How to deliver a man pleasure during sex?


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Early In the relationship to give pleasure to a man simply because love playing with bright colors, and emotions overflowing. Over time, the standard poses and equipment begin to pall, and awesome he is. Therefore constant work on the sexual life is simply necessary for everyone.


How to please your man

Every girl is interested in how to deliver a man pleasure in bed. The main thing - the desire and the action, if any can approach the level of a real goddess of sex.

It Should be noted that it is not always sexual inexperience girls for men is a disadvantage. Moreover, if man is tempted, he is such situation even it will delight, but for the fairer sex will be a great chance to learn from the master. The girl enough to obey his wishes and have fun.

At the time of the sexual act, it is important to forget about the complexes and to relax, completely surrendering to your partner. Extraneous thoughts should not visit you throughout the duration of the love of pleasure.


Sex is not the only means, associated with how to deliver a man pleasure. All men love with their eyes, so devote time to making beautiful clothes, lingerie, hairstyle and make-up is a must.

Prepare in advance and meet the wife from work in elegant lace lingerie and a translucent robe. You can use a wig, if you want to make a reality of one of his sexual fantasies.

Inciting sexual interest

If you were forced to part for a while with your beloved, prepare for the upcoming meeting in advance. Pull up the figure, do beauty treatments, hair care and other women's joy. Upon arrival, not only will he be happy seeing his beloved in a stunning way, but the girl will feel yourself a goddess.


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"I Want to pleasure a man in various poses, but embarrassed and worried during sex" - often said to the girl. This situation is quite normal, because you let the partner in the intimate area. Let the embarrassment be present, it will not stop you in the throes of passion. The main thing is to relax, that the man felt that you enjoy.

Major mistakes in oral sex

Most of the fairer sex are sure that they know how to pleasure a man orally, but few know about the errors that are fairly common:

  1. Too fast or slow motions and incorrect force pressing the tongue can spoil all pleasure from the process. Usually in this case, the partners should discuss this point and to focus further on the preferences of men.
  2. The Insistence on oral sex from a partner when you do not want, will not bring positive effect from the process. Oral sex must be willing to be both beloved and not to act under duress.
  3. Preoccupation with one technique leads to a boring sex life. So gain new knowledge and surprise your man. Now a huge number of workshops, where they teach girls a variety of sex. The main thing - to move in step with the times.

How to deliver a man pleasure? The most daring technology and innovation in sexual life is able to fill love life with new colors and emotions.

Solved problems in bed

Unfortunately, sometimes the cause of male indifference towards sex is in the girl. Many ladies over the years of marriage, begin to gain weight, start yourself or pay to their appearance much less time than before. Moreover, many girls begin to treat sex as a casual thing, forgetting those things how to pleasure a man during sex or oral sex. Therefore it is not considered safe to rely on the habitual course of sexual life, make courageous adjustments, variety and surprise.


The First rule that is associated with how to deliver a man pleasure, is directly related to the sexual appearance of the female partner. Men admire the beautiful, fit and well maintained body and I get this incredible visual enjoyment. Take this fact into account, and if your relationship has problems, then start to act now.


It is essential to maintain sexual interest of a partner, everything else - business equipment.

an Unexpected place to have sex

There are lots of ways associated with how to deliver a man maximum pleasure:

  1. Role-playing game. Consider a scenario according to which events will develop. Optional empty sex shop. Choose the right outfit, makeup, hair, and additional attributes for sexual play. This approach will ignite the passion in a man, and he will get pleasure not only from sex, but foreplay.
  2. Striptease with the continuation. Not necessary to attend courses of strip-plastics. Sexy enough to dress up, include slow and relaxing music. Be sure to create a relaxed atmosphere-dim the lights, use candles and redolent of the fragrance composition. Tune in, and succeed!
  3. Undress partner. This should be done carefully and slowly at the same time stroking the body of his men. During this foreplay, don't forget to glance playfully at him. Taking off his shirt, kissing the shower area of the torso. Stripped completely, start to undress themselves.
  4. Add «spice». The thrill in bed excites your mind. Ice, ice cream or hot chocolate: gently swipe on the body of man, then lisnice, touching only the language. Start at the neck and gradually move to the torso, completing the process in the genital area.

Men desire

If we look at the sexual desires of the male half of humanity, we can see that they are similar, and therefore, the question of how to please a man, it is not necessary to divide the types of temperament and other criteria.

how to deliver a man pleasure
  1. “Dirty” words. Oddly enough, but the fact is that men prefer exciting phrase in the middle of having sex. All possible “AAA”, “well”, “more, more” or “faster”, voiced by breathy partner can enhance pleasure men from sexual intercourse.
  2. An Unexpected surprise. Unplanned sex in the wrong place can make any man, and the girl in the eyes of the partner can grow on a sex level.
  3. Take matters into your own hands. Sometimes a girl should take the initiative in beginning sexual intercourse. To have a lover and “ride”. The main thing - do not overdo it! Whips, leather straps and handcuffs - that's another story.
  4. New places for sex. If you have chosen the perfect place to stir all your sexual fantasy, you should certainly go back there and not one. Moreover, you can create some intrigue, men have a positive attitude to such surprises, and sex with special boring just does not happen.
  5. Let him admire you. You can slowly change in front of a mirror, spin around or bend over. Men love with their eyes, and looking at the sexy female body gives them pleasure.


Though many girls concerned about how to deliver a man maximum pleasure, secrets, sex positions not far from playing the most important role. The most common problem in sexual intercourse – stretched and weak muscles of the vagina. This occurs most often because of childbirth.


Do Not worry about how to pleasure a man with this problem in the future. There are many exercises that can work wonders with the muscles of the vagina. It is enough to perform short and simple exercises for the intimate area. You must stress to strain of the muscles in the time that you can withstand, and so several approaches in 10-15 minutes. The first results you will notice after 4 weeks of regular classes, and this will delight not only you but also a partner.

What men prefer in bed

If you read reviews associated with how to deliver a man maximum pleasure, the poses are no less important than strong muscles of the vagina.

man and woman

On the basis of ...

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