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Modern psychological science can boast of great names that gradually become more and more popular and in demand. Every year grows the number of those who voluntarily and without the rest decided to devote himself to the chosen specialty. As a rule, optimistic people who look to the future without fear and always aims for the best result. Difficulties happen at all. However, you must be able in time to overcome in order behind were not accumulated the cargo of unresolved problems. This is Larisa Surkova – a psychologist not only by training, but for lifestyle. She learned to feel the situation inside. Psychological support of people who need help – it is an integral part of our modern reality. The current pace of life makes man to be at the edge of their own capabilities, constantly seek new ways of developing their activities. This, of course, suffers personal life and relationships.

Larisa Surkova

Larisa Surkova – the most famous to date expert in the field of psychology. About his profession in an interview is often said that the only life she has achieved. Where she draws inspiration and how manages to combine all at once?

Curriculum vitae

In fact, the exact data concerning his biography, Larisa Surkova does not. Some experts are still arguing about how much she is. Future psychologist was born 26 March 1978. After leaving school he entered the Leningrad technological Institute. In the period from 1975 to 2002 he worked as a teacher. Then her career went sharply uphill. Larissa decided to change your life and gradually achieved the desired result.


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Larisa Surkova psychologist

She found herself in psychology? At some point, just found myself in a difficult situation. Then began to help others, he saw that she is good at it, and decided to continue. Interest in psychology has always been. Larissa wanted to throw out a maximum of that many years lived inside her. Fortunately, she succeeded. She has enormous experience, which she generously shares with people. Larisa Surkova – a psychologist, a biography which speaks for itself: the woman just reached its own monumental efforts. And this rebellion would like to wish everyone.

About the profession of a psychologist

She noted that working with the sphere of the human soul, to be able to touch the innermost is very difficult. You have to develop a certain degree of flexibility and constantly keep up with the times. You can't learn psychology once and for all. Need to constantly improve their skills, to educate ourselves, to see the new real prospects.

The Profession of psychologist – this is a special gift that you can cultivate, to raise the price of incredible efforts and day-to-day work of the soul. Larisa Surkova notes that those who work with human problems, needs to be impeccably truthful and honest man. Really hard to imagine a psychologist-fraud – it's very scary. Of course, this activity need to feel a certain tendency, otherwise it will not work. You must want to help people, to feel that need and constantly improve itself. Larisa Surkova – psychologist from whom it is obtained. Many would envy her perseverance and intense determination.

“Motherhood – it is important to me”

Larisa Surkova – the mother of four children, and proud of, perhaps the main role. Motherhood cannot be substituted by anything else. A woman cannot be completely happy and consider themselves wealthy fully, if she doesn't have her own and built a trusting relationship with him.

family psychologist Larisa Surkova

Why motherhood is above all else? Yes, because we can not efficiently and fully to help others, yet in our family there are problems. My mom is a psychologist in the first place should take care of their children. Their needs and requirements are paramount. Larisa Surkova – a psychologist, a photo of which you can see in the article. On it the pretty woman, which immediately imbued with confidence and gratitude.

“Proper planning – success”

In any profession, time management – this is the main key to success. You can be insanely talented, but absolutely nothing to do. When the time is mediocre, we have to bitterly regret the wasted hours. You must learn to appreciate every moment and remember that in ten minutes you can manage to do very much.

Larisa Surkova psychologist reviews

Proper planning starts with self-organization. The psychologist needs to be collected and ready at any moment to help. Of course, it is better to plan ahead. As noted by Larisa Surkova, in the day, unfortunately, only twenty-four hours, so you need to maximize their impact.

Center of development “How cool”

The Author of this project says that the goal of its creation was the idea that people in need of assistance must receive it. When we have the realization that there is one to turn, everything fell into place. Gradually there is a desire to act, to improve their skills, work through challenges and difficulties.

Larisa Surkova psychologist photo

What are the difficulties most often refer clients to for help? This problems in the interaction of generations, marital conflict, parent-child relationships. Larisa Surkova holds great thematic trainings and webinars that help you to believe in yourself to overcome feelings of despair and insolubility of the situation. Individual consultation is useful when the client wanted to be alone to work through significant obstacles that prevent them to succeed. “the Online marathon of positive” allows each person to approach the understanding of the need to seek help from a psychologist, to come to that decision and choose a specific expert.

What the author writes?

The Book Larisa Surkova today known and available to each user. They come in a well-known publishing houses and enjoyed great success among readers. For parents are very useful books: “being a mom is great”, “the Child of eight to thirteen years-the most difficult age”. They help to learn how to understand your child, to grow up in this personality.

Larisa Surkova psychologist biography

In addition, a successful psychologist maintains a blog on your website where always posting new and interesting publications on various aspects of relationships between people.

Larisa Surkova – psychologist. Reviews

Everyone wants to feel the impact and see the result of what he devotes a lot of time. Larisa Surkova, fortunately, has already attained popularity, turning to her, know her. Reviews about her work are very positive. Clients say remarkable ability to build conversation in a constructive way, to relieve stress, to help cope with them.


The Family psychologist Larisa Surkova incredibly popular today. She is often a guest on TV, she participated in various conferences, conducts educational talks and consultations with parents, provides actionable recommendations on parenting. The younger generation needs attention, to be heard. This is largely due to competent professionals.


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