Name compatibility for marriage: will it help to find perfect life partner


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The prospect of the development of future family relationships are often interested in a couple before the marriage. Of course, to predict how events will unfold, no one can, however, psychologists say that in many respects the relationship between the spouses depend on the similarity of their names.

Compatibility in marriage for yearsIt has Long been thought that the name is like information code man, by the name you can guess the temperament and main traits that person has. Name compatibility for marriage the role is important - after all, the couple will have for a long period to share all the joys and challenges that arise in the family. And excessive temper or sharpness in the character of one of them can become the cause of constant quarrels and misunderstandings.

Of Course, life is not so simple as the multiplication table, family relationships may be affected by many subjective and objective factors. But compatibility in marriage by name, the holders of which Supplement each other, -  still of the essence.

Compatibility in marriage by nameWould be Wrong to say that the owners of the characters a sharp, quick-tempered, "flammable" can't develop a relationship full of love and passion. That's just the length of their doubt. Therefore, choosing the satellite and studying the compatibility names in marriage, should immediately determine what results from a relationship you expect - a violent love passion, or a calm and peaceful family life. If your partner or fiancee has a name, it is not relevant to, it may not necessary to hurry with official registration of relations.


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How to determine the name compatibility for marriage

The Most popular options determine the compatibility of the names are:

  • The version of the numeric code, which is characterized by a name;
  • The sound of the name and interpretation of the letters of which it consists.

How does the numerical code to the name compatibility for marriage

Supporters of this theory believe that the relevant names the number that unites a couple, predict how the relationship will develop between partners. To determine this number, we must find the sum of all the values of the letters of the name and surname. Found is the number of interactions with the world. The same operation needs to be done with first and last name of your chosen person. The sum of the results will be an indicator of the possible development of relations in the family. The most successful version, if the result is equal to 12. Well, if the resulting number is even. Bad omen is the result of computing the number 18 that predicts indifference in family relations. Odd results Bode ill for the joint life of a couple. They may indicate upcoming misunderstandings and difficulties.

Name Compatibility for marriage in accordance with their sound

Compatibility names in marriageBased on this theory, we can assume that the consonant names promise their owners happy and long lasting marriage. Because the name consists of sounds, like all the other words that these sounds evoke in others a certain attitude to its owner. Holders of a hard name to remember that family life with a person with the same name is unlikely to be ideal, based on mutual understanding.

But do not despair if the results of your analysis of the names will be disappointing. After all, every rule there are pleasant exceptions. Maybe that in your case, a crucial role will be played by compatibility in marriage. Choosing a life partner, you should still listen to what your heart tells you.

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