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To Witness the marriage of friends is not only enjoyable, it's also a huge responsibility. Yes, and all guests of important wedding figures - friends of the newlyweds - are in for a pleasant and important words. So the speech of the witnesses at the wedding you need to prepare seriously and thoughtfully. Do not leave everything to the last moment, in the bustle of festive preparations you can not find or forget the most important thing. Take the handle (behind the computer), the provision of the speech of the witnesses at the weddingPatience and time and prepare ahead of time is important for friends event.

The speech of the witnesses at the wedding: a rough plan

In the first place we have the memories. You have been an eyewitness of the occurrence of this fiery Union, with the bride and groom spent a lot of time. In your memory you've got interesting points, which is characterized as a newly minted spouses, and the depth of their feelings. These little cute scenes and should form the basis of the speech. No need to analyze their relationship, and need to say how the couple fit together, how gentle and caring and so on (each pair has its own nuances). The speech of the witnesses at the wedding includes such things:

- familiarity with those who you invited, your attitude towards him (her);

is the certainty that the couple are made for each other (with examples);

- the gratitude that they trusted you to participate in their fate;

the speech of the witness at the wedding example- wish for a long and joyful life.

The speech of the witness at the wedding: example

If you do not have sufficient experience in the preparation of public speaking, you can “peep”, what others are saying. Here is an example of such oratory delights:

“Darling (the names of the newlyweds)! We have known each other for many years. I know you as the most kind and loyal friends. There is a world of other such people with whom it would be so warm and cozy both at home and on the coast, where we last year went! Cute bride – the master and mistress, which always feed and a kind word will encourage! The groom – a faithful friend, ready to give the last in case of trouble. When you met, remember, in that unhappy summer when the groom kebabs would burn, and the biggest fish with the hook broke, I immediately realized that you need to be a couple. His eyes literally flashed from a view of the future bride. And she was floating in the clouds, even on exams was always late! Including my friends and see you for three years. And I want to see always – to a ripe old age! My thanks to you for what you chose me to witness such an important event in your life is immeasurable! Very happy for you that you finally realized that life apart – not for you! I wish you a serene, unearthly happiness! A son and a daughter! Love the speech of the witnessAnd prosperity! Let the wings of inspiration to carry you on the road of life over the potholes of failure and the gutters of trouble right up to clean the shores of prosperity and happiness!”


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Some tips

The speech of the witnesses at the wedding must not only contain facts. It is filled with a special atmosphere of warmth and understanding, which is designed to envelop the young an aura of uniqueness of their Union. The speech of the witness is addressed to the bride and groom, but it is pronounced for all. This is the subtle point: we need to tell them about the love and respect that is perceived by all guests (and that video will be removed do not forget). Try to speak in the manner peculiar to you (not breech or book phrases), but heartfelt to give you and your pride, and excitement, and experience for their future.

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