The flag of the infantry troops of Russia: history, photos, description


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“Mechanized infantry”, as they call infantry troops (MSW) in European countries, is the basis of the army. Marines using a variety of vehicles and trucks, carried out large-scale ground operation. Combat missions soldiers MSV can perform on their own and teaming up with other troops. Operate motorized infantry in any territory in the daytime and nighttime and irrespective of weather conditions. This branch is universal and has the mobility and maneuverability. The infantry is often called the ‘Queen of the fields". An important attribute of MSV is the flag of the infantry troops. He represents the greatness of mechanized infantry and pride of the soldiers. Description of the flag of the infantry troops, as well as the history of its appearance is presented in the article.

How it all began?

History of the flag of the infantry troops starts with autumn events 1550. At that time Ivan the Terrible issued a decree, according to which October 1 is considered the day of establishment of “constant troops of Russia”, which amounted to one thousand servicemen of the Moscow district and counties. Despite the fact that MSV is part of the Land forces, who were celebrating their day on October 1, motorized infantry today your professional holiday is celebrated on another day. According to military experts, the king laid the foundations for the formation of Russian regular army. During the reign of Ivan the terrible, the regular army was represented by the Streltsy regiments.

flag of motorized troops description


According to experts, the flags in the time of Ivan the terrible was very respectful and sacred attitude. Each banner had its own history, full of victories, exploits, and hundreds gave their lives. Red ceremonial kaftans of the Royal Musketeers was first used in the regimental banners. The cloth was applied the image of a religious theme.


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flag of motorized troops history

Regimental flags were designed exclusively for special occasions. As a permanent flag Strelets regiments used the company commander (squadron) flags containing shades of red and green colors. There was also the ‘brotherly" (patalenitsa) flags. This regalia was a small-sized piece of colored matter on which was depicted a cross or other geometric figure.

“knee deep in blood”

During the reign of Peter the great soldiers, sergeants and officers who served in the Preobrazhensky and Semyonov regiments, were allowed to wear red stockings. It became a mark of distinction for heroism in the battle at Narva. Then the infantry, providing cover for the retreating troops of Streltsy, were forced to stand in close order in the valley, knee-deep in their blood. In honor of the manifested courage of the foot soldiers of the Russian flag infantry troops called “At last”.


In Soviet times, flag motorized troops inflicted pentagram-five-pointed star. This is the spiritual aspect symbolized safety and security. In addition, the five-pointed star reminded of the great sacrifice brought by the peoples who sacrificed in the wars and lost their lives for the Russian Empire and then the Soviet Union.

Colour schemes

For flag infantry troops is characterized by the presence of three colors:

  • Yellow or Golden. Symbolizes wealth, justice and magnanimity. Graphically, the flag is applied in the form of points.
  • Green. This color symbolizes the greenery. Is a symbol of freedom, joy, defeat, victory and peace. Different shades of green for the first time was used the Streltsy regiments during the reign of Ivan the terrible. Today protective green – is the traditional color of MSV Russia. Graphically depicted as diagonal lines at the top of the banner. Below are photos of the flag of the infantry troops.
  • Red. This color is a symbol of bravery, courage and a Dreadnaught. Also red – the symbol of blood shed by the soldiers for the Fatherland. The regalia are presented in the form of a line, horizontally.
flag of motorized rifle troops of Russian photo

About the unofficial insignia infantry

For each type of troops has its own distinctive symbols. Regalia can be both formal and informal. Motorized infantry have two options. Despite the fact that the unofficial version of the flag of the infantry troops at the legislative level is nowhere indicated, it has become generally accepted and is easily recognizable in the military. The banner presented in plain black rectangular canvas. In the center is two circles, stripes of which are made yellow. Between a large and small circle, which is placed inside there is an inscription indicating the kind of troops: “Motorized troops. Russia». In the center of a small circle shows a wreath of oak leaves. Here, the developers have allocated space for two crossed rifles. Among a wide range of other types of weapons, the choice fell on the machine, as it is considered the primary weapon of the infantryman. Both sides of the large circle hover St. George ribbon. Above it in the uppermost part of the flag is the inscription: “Mobility”. Below the circles plotted word: “Agility”. Selected these two words were not in vain, because they represent the successful and efficient operation of motorized infantry. According to experts, in this embodiment, the banner is not excluded changes to some parts. However, the text always remains the same. Photo of the flag of the infantry troops of Russia are presented below.

flag of motorized troops of Russia

Official version

Regalia of the Russian infantry represented as a rectangular panel, on which there are two horizontal stripes. For top green provided the thickness of two-thirds of the total width of the flag. The lower red strip is one-third. In the center of the flag is located a backbone figure. It depicts the great shield. The choice of developers fell precisely on this subject, because the armature is associated with a shield. It is made of strips of Golden color that became a symbol of justice and generosity. The inner part of the red shield. In the center of the yellow lines depict a five-pointed red star, which borrowed from the Soviet infantry. It symbolizes military emblem and the succession of generations.

About the manufacturer

Judging by the numerous consumer reviews, well-proven products of the Russian manufacturer of “px”. The flag has a spectacular design.

banner motorized rifle troops

Due to the presence of stitched edges it can be used on street gala event. Regalia are made of all sizes. As a material for banner manufacturer used the best polyester silk. The product is equipped with a special pocket by which the flag can be fastened to the flagpole or staff.

flag of motorized troops photo

Also by this manufacturer are manufactured and other goods on the military theme. Infantry in the years of the Soviet Union, and now Russia – the place for brave service people, real defenders of their country.


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