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Wedding – it is always the most vivid and memorable moments in the lives of two young people. The sacrament of the wedding ceremony caused a huge amount of  traditions and rituals that have so many scripts, how many people of different faiths and nationalities. For example, a bride from Nigeria before the wedding significantly gaining weight, because a skinny bride decided to return to the parents. An English bride in their clothes definitely have a blue color, the groom from Germany is in the pockets of wheat, and in Russia the bridegroom  not to look at the wedding dress before the wedding.

Wedding traditions came to us from the distant past and many seem to be the usual rituals without any meaning. However, each ritual is of great importance, though changed over time. It is understandable, after all, and life does not stand still. Ossetian wedding also has its rituals and customs, but they have also undergone a number of changes and today it is not the same as  before.

For centuries formed the wedding traditions in South Ossetia. At the moment, marriage  you can even enter into by mutual consent between two young people, but recently to get the girl to his wife was only possible after you have been paid a dowry, or in Ossetian iroad. Similarly, were not allowed to marry or to marry a person of a different nationality and religion.

At the moment, many Ossetian families more loyal to this issue. Also long forgotten rule of precedence that the younger children could not get married before their older sisters and brothers.  All this over many years of varied and presented in the form in which it is.

But not all the customs underwent changes, there are those who Ossetian nation honors for many years. Unbreakable centuries-old traditions can be observed in the stages of the wedding. As usual, the Ossetian wedding originates from matchmaking. The most dear relatives of the groom go to the bride's house to make a formal offer. Even if the bride's parents agree to their daughter bore the name of the groom, at the first meeting of this talk is not accepted, it is not explicit, and easy to understand. This is done because sending matchmakers to the bride's house three times.


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After the third visit if so the date of the wedding, discuss the details of its implementation, invited guests at the wedding and also selected the person who will present the sacrificial bull. In this case, such a meeting must be a table with three pies.  Another ritual – the bride by the groom's relatives, the so-called backup agreement about the future of the event.

Previously, the time between courtship and marriage lasted a very long time. This occurred because the bride was collecting the dowry, and the groom went to work to give a bride-price. It is because of him and the custom of stealing the bride, not to wait too long.

Shortly before the wedding the groom and his best friends visit the bride's house, bring her dress, and relatives  sweets. But the main reason is the engagement ring that a boyfriend gives to his girlfriend. This visit is usually the nature of the secret.

The Ossetian wedding, there is a difference in the fact that it takes place simultaneously in two houses.

During a visit to the groom and his wedding entourage that includes the best man, and buddy is named the mother of the bride's family to the girl from the family and the family of her future husband presented gifts, gold and jewelry. After that, with the permission of the elders clothed in her wedding gown, while the brother plays the role of the man who puts a veil. The girl take the arm and withdraw to the wedding procession. After the couple out of the car, the bride presents of sweets, cakes or money blocking the way for them boys.

Civil ceremony would turn into an outdoor party at the groom's house. In the past  the guests almost did not sit at the table and if they consumed alcohol, in small amounts, couple to alcohol did not touch. Ossetian dance at weddings were the main decoration. Such dances as "SIMD” and “Cepina” knew every self-respecting Ossetians.

Today, the Ossetian wedding is not as before. A celebration of the beginning associated with a table and a drink, the younger generation even performs a sort of competition, who perepet.  In the end, all drunk to the obscene.

You Can go on to describe the Ossetian customs, but most importantly in all of these rites that they are passed from generation to generation. And Ossetian wedding confirmation.

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