors access to the territory only in the new year's holiday first day of January. Administration phone - (812) 587 94 14. Postal address: Russia, St.-Petersburg 193091, Oktyabrskaya embankment, 16, building 3.kinoveevskoe cemetery SPb

Kinoveevskoe cemetery: how to get there

As a rule, is not very difficult to reach any object located in the city limits and in the scope of public transport. The problem in this case is that the drive to the cemetery Kinoveevskoe direct access is quite difficult. The area has three subway stations - "Elizarovskaya", "Novocherkassk" and "Prospekt Bolshevikov". But all of them are at a considerable distance from the cemetery. So when you exit the metro it is best to use the services of a taxi.

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