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You like to surprise? Want to make your wedding memorable not only to you? Looking for unusual wedding dresses? You are not alone! Many celebrities, whose job it is to surprise the audience, as the wedding dress chose the custom colors and styles.

unusual wedding dressesThey only confirmed that today there is a trend away from the standard white attire to more risky options. Designers are not afraid to experiment with colors, fabric and style, creating an unusual wedding dress for the most famous women in the world. Why not follow their example and not to choose something original for such a memorable day?

Bold colors - what you need!

Wedding dress is an unusual color is becoming more and more popular. White tone is a thing of the past, giving way to pink, cream, pearl, purple and even black. For example, the dress Dita Von Teese wedding with Marilyn Manson remembered by the fans of the dancers not only an unusual style and color.

the most unusual wedding dresses

She chose a dark purple fabric with pink tints. Otherwise, however, and could not be. It would be strange if the bride of the most notorious rock singer dressed in white. In contrast to the extravagant and flamboyant Dita, Gwen Stefani chose a more traditional version of the dress. Its highlight was the tender pink bottom hem and long train. This outfit has transformed the singer, who in life and on the stage prefers the image of a "Tomboy".

the most unusual wedding dresses pictures

If you are not afraid to sound too infantile, choose a dress of pale pink. It is, as white, will give you an innocent and youthful appearance.

Short party dresses

Along with the fact that a thing of the past the white color, shorter and shorter it becomes the outfit of the brides. For example, Pamela Anderson in 2007 and married in a short white dress. The only caveat - it was made from jeans, and the bride's head was adorned with a thin veil with silk trim.


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short unusual wedding dresses

From this time probably began to enter the fashion short unusual wedding dresses. Although much earlier, Yoko Ono married Lennon in a white t-shirt and mini skirt. So if you decided to arrange a celebration in the summer, you can abandon the long hot hem in favor of a pencil skirt or a simple short playful sundress. However, choosing the style and model, consider the characteristics of the body. Mini dress fit slim girl of average height. If you have the figure of "Apple" or "inverted triangle," this model you are contraindicated. Better choose something long and flowing.

Pink: the transformation from "Tomboy" Princess

Like Gwen Stefani, the singer Pink in life and on the stage is not very feminine. Meanwhile, her choice of wedding dresses was a shock for fans. Since the wedding was held on the beach, the dress was cream color.

The Highlight was the black satin ribbon in her hair and a black belt with brooch. It is interesting that Fergie appeared before the altar in a dress with a black and white floral applique knee. By the way, the authors of the outfit was a Dolce&Gabbana. So if you like unusual combinations of colors, use a similar technique. Bright accent color will draw attention and will make your gown truly unforgettable.

Christina Aguilera: classics with a twist

The Singer, from which he had expected something extraordinary, a little disappointing fans. The classic long bodice balanced by a voluminous train. Still, fans were a bit annoyed by the fact that shocking the girl gave preference to white.

Katherine Heigl and paper flowers

The Actress will forever go down in the history of wedding fashion. Despite regular fit and hem, her dress is memorable for the guests trimmed bodice. Nobody expected that he will be decorated with paper flowers. Then it became clear that they are in fact made of thick cloth.

Unusual wedding dresses of the 20th century

Despite the fact that, seemingly, the bride's attire always remained about the same celebrity in the 20th century have already begun to experiment with styles. For example, Marilyn Monroe married not in white, and in a simple brown dress with a neat collar. However, it is considered to be one of the most elegant outfits of all time.

Wedding dress unusual colorsGrace Kelly down the aisle went to great delicate dress by Helen rose that's taken 6 weeks of work seamstresses, 90 meters of taffeta and lace, woven over 100 years ago. It was something similar to the dress Kate Middleton.

The Outfit Priscilla Presley still remains one of the most unusual. No corset and a fluffy skirt is just a simple fit and translucent fabric. The highlight was beaded sleeves.

Bianca Jagger also scored, stolichnov the world of fashion. She wore a simple white skirt and jacket. All would be nothing if it weren't for the fact that the bride was not more than absolutely nothing.

Not to mention dress of lady Diana. Now it would seem old-fashioned, but then, puff sleeves and luxurious long train struck the subjects of the Princess.

Victoria Beckham, married, could not be different. Renowned style icon chosedress with a simple skirt, but very original neckline cream color.

The Most unusual wedding dresses: photos and creative ideas

Indeed, the imagination of designers knows no bounds. They are experimenting not only with color and style, but also with the material. It seems that it goes on everything that comes their way.

Sometimes the outfits get very extravagant. For example, the dress of contraception are unlikely to be able to wear any kind of bride. Nevertheless, designers have created such a masterpiece as a symbol of the fight against AIDS.

Don't decide on the wedding because it is very expensive? You shudder at the thought of how much it costs for a wedding dress? Don't worry about it! In an attempt to save some designers have proposed several budget options of outfit. For example, make it from rubber gloves. Of course, this is not contraception, but the whole design looks rather unusual. Another option is a dress from plastic bags. They are cheap, airy and accept almost any form. Why not?

If this is too ordinary and boring, use as material toilet paper. To find something cheaper you are unlikely to succeed.

the most unusual wedding dresses pictures Despite the apparent impracticality of the outfit, paper allows you to experiment with style, and low price will allow you not to worry about what dress will be spoiled and wasted a lot of money.

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