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Traditionally the residents of developed countries (Europeans and Americans) are turning to doctors of this specialty. Shows whether the current life in the Russian capital demand of the profession "family psychologist" (Moscow)?

Reviews of the inhabitants the main metropolis of the Russian Federation give an affirmative answer to this question. It is no secret that in today's information society, every member of the family even more isolated than even 20-30 years ago. And, therefore, the level of his psychological problems increased.

family psychologist of the Moscow reviews

Family psychologist - a profession of the XXI century

As a result of the growing process of individualization of the population (for various reasons) are destroyed family values. The economic crisis is becoming a powerful catalyst for the psychological strain. In the family brewing conflict between spouses, between adults and children... Marriages are becoming less durable. Growing proportion of chronic diseases per 1000 inhabitants. And it is a global trend.

An Alarming symptom of developed countries is the increase in the share of single adults. In the US, for example, it is about 40%, Britain - 31%. According to unofficial data, in Russia the percentage of single people in middle age also amounts to 40%.

That's why after for the capitals of European countries have introduced social services to people having family psychologist, Moscow. Reviews about it - are not uncommon.

When Muscovites need a psychologist?

Specialized and an extensive network of commercial and government psychologists provides effective assistance to the population through various trainings and consultations.

It Seems that in this respect, as you would say tipster, the "ice was broken". To people finally come to understand that their problems better to tell the specialist, rather than to share them with friends or neighbors. In the first case the psychologist unraveled tangled human relationships, will help find tangled in them out. In the second the narrator will only generate gossip about myself, no more.


The manipulation is... the Ways and methods of psychological influence on the person. S. G. Kara-Murza,

The manipulation is... the Ways and methods of psychological influence on the person. S. G. Kara-Murza, "Manipulation of consciousness"

How is it that people are influenced by? Today they live, unaware, and tomorrow you can rewrite a single apartment to a complete stranger. Very often under the influence of some factor people give all their money, jewelry and even life. Is it possibl...

best family psychologist Moscow

How parents and children engaged in family psychologist (Moscow)? Reviews of people in the capital list of the most typical crisis situation. We summarize them in the following areas:

  • Conflict resolution at work and in the family;
  • Harmonization of relations between parents and children;
  • Assist in the search for an optimal experience;
  • Overcoming the human psychological discomfort, inner conflict and depression;
  • Adaptation to specific circumstances.

Counseling and fate

Will Agree that your own life is the Supreme value. Not always it is similar to a walk in the Park under a cloudless sky... Calmly and wisely to confront challenges, displaying the quiet courage - that's what it means to be a master of your own destiny. The help of an experienced psychologist is in helping a person in his desire to control his fate.

How can we achieve such a goal? If you achieve it, using the tools of psychology, the process of solving the problem becomes systemic. The man makes a small, but right steps in the right direction.

If we are talking about a resident of the capital, then it is easier for him the social security Department initially fixed family psychologist (Moscow). Reviews patients often Express surprise: professionals working not on a commercial basis, fully immersed in the problems of the person who has come on reception to give valuable advice.

They are creatively analyze and generalize, make a sudden but steady insights. The patient begins to see not only ourselves, but also to understand the causes and consequences of events in his life.

Forms of work: counseling and therapy

Metropolitan psychologists practice one-time and long-term, short-term and long-term methods of psychological assistance. The latter is implemented in the form of counseling and psychotherapy.

Psychological counselling is targeted: it solves a specific problem by its comprehensive consideration.

good family psychologist in Moscow

Psychotherapy successively, step by step, helps people to change their lives, to harmonize the personality, enriching relationships with others. Long-term therapy is planned in advance of sessions. Consultations may be held in person and online. The latter is implemented by a PC computer using software like Skype or Viber.

Emergency psihopompom the prerogative MSPN

As we mentioned, thanks to the Moscow service of psychological assistance to the population (MSPN), the establishment of a budget now for almost any resident of the capital available to a good family psychologist in Moscow. Reviews indicate that although traditionally psychological support is a long process and planned, if necessary, the specialists MSPN provide prompt and effective assistance.

The Past exists in the form of:

  • Emergency psychological assistance to victims of the rapid response brigades;
  • Emergency (extraordinary) psychological anonymous round-the-clock assistance, so that any resident of the metropolis, hitting a difficult situation, can count on assistancepsychologist, typing a three-digit telephone number;
  • Online help (using a PC or smartphone connected to the Internet, it is also anonymous).

How does the network MSPN

If psychological assistance is needed immediately, this involves a non-stop resource of public service MSPN. The patient dials a three-digit telephone number 051 hotline.

Thanks to the constant monitoring and cooperation with other services of the Department of social protection of Moscow established the structure MSPN serving the citizens really covers the whole capital. How to use its services?

For example, a resident of the capital, located near the metro station “textile”, took the family psychologist (Moscow, yuao). Southern district maintained directly by a Central office MSPN, as well as the Central office of the aforementioned psychological services.

Record to obtain a full-time individual and family counselling is done by phone. The Central office serves the greater administrative district of the capital, with 16 districts, home to 1.76 million people.

Residents in the northeast district will be served family psychologist (Moscow, SVAO), working in either the district branch or subordinate offices: precinct division "Medvedkovo" (near metro station), sectors ALEKSEEVSKIJJ (metro “ENEA”) and "Nord" (metro station “Altufievo"). The branch serves 17 administrative districts, home to 1.4 million people.

