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Well, when near you is the kind of person who will always be there in difficult times support. If you have just started Dating a guy and I don't know, genuine love or not, you have to try to figure it out, you may be wasting your precious time.And the person you need may be very close, you just don't pay attention to it.


How to find true love, not to be mistaken in the man and thereby to ruin their lives? Should you look closely and observe the man. Genuine love will manifest itself, but he who does not feel these feelings, his behavior certainly going to give himself away.

Signs of true love
1. A man wants to be with you. It will aim to meet, to see you, despite any circumstances. 
2. Shows interest in you, and not only to your looks but also to your spiritual world, wants to understand your desires and dreams, and, if possible, to implement them.
3. In the course of communication looks you in the eye, and does not give a glance to the side. However, this rule does not apply if the guy is very shy.
4. Behaves unusually, usually is silent, or, on the contrary, talks a lot.
5. From time to time gently touching various parts of your body: shoulder, arms, neck, etc. thereby he shows that he cares about you.
6. Often hugs you. Usually guys don't tend to embrace, this most often occurs if the guy is sincere love.
7. Parting with you, he perceives very painfully, being at a distance, constantly trying to contact you by phone or through the Internet, throws SMS messages.
8. Seeks to protect you from all misfortunes, render any necessary assistance.
9. Doing everything that you are not hurt, and if it happened, but tries in any way to make amends for his guilt.
10. Tries to make you laugh or tell some interesting story to interest.
11. Compliments, emphasizing your uniqueness.
12. All his courtship is directed not to drag in bed, and to build a serious and lasting relationship.
13. Recognized feelings. Most often the guy talking about them can be very difficult. 
14. Watching their appearance, trying to impress on you a favorable impression.
15. Gives gifts. At the same time doing it from the heart and not for show.
16. Makes plans for life, including you, thus showing how much you mean to him.
17. Introduces you to his friends, not paying attention to what they can say or think, and his whole appearance shows that he is happy and satisfied with your choice.
18. Not afraid to introduce you to his family, thereby confirming the seriousness of their intentions. The girl doesn't appreciate it will never lead to acquaint with their parents.
19. Jealousy – also one of the signs of real feelings, but he's good on the first stage relationship. Pathological jealousy can completely ruin your life, so jealous should be treated with caution.
20. At the sight of you, his face lights up with happiness, and he absolutely does not hide from others.

You can just directly ask the guy if he loves you, and carefully monitor his reaction and response. You will understand genuine love or not. If he starts to think, then the answer is simple – “no”, even if he says the opposite. If he answers without hesitation or aside from you opinion, then he is sincere.

Girls, of course, different, and not everyone can directly ask the man about his love. Someone shy and someone just afraid to hear the answer in the negative. In this case, it is practice to check whether men are 20 of those signs of feelings listed above, and thereby find the answer to the question.

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