How to win the heart of the man of your dreams?


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How to meet a guy and make him like you, knows the majority of today's girls, but how to win a man's heart once and for all? How to make him believe that you're the one he was looking for, waited for and imagined in our fantasies? In principle, it is not so difficult to learn, the main thing – the patience of a Saint, strong character, great willpower, a strong desire to do it and, of course, the rules of to win a man's heart

So you decided to learn how to win the heart of the man of her dreams. Oddly enough, the initial stage of the process is similar to gathering information for the secret service – find out what kind of person, what his friends, what family, what he loves, what he hates, what his Hobbies and habits as it relates to the different factors, what are his habits, etc. Remember, the more information you know about it, the easier it will be to attract his interest, to find common topics for to attract man

Are You ready to attack? Get started.

  • Draw and luring a man. Be bright, interesting, different. If your “highlight” - a great sense of humor, try to cheer the man. Men like open and cheerful girl. If you have beautiful eyes an unusual color, for example, cat-like Golden yellow, make them to his attention. If you sing well or dance – show off your talents at karaoke or disco bar. Many guys go crazy for women who know how to move gracefully, it inadvertently leads them to the idea that in bed they are flexible and passionate. But if you say that the dispute will be able to out-drink or on a first date will begin to hint that sex is equal to you no, this meeting is in danger of becoming a normal one night stand.
  • Santigui and get him excited. There is no single recipe for how to achieve this, it all depends on you and the nature, temperament and preference of men. Act according to circumstances. Intuition, resourcefulness and the information gathered will help you.the way to a man's heart
  • Constantly change! Here is one of the main trumps on the way to how to entice a man. Unpredictable women give birth to men. They want to solve them, to recognize. For example, when meeting with his friends, be modest, but after, in private, show me what you're passionate and insatiable kitty with sharp claws. If you learn this lesson, you are halfway to how to win a man's heart all your life. You can be nice, smiling and friendly in the morning, and strict business day, relaxed and energetic at night. Male is polygamous, and your transformation will give him the opportunity to open in the same woman all new images and horizons. Most importantly, do not overdo it, lest he think you're crazy urban inadequate, prone to split
  • Love what he loves. The way to a man's heart is not only through his stomach. He is an avid football fan? Great! Football, incidentally, is a wonderful entertaining game. Nobody's forcing you to watch it constantly and know the names and biographies of all the players of his favorite team. But sometimes to make her man pleasing, seeing the decisive match of the championship of Russia, going with him to the stadium or playing with him in Fifa 13, it is not difficult. You might even like it. You can imagine how he'll brag about you in front of friends – you're just perfect girl! He loves fishing or hunting? Super! You will have an extra Saturday of shopping, beauty salon or rumor-mongering with your favorite girlfriends.
  • Praise him, admire them, make believe is better than he, nobody would have coped with the nailing for shelves in the bathroom. Be a little girl in his hands, he must feel his power, the confidence that you're under his protection.proposal

Well, perhaps, and all. I uncovered the most effective ways to win a man's heart, which you love. Go for it, you certainly will succeed!

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