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You like the man, but he does not seem to notice? Or, maybe you have difficulty in getting acquainted with the opposite sex? Then it will not hurt to learn a few rules of how to attract the attention of a guy.

There are women who always excite, attract, hurt the stronger sex for a living. What is the secret of this attraction? If you know them, you can win the heart of almost any man.

So the first weapon that we need – that smile. Open, friendly, fascinating. She says that you are ready, that you are a joyful person. Such people are always drawn.

how to attract the attention of a guy

Attract the attention of the outfit. This does not mean that you have to wear a very short dress or to cover their clothes with rhinestones from head to toe. Better if the outfit will be free, but will accentuate your waist. The question of how to attract the attention of a guy is very important. Better to choose one item in the bathroom, one to emphasize their dignity. After all, if the woman was hiding something for a long loose skirt, just a desire to get to know her, to know her secrets. And again. Most girls dress up to look beautiful and spectacular among his own kind. But the rare man that truly understands fashion. Therefore, guided by the opinion of the stronger sex.

How to attract the attention of the guy if the dress and the smile is already there? Everything is simple – add confidence. No need to beat yourself up about the extra fat on the stomach or small eyes. Without going into the shortcomings – value your dignity. And yet – find the harmony within. Men appreciate women who developed to attract the attention of a guy


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A Lot of talk, but at the same time, think about what words fly from your mouth. Open the people themselves attract attention. The male gaze here is not different from women's. At the same time, some things when talking with young men to avoid. For example, never discuss, and certainly do not condemn his choice.

Another secret of how to attract the attention of the guy – to learn to Express their emotions. In any case, no need to be ashamed of their feelings. Admire, wonder, enjoy! Of course, try not to overdo it. Learn how beautiful and melodic laugh. Laughter is contagious and brings to you the man of your dreams.

Appreciate your uniqueness. Maybe you like someone of the Actresses, but that's no reason to emulate her around. Because the unique man waiting for the one, the only, the unique. And similar to each other, the girls always make the strong half of mankind just condemnation.

Another rule of how to attract the attention of boyfriend – to be neat and well-groomed. No matter what is your figure and body type. About hygiene to forget in any case impossible! Whatever you are a bright person was, but if your nails are bitten, the hair looks like straw, and clothing – outfit of the Scarecrow, it is unlikely that men will approach you closer than a meter. Enjoy your grooming and neatness, because it you do primarily for yourself.the male gaze

And another important point – always be ready to meet you. Go like you are about to meet her Prince. Be welcoming and happy – and then to draw the attention of guys don't have to! It will itself be attracted to you in any public place.

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