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Many girls face that just don't know what to talk with guys. And no matter long they know them or met recently. Of course, proper topics of conversation with an unfamiliar young man it is very difficult to find. Perhaps this article will help you with this.

nothing to talk about with a guyThings to talk About with guys?

You can talk about the following:

1. Ask about activities and favorite things of your partner. To talk about what you love to do and why you like to do. Surely you have similar interests, and you will be able to share experiences, tell interesting incidents that happened to you.

2. To talk about new music, theatre, cinema. After all, every girl has their own preferences, which it can share with others.

3. If you don't have to talk to the guy, remember about the events that happen in the world. This topic will be interesting for everyone.

4. If a guy started talking on the male theme, in which you know nothing about, try to listen carefully to him. But if you have anything unclear, you can ask to clarify these points.

5. If the guy is sociable and diversified, you will always be able to share their views with him, to hear his opinion and to make useful conclusions.

something to talk About with guysThings to talk About with guys you know?

With guys whom you know for quite a long period of time talk a lot easier.

1. You can ask how was your day with your guy, or just to ask: “How are you?”. This will give him to understand that he cares about you and you care about him.

2. If a guy wants to talk to you in those moments when he experiences some problems, try to listen carefully to him, without imposing his opinion. You can cheer him up and say, what would you do in this situation, but that does not mean that it needs to do the same.


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3. You can tell him about your problems and ask him for advice. Of course, if his opinion will be useful for you.

4. You can remember your common friends and events that occurred during the hanging.

Guy wants to talkWhat I love to talk to guys?

It might sound strange, but sometimes guys just prefer to keep silent. However, you should be familiar with each other. It can even help you to get closer.

Most guys love to talk about themselves. You will only have to ask questions like: "Where do you like to spend free time and how?"

Favorite male threads – computers, sports, politics and cars. Feel free to talk about topics that interest you, share your progress, your personal development. Do not think that it is not interested in a guy who you care about.

A lot of guys like when you talk to them about eternal life, about the soul, spiritual growth, family values. Most importantly – if possible, smile, listen carefully to the guy, and don't forget about the sense of humor!

Now you know something to talk about with guys and their this interest. We wish you good luck!

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