How to get a man: a cheat sheet for women


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Everyone already knows how to be the perfect husband. It is even known by the men, but unfortunately, they don't always follow the rules. Everything is clear and the perfect lover (there is in men is better). But what should be the woman, that she could claim to be the perfect mistress?

To understand how to get a man, not necessarily to study some books on sexology or visit doctors. You just need to understand some rules of conduct in life and in love:

  1. First of all, the woman should love yourself. Oddly enough, the only one of us who loves herself more than him, maybe loving, and affectionate, and will not encroach on his freedom in family and relationships, and to be uninhibited in sex and temperamental in love. And in bed she is not to perform "conjugal", but for themselves. Only that woman who lives with him because he is dear to her, and not for the sake of family and children knows how to excite a man. Basically, that's just all put together she makes a lasting impression starts with your attitude. A woman who loves herself – and this ever-popular mystery to the representatives of the stronger sex. But in the process of solving you can live your whole life. What could be more fun?
  2. To behave uninhibited in sex. Of course, the art of flirting-a concept that all possess in varying degrees. But, when it comes to bed, she starts to hesitate and lose that courage, which has been slipping into her words. Sex – this is a natural extension of romance in love. Remember that seductive lingerie you need to wear not for someone but for themselves. Just for self-confidence and self-esteem. You need to speak quietly and muffled. In any case, the woman who screams, will never have a clue how to get a man, because a loud voice – this is not seductive and nasty. And finally, remember that you need to be able to have fun. Then your partner will also be satisfied.
  3. Need to be able to kiss. Not to kiss (which is also very important), namely, to kiss, to caress, alternating gentle touches with more persistent. How to excite a man a kiss, is known and much has been written. One thing is clear: no pressure and stress because of the lip – erogenous zone, they do not tolerate haste. Love to kiss, do it gently, lightly touching it, then replace these caresses more passionate, persistent who talk about your serious intent and desire to continue.
  4. Be proactive, but do not commit aggression. Remember that aggression – a sign of weakness. Start petting first, luring and enticing with me. You will see what will effect, especially if doing it for the first time. Remember that being passive in bed, quietly waiting for their fate partner, you will receive appropriate treatment. A man will behave with you like a log. Fun as a rule, such a situation does not get one. The fact that knowing how to excite a man, you need to put this into practice. Not everyone will understand that you want to join him in closer contact, if you sit and watch TV waiting for the first step from him.
  5. Strive to please the partner. The best rule in this case – to give more than to receive. Love the pleasure of the partner, while sexologists proved, your pleasure will be much stronger.
  6. Learn to understand man and strive to make sure that he understood you. Bed – this is not the place where you want to live a hints. Tell him straight, in between caresses and kisses, what you want from him. Next time repeat is unlikely to have.

Remember that one thing – to know how to get a man, and another – to be able to do it. This is not the whole list of rules for women's behaviour, but the main thing – not the quantity but the quality. So take confidence, courage and forward!

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