Why a guy likes a guy? Why become gay? Causes of homosexuality


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Today, about same-sex love, you can see a lot of movies, meet a lot of books and hear a lot of songs and ballads. All this suggests that to experience real love can not only people of opposite sexes. It is also proved by modern stars of show business who not only consider themselves to be homosexuals, but do not hesitate to put it on public display. Regardless of your gender and year of birth, absolutely everyone wants to be loved, so the desire to be needed by someone and to experience the feeling of love is not just a desire, but a necessity because man is a social being. Of course, love is love, but family happiness, which implies a strong marriage and a couple of cute kids joint, it is possible only to opposite-sex couples gay.causes of homosexuality

Gay love

The notion of same-sex love appeared in ancient times. About the love between guy and guy is mentioned in Ancient Egypt. During one of the archaeological excavations was found a scroll of papyrus, which said about the warm homosexual relationships of Garus and feta, they were gods, and therefore, such relations were acceptable. According to other studies, it was found that such an unconventional love began to occur in Asia, America, and Africa. But in Ancient Rome, Babylon, Greece and India, the so-called men's love was very popular. But such relations were permitted only to the higher strata of society. In the East, homosexuality is manifested not in the form of permanent relationship between two same-sex people, it was otherwise – young gay guys to satisfy the sexual needs of their masters. Homosexuals can be both girls and men, first in the vernacular is called “pink” and the other “blue”.gay male love


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As it turned out, early similar phenomena, though was rare, but still met, but, as a rule, such relations are tried to hide from prying eyes. Love of same-sex couples did not respond to the public, as this is not the norm, and therefore other people could get laughed at, beat or even executed. In the modern world every person has a right to their own point of view, even if it does not coincide with the opinions of others. Although homosexuals today, life is much simpler than in ancient times, they can become the object of discussion. Someone their side, trying to protect myself, making same-sex couples outcasts. Other, trying to show his innocence clearly, can be customized to them negatively, and even try to cause them physical harm and injury. Well, while others just try to ignore them, and if you still have to communicate, you put homosexuals on a par with them, not belittling them morally and talking to them like normal people without any disabilities.

Causes of same-sex love

The Reasons why a guy likes a guy a lot, all of them just not listed, especially to turn from heterosexual to homosexual, the reasons must be several, but they can be divided into groups:


  • Disappointing in ordinary relationships. first thoughts on orientation change come after a bad experience with the opposite sex. Once he hits failure, men often don't want to start all over again, because of what they either try to avoid serious relationships with women, or increasingly thinking about changing the orientation.
  • Absolute understanding. not a secret that only a woman can understand another woman one hundred percent, it is on this understanding and build friendship, apparently, it's the same with men.
  • Curiosity. 50 percent of all homosexuals come to this way of life only for their excessive curiosity. When intimacy with women brings former delight and admiration, all the great feelings are down, and the man begins to look for new thrills. Someone renews and transforms your relationships with women, and others prefer to change everything radically, often thinking about why the guy likes the guy, and eventually does become bisexual or homosexual.
  • Psychological disorders. Same-sex male love can occur due to normal (or not) of psychological disorders such as stress, depression, apathy, as during such conditions a healthy mind slightly dulled, which can lead to rash actions.

The Desire of love

Looking for the answer to the question, why become gay, it is difficult to find the desired information. A definite answer just yet. Collectively all the causes of homosexuality can be described as the desire to find a loved and loving man, capable to surround a sincere limitless care that will understand “perfectly” not only words, but even unvoiced thoughts. As a rule, two individuals of the same sex is much easier to understand and support each other. Also the important role played by the media, spreading stories and movies for young people, which can be found in two inseparable friends, who love each other, but naturally friendly, unfortunatelyguys-teenagers do not always correctly perceive such information, they have an overwhelming desire to experience that light of love. In the future they understand that to create such a relationship between a man and a woman is impossible, heterosexual love is quite different, more interesting but more challenging because of what they are homosexuals.

gay love

Soul mates

Why a guy likes a guy? It is difficult to give a clear and well articulated response. But you can try to do this in the case of girls. Often, women become lesbians because of a desire to challenge the male society. Men are rude and selfish, in the “bed” only satisfy their whim and did not think about the feelings of girls. With women, things are different, they are very sensitive, delicate, emotional, always thinking about others, and especially of loved ones and close people. They don't forget to do the waxing legs and armpits to shave, they always have good hygiene. A woman can find the erogenous zones of his partner with his eyes closed, she can bring to orgasm, his chosen one, not even undressing. Among such a solid set of benefits, it's no wonder women become lesbians. With men, although there are differences, but in General everything seems. Guys also better understand each other, partners are not only lovers, but best friends. why become gay

Homosexuality is inherent or acquired?

Psychological distress, curiosity, disappointment in the opposite sex – all of it summarized the causes of homosexuality. Such a phenomenon can be acquired (for example, poor parenting, mental disorders, inadequate or dysfunctional family), and congenital (e.g., heredity, various pathologies of intrauterine development).

Gay marriage

In most countries of the world, including in Russia and Ukraine, non-traditional marriages are prohibited and inmates in other States is not legally recognised. Although to meet same-sex couples who live together under one roof - several years are not uncommon, but to formally marry, they can only in Belgium, the Netherlands, South Africa, Spain and some canadian provinces. Also same-sex unions is forbidden in many religions, the traditions of which marriage can be contracted only between a man and a woman.why a guy likes a guy

Sex and more

Expression of homosexuality can be explained from the point of view of physiology. It is proved that most of the “points of enjoyment” for men is in the anus. Of course, now it is not surprising that men are sometimes attracted to the same sex. It is possible that such relationship will not last long, as it will be based solely on sex, but nevertheless, this is a manifestation of homosexuality. Even the most attentive husband, caring father and devoted family man in one person can have such an intimate secret. Moreover, once having experienced such a pleasure, for sure, the man will want to repeat it again.

Personal opinion

The Desire to love and be loved is not just a desire or whim, it is a vital necessity. Man is a social being, he just needs a partner he can rely a difficult minute which will support it, and Vice versa, in good times will rejoice with him. If among the members of the opposite sex such is not found, then there is nothing to worry about. Best of all is to find your “mate” and be mutually happy. But we should remember that children are born only to opposite-sex couples, much the way nature, and it does not change. Therefore, children from homosexual couples should not be, and the question of adoption should be dealt with a firm no. In sincere mutual love there is nothing wrong, that's fine, but to raise children, traumatize them, make them similar, – it is fundamentally wrong. gay love

Alone how to pay for love

Despite all the advantages of same-sex relationships, all of them in the future, are doomed to failure and collapse, and people to be alone. Why a guy likes a guy? But just because she simply loves. But the usual, traditional steam, sooner or later ends up “honeymoon” period, they start to think about family, about children, than can not boast of same-sex couples. They only need to enjoy each other, but like all good things, eventually it just tired of it. Not to be left alone, man will find a new partner, and then second and third and fourth... But in his old age he probably will not be anyone - no partner, no wife, no children, no grandchildren. Yes, and the surrounding society will often ignore it.

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