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In recent years become very popular variety of tattoos and body arts. People are so fond of such figures, they are ready to apply them on your skin in incredible numbers. Of course, this looks very nice, but I don't want to do a tattoo for life for the sake of fleeting desires, because over time, tastes can change, and completely removed the paint from the skin almost impossible.

how to make henna tattoo at home


There's always a way. In our case, these are temporary henna tattoos or other paints designed for painting on skin. These drawings are held from several days to several months (depending on paint) and does not cause any harm to the body. How to make henna tattoo at home, we will discuss in this article.

Not that it just

Apply the henna is not so easy. First we need to prepare a solution of henna (or buy a ready-made essence), to prepare the skin (cleaned of fat and subcutaneous fluids have to remove the hair) to make a stencil of the tattoo and then start drawing the pattern.


Many books Eastern subjects describe how to do henna tattoos at home. Such pictures - mehndi is applied on the back of the hands, fingers, palms and feet. For mehendi henna solution are done differently than regular tattoos, and color, they are slightly different. The picture stays on the skin for 8 to 15 days.

how to do henna tattoos at home

The ingredients

So, now we will give exact instructions on how to make a tattoo at home. Without cars it is very difficult to apply a thin line, so we need to stock up on special thin brushes and applicators (you can use toothpicks or needles).


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For preparation of henna we need:

- 20 grams of henna powder;

sugar (preferably cane);

- the filtered lemon juice (about 150 ml);

aromatic oil

plastic bags.

A Paste of henna should be used within 24 hours after its preparation.

Clean paint

20 grams of henna powder, pour into a glass bowl and pour 50 ml of lemon juice, stir until smooth. Wrap the bowl with the mixture in a bag and leave for 12 hours in a warm place.

After 12 hours the mixture was added 1H.l sugar and 1H.l aromatic oil. Then add lemon juice. The mixture of its consistency should resemble thick cream or toothpaste. If it is too liquid to spread, if too thick - will be very difficult to apply it using the applicator.

After receiving the solution again, wrap the bowl in a pack for 12 hours.

We're much closer to answering the question: "How to make henna tattoo at home?"

Skin Preparation and pattern

Before applying the tattoo, you need to prepare the skin and the figure. The place to which we will apply the tattoo, wash it with soap or scrub. If there is hair - you must delete them.


Proceed to the application of tattoos:

1. The figure in the mirror is applied to the tracing paper or baking paper.

2. Using a cosmetic pencil and move it on the skin.

3. With a brush or applicator, apply a solution of henna.

4. After the henna dries, remove dried paint particles and wipe the skin essential oil.

False information

You Can find a lot of information about how to make henna tattoo at home, but if you see a recipe where henna is to be diluted with plain water, close this website immediately, as when diluted with water you will not get any coloring result. 

how to make a tattoo at home without machines

Important points

Now you know about how to make henna tattoo at home, but do not forget about some of the nuances. First, the excess paint with the skin should be remove immediately. And secondly, the tattoo color will be various shades of red or red, but not black.

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