What to ask the guy at the very beginning of Dating


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Introduction – a very important stage of development of relations, and how people will present themselves during this period, largely depends on their further development. There are the outdated opinion that a leader here and needs to speak young man, but times are changing, and the passivity of the girls during the birth of a relationship would only make things worse. A girl has to be interested in a guy no less, and he to her, though perhaps not so openly-but to have real conversations, and to show that the interlocutor it is not something that would be quite indifferent, must. If  the case you can go indifferent to others, notorious or simply a person of very superior intellect.

So, the encounter took place, and what's next? Here to our service a lot of possibilities: in an age when space ships travel through the Universe, ways to continue the communication a lot. Sometimes, someone interfere with the principles immediately give your phone number, but the ICQ number or the address of your Internet pages to leave painlessly. Thus, to continue the dialogue personal meetings optional, and this is a great advantage – because often, particularly in cases of heightened interest in the object, we tend to talk nonsense and be ashamed of, and in writing, its replica can be a hundred times re-read and forward – will agree, very convenient.

And so, we decided to get in touch. Even cheerfully said Hello. And then confused because we have so little familiar, nothing about each other do not know what to ask the guy under these circumstances? In fact, the situation is absolutely not difficult, and this problem – not a problem: here is a chat a few years and then get married – then think of what to ask the guy, will be much harder, and now the space is open. Yes before you all conceivable topics: you so little time to discuss.


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It is Possible to act on a whim, just her stream of consciousness, and can act prudently and subtly and make it a planned experience. For example, you decided that your image must be light and flighty  – then you can come up with cute and unexpected questions, and even without greeting. The main thing - do not confuse them with idiotic fun, and succeed.

If you want to seem very smart – try to ask his opinion about an interesting scientific fact or phenomenon, for example, formed either as a result of the launch of the hadron Collider black hole or not – the topic was popular and accessible, otherwise you can get undesirable effect, namely to make a person feel stupid.

To create a mysterious image you need to think about what to ask a guy: the question needs to be smart, but understandable, but the main thing – interesting and intriguing. It is worth to pay special attention to the style of speech: she must be intelligent and harmonious.

If you still can't decide what to ask the guy – try to ask him to help you with something to understand. If you are dealing in  the Internet – that problems should not arise here.  Young people who have computer, everything is always or almost everything know about him or at least pretend, so the question is that to ask a guy Vkontakte or ICQ, can be considered solved: ask about techniques or programs. For example, you wonder what ICQ client is better to put, or something like that. Recourse – one of the best ways to let a man feel strong, smart and generally well done.

And most importantly, what to ask the guy to like him – of course about himself! About yourself people love to talk for hours. Ask about his childhood, taste and musical preferences, education, work – but just don't ask too personal questions. You can think, what would you like to tell us about yourself and turn this into a question: at the same time will determine whether your values are close to him.

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