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There is Probably no more controversial weapons in the world than the carbine CZ 550. If you combine all the opinions of gun enthusiasts, it can be concluded that the rifle is very reliable and comfortable, but too expensive.


The Carbine CZ Czech plant produces the Česká zbrojovka, which was founded in 1922. In 1936, the Armory branch of the enterprise has moved from Strachowice in Angarski Ford. Behind him moved to a new place of work and a gunsmith.

After the Second world war the plant in Strakonice was converted into the production of motorcycles, and never had to. But the former branch of a converted factory in Ungerska Brod became famous throughout the world as producing great weapons and civil and military purposes. To date, the production has 2,000 employees. And capacities of the enterprise allow to produce about 250 thousand weapons a year.

Varieties of models of CZ rifles

cz carbine

At the moment, the factory in the Czech Republic produces a range of arms family of rifles CZ 550, which are the most popular civilian guns in the Czech plant. In this type gun are available in several modifications:

  1. Model CZ 550 “Standard”. It has a box made of walnut wood. For weapons there is the ability to set the optics and open sights. Barrel length is 600 mm. On the CZ carbine is a 2 caliber: 308 Win. and 30-06 Spring.
  2. Model CZ 550 “Suite”. Equipped with a stock made of walnut wood in German style. The length of the barrel — 600 mm. If desired, the owner can set the optics and open sights. Available caliber: 30-06 Spring., 6,5х55, 308 Win., 243 Win., The 7.92 x 57 is, 9,3 × 62.
  3. Model FS are also made of walnut wood in German style. The developers have thought through the mount on the rifle for mounting optics or open sights. Barrel length is 520 mm. the Buyer can choose from a number of calibers: 243 Win., 270 Win., 308 Win., 7 x 64, 6.5 x 55, 30-06 Spring., The 7.92 x 57 is, 9,3 × 62.
  4. Carabiner CZ Varmint model has a box made of walnut wood without cheek. The barrel on the gun sport is created with a larger contour barrel length-650 mm. Available caliber: 308 Win. and 22-250.
  5. Weapon Model "Magnum standard” similar to CZ “Suite”. A distinctive feature is the length of the barrel from "Magnum», which is 635 mm. Available calibers: 375 H&H Mag., 458 Win., 416 Rigby.
  6. Carbine CZ 550 “hunter” has wooden box. On the sample it is impossible to install open sight because of its design features. The trunk he had a length of 600 mm, caliber 300 Win. Mag.

Design CZ carbine

carbine cz 550


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Based on the design of the rifle model CZ 550 is the famous bolt carrier group rifle "Mauser 98”, the creators of which was the brothers Mauser.

Advantage of the legendary mechanism is accurate ballistics, durable shutter, a store that does not protrude beyond the Lodge, and is also fitted with a safety catch. In addition, the shutter is easy to maintain. The disadvantage of the design is considered to be the technological complexity of its manufacture.

However, the hunters found other flaws in the design of the military version of the bolt. First, noisy fuse, which is designed for long battles, not suitable for quiet hunting of the beast. Secondly, the Lodge, designed for bayonet fighting and shooting from trenches, not suitable for firing offhand.

The Weight of the rifle CZ 550 ranges from 3 to 4 kg, depending on the specific model and caliber. Considering the weight of cartridges in the store and impressive dimensions of the optics, the rifle becomes even more difficult. Based on this information, the strap under the arms, you should acquire wide and soft, so as not to damage the shoulder in the campaigns for the game.

A Classic rifle has a straight comb butt. It is equipped with a sighting device, which should be adjusted manually. Also, the weapons have a so-called dovetail for installation of bracket for optics. Store, depending on caliber, holds 4 or 5 rounds of ammunition.

Appearance CZ

cz rifles 308

The appearance of the weapons is a delight! Quality polished metal and soft touch fore-end of expensive wood will impress the hunter.

The Notch on the handle and the forearm is performed using a machine, the production process of this type of weapon is perfectly adapted to mass production.

Store Design

The Carbine is equipped with a shop with manual reloading by means of the butterfly valve. The cartridges are staggered, that is why the housing chamber does not protrude into the bottom of the forearm.

Stores the gun is available in two versions: detachable and fixed. The first appearance on the reviews, somewhat inconvenient, as when installed in the barrel, you should push the store at an angle. Latch located in the front on the inner surface of the pad bracket. It's not a good location because during the shooting you can accidentally remove the magazine. Fixed appearance of the shops is closed. Latch located on the front outer surface of the staples of the descent.

Feedback about the CZ rifles collection

cz rifles reviews

Reviews of the carbine from CZ lovers of shooting a lot. Mostly they are positive and full of enthusiastic praise, but also a fair share of criticism. For example, experienced hunters say that this weapon is designed for a relaxed and leisurely shooting. During pen goal long trunk inconvenient to handle, besides you don't provide sufficient structural strength of the gun in terms of active hunting in extreme conditions. The gun requires a careful treatment.

In addition, hunters noted that after the shots from the rifle CZ 308 cartridge and 30-06 Spring., arms seem too noisy, and the reverse force of bestowal tangible effort on the shoulder.


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