Who is the sexiest sportswoman in the world according to experts?


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The Sport gave the world the dozens of beautiful women. Their slim and fit body attract millions of views, not only men but also women. Which of these beauties led the top sexual athletes in the world? One of them is in the top ten? Just wanted to note that most often in this list meet the Russians. They are not only famous for his achievements in the sport, but also attracted everyone with its beauty.

Maria Sharapova

the sexiest athlete

This is the sexiest athlete confidently holds the first position for that year. Thanks to its unique abilities Sharapova quickly moved up and made a career in the sport. It was called “flashy Cinderella” because of unusual behavior on the tennis court. A great external data has provided her the opportunity to Express themselves and as a model.

Anna Kournikova

She is, as a rule, awarded second place. Kournikova – another leader in the rating of “most sexual sportswomen of Russia». For over ten years, it is one of the most popular women, although her career can not be called stunning. Kournikova rarely wins big tournaments, but makes it inimitable. In order to maintain interest in his person, she does not have to go to court. Bright appearance and open social life, I'm always in her favor. In the press extensively covered her stormy love Affairs with hockey players Sergei Fedorov and Pavel Bure. However, for a long time the world is watching the development of her relationship with the famous singer Enrique Iglesias.


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Ana Ivanovic

Famous Serbian tennis player ranked third. The fact that she lately has not achieved any success, does not reduce the interest of fans. Her official website is one of the most visited among these resources itself.top sexy sportswomen

Sign Gulbis Natalie

This amazing woman is in fourth place in the list. According to the results of various polls, she's the hottest athlete in the United States. Golfer, sign Gulbis is recognized as the most “hot” the girl in this sport. Slender, leggy, green-eyed blonde, always and everywhere is the center of attention.

Danica Patrick

Woman-Danica Patrick can not go unnoticed. In recent years, her name is increasingly common on newspaper pages. A huge success in that unusual for women sport made famous glossy magazines to pay for Patrick's attention. It can be seen not only on the glossy pages, but in television advertising. Beautiful face and great body helped her to win the favor of the public. Currently she is the face of many well-known global brands and advertising companies.

Milena Dominguez

sexual athlete

She is Brazilian football player and the sexiest athlete in the country. The star of women's football club “important” can boast of many achievements. She holds the world record mintage: 9 hours and 6 seconds – 55187 times. She was the wife all the famous Ronaldo. Additionally, Milena is very beautiful and smart girl.

Maria Kirilenko

Another is the sexiest athlete of Russia. According to readers of the British magazine “The Sun”, she is the most beautiful tennis player Women's tennis Association. The first place she got the results of the survey, which was conducted over six months and collected about seven thousand votes. Recognition of their sexuality Kirilenko somewhat shy, discuss and give interviews on this topic refuses.

Lindsey Vonn

Eighth place belongs to the American skier. Lindsey Vonn made a splash at the Winter Olympics, which were held in Vancouver. She received a gold medal, winning the downhill. Besides, Lindsay has starred in a very candid photoshoot of the magazine "Sports Illustrated", much to the surprise of their fans. After the appearance of a photo of her sales numbers increased significantly.the sexiest female athletes of Russia

Jessica Gysin

The last place is an American volleyball player. Sports much success, it has not yet achieved. Today Jessica is part of the volleyball team of the University of California. She's the hottest athlete who achieved fame not athletic accomplishments and luxurious appearance. Jessica Gysin has starred in a candid photoshoot the world's most famous magazines. Because of this athlete significantly raised its rating and became popular at home.

Julia Malimon

A sexy sportswomen envy of the exterior of this chic women. Ukrainian golfer Malimon has achieved a lot in this field. At home, she has no equal. In addition to direct participation in various competitions, she is not averse to take some pictures of myself. Julia - the only one among his colleagues, who regularly starred in a candid photoshoot for magazines.

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