Dangerous ticks in the fall or not?


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Probably everyone knows that in the late spring and early summer in nature, there is a massive tick activity. To visit the forest without a headdress and the closed clothes is dangerous. But how to behave mites in the fall? Is it possible to be this time of year is quite calm, walking in the country? It seems that we only dream of peace. Because...

Mites in the fall is dangerous!

Yes, it really is! But the autumn season is such a long, do all three months need to be afraid of these little malicious parasites? No, ticks are only active in September and early October.

ticks in autumn

I.e. if you are a warm September day decide to breathe in the fresh forest air, security measures to take must. Why is it necessary to do, you will become clearer if you read about the periods of activity of the dangerous blood-sucking insects. Alas, mites in autumn is not fiction but harsh reality.

When the enemy does not sleep

Wood ticks is a year not one active period and two. Spring begins when the temperature reaches approximately +10° C. When it happens, starving for a time of hibernation parasites go hunting. By the way, unlike mosquitoes, the males of which don't feed on blood, ticks are blood-sucking females, and males.

autumn mites dangerous

Only the first in order to be satisfied, need more time. They hunt for warm-blooded creatures is from about late April to mid-June. But then follows a period of diapause, after which, in late August, the parasites again go on the attack. Last this disgrace may to mid-October. The timeframe here will depend on how warm was the autumn season. Mites in the fall behave exactly the same as in spring, otherwise they just don't know how. The second period of activity is a bit weaker than the first, but it doesn't for people and animals less dangerous.


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Where to wait for the attack?

Somehow, the common opinion is that ticks need to wait for from above the trees. Perhaps this too can happen, but only in the form of exceptions to the General rule. Scientists say that these insects live in grass and bushes, not on trees. Ie ticks in autumn can easily get on your clothes not on top and bottom and then slowly creep up, looking for your most vulnerable spot. Parasites like soft skin, so their favorite places: the neck, behind the ears, under the Breasts, etc. by the Way, they always crawl from the bottom up, not Vice versa.

dangerous mites in autumn

Most ticks happen near rivers and streams, as these bloodsucking, as well as their colleagues - mosquitoes, very hygrophilous. And the favorite place of a dislocation of ticks in the grass near the forest trails and tracks. They have a downright diabolical instinct, and the smell of people and animals they catch for 10-15 meters. The mite is able to move in the air, along with wind gusts, i.e. it does not cost anything to cross that distance almost instantly.

If you fail to avoid a bite

It is Not necessary to find out if the mites fall through experimentation with their own health. If you came from a walk, found on his body sucking parasite, not wait until he drinks the blood and will fall off by itself. It is better to take tweezers and grab them the body of the insect, as close as possible to the place of contact with the skin. The tweezers need to keep the right angle and the rotational movements to remove the parasite. We must act carefully, because it is very important to pull the tick entirely, leaving the wound on his head or proboscis. Remaining particles can cause inflammation and suppuration. Do not attempt to drip on the insect with oil and other substances in the hope that it will come out itself. This is unlikely to happen, only time will spend.

are there ticks in autumn

Once the tick has been removed, the bite should be treated with iodine, rubbing alcohol or vodka. Of course, the best thing you can do after you are bitten is to seek qualified help in honey. institution. And it would be good to take the tick to the lab to ascertain whether it is a carrier of encephalitis.


Now that we know whether ticks fall in the woods, let's talk a little bit about what you can do for your own safety. There is nothing difficult and complicated. Your clothes should be closed. Long pants tucked into boots or socks, a shirt with sleeves is a appropriate outfit for walking in the woods in a dangerous period. After returning home, before you can remove stuff, make sure you thoroughly inspect them and only then get undressed.

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