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Remember, in fairy tales very often there is a mention of the fact that, say, a goodie after a certain, usually successful feats, rules, and healthy for a long time? I'm sure many of us can even remember a few examples.

But did you ever over who lives 300 years really? And are there in the world such creatures, or all is longevity - no more than another imagination of science fiction writers?

Let's try to understand the situation. In this article we scientifically examine and explain who lives 300 years on planet Earth and whether it is possible in principle. The reader acquainted with several kinds of living creatures and will get a brief characteristic of their activity.

what bird lives 300 years

Section 1. General information

Agree, the topic of immortality has always excited the humankind. Probably, it would be foolish to ask the question "why". Well, of course, the fact that it would allow people to have power over the living. Imagine what would happen if we finally gained the ability to regenerate unhealthy bodies and to restore lost limbs? To put it mildly, would be great!

To date, the best scientists on the planet working on the problem of prolonging life, but, unfortunately, this remains only within dreams.

But if we have this kind of opportunity is just a fantasy, for many animals is in order. Of course, they don't live forever and as we grow old and die with time, but compared to the man they are real Champions of longevity. And some individuals survived even their brothers and witnessed many historical events on the planet. It is a pity that we have not learned to understand them, as follows... How much valuable information could be obtained!


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So what kind of animal living on Earth lives the longest? Is there a record? Consider several convincing examples.

Section 2. Amazing red sea urchin

who live 300 years

These mysterious sea creatures live in the waters of the Pacific ocean, mainly off the West coast of North America. Red sea urchins prefer quiet places on the almost uninhabited bottom of the ocean and live usually at a depth of not less than 90 meters. Their life span is several centuries.

Scientists know that they don't move, are attached to the soil and feed mainly on small organisms, which you swallow with water and then filtered.

Modern scholars believe that echinoderms of this species is practically immortal and they have no signs of aging. By the way, sea urchins and a hundred years old, as prolific as their ten-year counterparts. They can die only from disease or predators.

Indeed, sea urchin – is the one who lives 300 years, and perhaps longer.

Section 3. And about the tuatara heard?

who live 300 years

This mysterious animal was as follows studied only many years after detection. It later turned out that such beings disappeared from the earth millions of years ago, and the tuatara was the only species of this group of reptiles.

It is interesting that the internal structure of the bodies of the tuatara has a similar physiology with crocodile, turtle, fish and snake, as well as ancient, long-extinct megalosaurs, are maintaining, ichthyosaurs and teleosaurus.

Today we can confidently say that tuatara are contemporaries of the dinosaurs and can reach the age of two hundred years.

Section 4. Bowhead whale

what animal lives on land lives the longest

Greenland whale dark colour and lack of dorsal fin. The length of this giant mammal can reach up to 20 meters, and weight-100 tons.

Unlike other whales that migrate for reproduction in other places, the bowhead whale is found only in Arctic and subarctic waters. Unfortunately, nowadays the number of these giants greatly reduced, and they are certainly in danger.

In one of the articles a scientist from the University of Alaska ned Rosella described kit at the age of over 210 years. However, it should be noted that the accuracy of the method used to determine the age range was 16 %, which means that there is a huge possibility that this animal could be 177-245 years.

These studies indicate that the bowhead whale is one of the oldest mammals on the planet, although the mass media usually contain information about what the residents of water depths turtles live 300 years, and for all other representatives of the underwater Kingdom is simply impossible. It is worth considering…

Section 5. Koi Hanako

Koi Carp refers to the ornamental varieties of regular carp, which are bred in the familiar to us all garden ponds.

Fish of this species can have a different color, pattern or size scales. The most common instances of white, black, red, yellow, blue or cream colors.

Interestingly, the age of the carp can be calculated by the number of rings on the scales. By the way, the age of a tree is also defined by rings located on the barrel. The oldest koi, Hanako,died in July 1977, lived to be 226 years old.

Section 6. Giant tortoise

turtles live 300 years

To reptiles-centenarians can be attributed to giant Seychelles tortoises, which are famous for their longevity. Their life expectancy is on average 100-150 years. Of course, they cannot be attributed to those who live 300 years in fact, but, according to studies of modern scientists, one of such representatives of the mentioned species were the turtle Advaita, surpassed all their relatives who lived more than 250 years.

The Last century of its existence, Advaita held in captivity in the zoo of the city of Calcutta, where he died at quite an advanced age. The duration of the life of a turtle is not affected even in the absence of natural habitat and the limited space that in most cases, as a rule, detrimental to animals.

Section 7. Goldfish Tishka

Ornamental fish that live in aquariums, are not very vitality and longevity, often sick and dying. Usually they delight their owners not more than one year. But one goldfish named Tish was a real champion for the love of life and held in the aquarium for 43 years.

A Little fish owners accidentally won at auction. With them she spent her life until old age. She got into the Guinness Book of records as the oldest aquarium fish in the world.

Section 8. Do crows live 300 years?

how many lives Raven 300 years

Actually I would like to point out that such a claim – no more than a myth invented by fans of these birds and connecting with them many mysteries, legends and secrets.

So, try to understand and look at the problem from a scientific point of view. How much crow? 300 years? 200? And maybe he is immortal?

Always thought that these kinds of birds can live over a hundred years. But, speaking about the life of these birds, you need to decide on what ravens will be discussed. What's the catch? Let's try to explain. The fact is that there are two species: crows and ravens, each of which has its own life expectancy, depending on environment and maintenance.

So, the ravens. In nature, these living entities are subject to various diseases, attacks and lack of food. Given that these birds live mostly near the person, it is of great importance and the ecological situation in big cities. What follows from this conclusion? Very simple! On the question of which bird lives 300 years, can be easily answered: definitely not a crow! In captivity it can live up to 30 years, but in nature – not more than 10-15.

Their cousins the ravens are much larger and more beautiful, as black as pitch, the plumage glistens and shimmers with green, blue and purple. However, the question "why do crows live 300 years", unfortunately, can be attributed to the category of rhetorical. Why? The thing is that this longevity, and the stories that these birds have nine lives, nothing more than a beautiful legend, not supported by any scientific facts.

And yet, how long crows live? In fact, some individuals in captivity can live to a maximum of 70 years. And in their natural habitat, their lifespan is even less – 30-40 years, on average, birds die at the age of 10-15 years.

why do crows live 300 years

Section 9. Immortal inhabitant of the planet Earth

However, whether, but the immortal inhabitant of our planet is the jellyfish Turritopsis nutricula found in tropical and temperate waters.

The Uniqueness of this creature is that it is able to reverse its life cycle of development - of adult she returns to the initial stage, turning into a little polyp. The secret of eternal life jellyfish is in the ability of transdifferentiation, consisting in the conversion of cells from one type to another. This phenomenon has been little studied by scientists.

Adult jellyfish, reaching sexual maturity, settles on the seabed, pulls the tentacles and begins to transform into a polyp. Transformation of cells throughout the body can be infinite, so creatures are able to live forever. It is proved that the death of gelatinous organisms mentioned above is not associated with old age. Great for them, the danger of various diseases and predators. Due to the peculiar gift of rebirth, these jellyfish inhabit virtually all the world's oceans, and they are not in danger of extinction.

who live 300 years

Scientists are studying with interest the phenomenon of immortality of jellyfish. All studies are conducted in laboratory conditions, and experts hope that the scientific work will help to reveal the secret of eternal life and youth. Well, as they say, wait and see!

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