Psychological assistance to resident of the South-West of the capital district will have a family psychologist (Moscow, yuzao) working in the respective branch (metro “view”) or subordinates of local police departments, among which are "Academic" (metro station "Academic") and "Lomonosov" (metro station "New Cheryomushki"). The branch serves 12 administrative districts with population of 1.2 million residents.

The Family psychologist (Moscow, SZAO) will provide professional assistance to visitors to the North-West branch (metro station "Planernaya") and the district Department MSPN "Tushino" (metro station "shodnenskaya"). The branch serves 8 administrative districts of North-West, is home to 0.8 million people.

Requesting psychological assistance Northern district of the capital will support the family psychologist (Moscow, Sao). The corresponding branch MSPN is in the area of metro station "the Airport", and subordinate to his Department -"Golovin" - near the metro station "Water stadium". The branch serves 16 administrative districts with population of 1.15 million people.

A map of the location of the network units of the Main budget companies MSPN shown in the figure below.

good family psychologist in Moscow reviews

Experience shows that even within a particular regional branch MSPN very urgent good marriage counselor. Moscow, note, is a metropolis with highly qualified market for such services.

Long-term psychological help. The competitive market of the capital

However, many Muscovites do not consider it free therapy a panacea. There is a perception (and under it has a solid base) that the specialist motivated a fair payment for services rendered to the client psychological support, faster and more efficiently develop professionally. Currently, the commercial market of psychological services is sufficiently competitive. In every district of the capital there are three or four dozen specialized clinics, medical centers, psychologists, entrepreneurs, leading private practice.

Except when MSPN, city residents will be able to find "their" psychologist.

  • A directory of psychologists-business;
  • On the personal sites of these professionals;
  • Using the recommendation of acquaintances.

Long-term psychological help

However, the psychological help, if necessary, can be long-term. It's not uncommon for one or even several theme clubs is a good family psychologist in Moscow. Feedback from participating in such group therapy show potential. In practice, it has proven useful clubs:

  • Women;
  • For new moms;
  • To foster parents;
  • Parent;
  • Seniors
  • Personal development.

Good psychologist. Education requirements

Without going into redundant arguments, introduce readers to the characteristics of the right specialist.

Of Course, the obligatory is the presence of higher psychological education.

family psychologist Moscow yuao

You should Also pay attention to his additional post-graduate training at refresher courses. Psychology - the branch of medicine is very dynamic and alive. Good family psychologist (Moscow is a city or any other, does not matter) should not have the legacy baggage of theoretical and practical knowledge. The current psychologist is important to keep abreast of modern trends and techniques. Currently listed courses at the leading universities:

  • Institute of integrative family therapy (head - Bebchuk Marina).
  • Institute of practical psychology and psychoanalysis (head - Varga A. Y.).
  • Institute of group and family psychology and psychotherapy (head - Chernikov Alexander).

Professional practice andcommunication

The capital Good psychologist should always be in contact with colleagues. Periodically practice the treatment of specific people should check the more experienced and, consequently, the best marriage counselor. Moscow for psychologists - market skilled supervision (over prepared specialist the client analyzes the cases of less experienced colleagues).

It is Advisable to practice intensive patient care psychologist has exceeded at least three years. It is obvious that professional assistance is able to provide only a practitioner.

Physician, heal itself!

For a real professional job as a psychologist can't be a part-time basis. In order to efficiently help people, a person, called a psychologist, must first resolve its own problems, becoming successful. The latter requirement was expressed by none other than Sigmund Freud.

Subjective age criteria

Subject to all of the above conditions for a particular patient's preferred specialist slightly younger age than he.

family psychologist Moscow SVAO

It's No secret that doctor-serdtseed, having life experiences similar to the client, to the (subjectively) best family psychologist. Moscow in its market of psychological services, fortunately, this choice provides.

Client and a psychologist

Usually, clients come to therapy due to the fact that you can't find the key to solving their personal or family problems. And the best solution is that the patient will find himself. A good psychologist is a specialist who owns the complex and hypnotic dehypnotised methods, promoting the realization of the hidden reserves of the patient. A serious professional will never advance does not guarantee absolute success. After all, in life occur (though quite rarely) and the situation is a stalemate. However, the client placed the emphasis in the therapy session itself subjectively experience the qualifications of a specialist.

Orthodox psychologist

Given the substantial specific weight in the population of people who believe the actual services of persons working in the profession of "Orthodox family psychologist" (Moscow - megapolis, which employs a lot of such specialists). And it is natural for one of the recognized world centers of Christianity. The blessing of the deceased Patriarch Alexy II operates in the capital of the Orthodox psycho-social Association "Orthodox family", which employs dozens of professionals. Latest help people izlechimym from alcohol and drug affected by the influence of sects suffering from sociopathy.


Is there currently a profession of "family psychologist" (Moscow)? Reviews inhabitants the main metropolis of Russia unequivocally affirmative answer to this question.

family psychologist of the Moscow SWAD

Indeed, there have been positive trends in the psychological service of the capital's residents.

  1. Actively used the achievements of world social psychology.
  2. Takes into account new psychological phenomena associated with current economic relations and political processes.
  3. In a separate area of psychological research it is set up entrepreneurial and other business activities.
  4. The Growing role of practical psychology, in particular various trainings.

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