The manipulation is... the Ways and methods of psychological influence on the person. S. G. Kara-Murza, "Manipulation of consciousness"


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How is it that people are influenced by? Today they live, unaware, and tomorrow you can rewrite a single apartment to a complete stranger. Very often under the influence of some factor people give all their money, jewelry and even life. Is it possible? How does that happen? This will be discussed in our article.

What is manipulation

As you can often hear it even from an early age! And for good reason. Almost everyone come across in life are people who like to manipulate. Sometimes we don't even notice it.

manipulate it

So what is the manipulation? It is a psychological process of the victory of a strong man over a weak when people, in spite of herself at the request of others or repeat their action. The goal is such that the man himself wanted to do it, not understanding anything.

If Possible request for assistance

Sometimes the question arises: is it possible just to ask you a favor? However, as practice shows, in many cases, the request was inappropriate. It then starts the manipulation. Very often gullible people fall for the scammers who first enter into a friendship because they want something from him. After all, many people trust others, especially friends, it is easy to deceive and to mislead.

The Above is the basic manipulation. This is proven by psychologists and other professionals who spetsializiruyutsya in this direction. How are the manipulators? Will be discussed further.

What is the purpose of manipulator

First and foremost, you need to be observant of a person to act in their own interests. Only when studied in psychology, the manipulator begins to conduct certain scheme.


The Purpose is one: to give the other person a sign, which can completely change the perception. The manipulator is imposed on a person, and he did not even realize that use it. He distorts the meaning easily and smoothly, meanwhile, gives us distorted perceptions of reality. In the end, if the manipulator is very familiar with the people, almost everyone can become a victim.

psychological processes

Of Course, many believe that you cannot use them to their advantage. However, psychologists argue to the contrary. Well-trained manipulator will create such conditions that, without even knowing it, get into their network.


There are a lot of options. So focus on the main.

The First way of manipulating people came to us from Soviet times. It is a Social proof. Man, getting into a strange situation, finds time for her permission and just doing exactly as others. For people with even a useful method. Don't have to think and worry. The situation will resolve itself.

There are other methods of manipulating, for example, Mutual exchange. People don't like to be dependent and is designed for many psychological processes. That is, if a friend or comrade gave something, the person is triggered internal protection. He doesn't want to go in debt and also prefer to give a gift, but would not depend on anybody.

Another very important method by which the manipulation is a request for a favor or help. Indeed, in this case not everyone will be able to refuse. This method is called Pressure on the pity.

Obligation is the fourth method. The man who promised to fulfill the request, will try my best. He knows that it is a big responsibility, and will bear this idea until then, until you do what was asked of him.

Many people love when they are praised or give Reward. Another important method of manipulation. Many people induce me tell you why. For someone- verbally, and someone prefers tangible gifts.

You should know the above technique of manipulating. After all, you may encounter unscrupulous people who will find your weaknesses and will to manage them. Try to avoid it. First, you can't refuse, and then it will be too late, and anyone will be able to control you as he wants.

Methods of manipulation

They are also very much. However, there are special techniques that apply smoothly. It is important to collect the maximum information. First observed weaknesses, which you can push. And then people use techniques that are more suited to a specific person:

  1. False carelessness. This technique is used to prove his innocence and to ferret out some information. This man pretends to be inattentive in conversation, several times asks, changing the meaning of sentences. In these moments, the manipulator suddenly explains many things. The interlocutor does not even know that shares very important information.
  2. Imaginary weakness. the Manipulator shows that he needs help. Tells about his weakness and that no one needs and no one understands him. Typically, this technique is fast work, because the manipulator presses on pity.
  3. About feelings. Often, the manipulator speaks of his love, and really wants only to achieve benefits.You need to believe in feelings when a person is proven over the years.Kara-Murza, the manipulation of consciousness
  4. Unpredictable anger. When the manipulator pretends he is angry, the interlocutor tries to calm him and goes on certain concessions to create a more relaxed environment.
  5. Imaginary suspicion. This technique of manipulation works very well. Man forced to defend himself, if he is suspected of something. The manipulator wants, he casts a suspicion, making the interlocutor insecure. This is necessary in order to psychological processes become weaker. Then the manipulator achieves the desired very easily.

Not to fall for the tricks of unscrupulous people, learn to refuse. The first time will be difficult, but more will be easier. The above manipulation of human consciousness are the most striking. Try to present yourself correctly and to defend if necessary. Very importantly, do not fall for provocations.

Scholar S. G. Kara-Murza

No wonder we are remembered in this article doctorate. The famous scientist Sergey G. Kara-Murza wrote a wonderful book, which affected almost all aspects of manipulation of consciousness.

In his work "Manipulation of consciousness" revealed themes that teach people how to think and not be influenced by others. If you read this you will understand that to program the human subconscious mind is possible and very easy. The psychological impact can have absolutely any man, knowing the weaknesses of the interlocutor. This is what he writes ...

The Need for manipulator

People are surrounded by a world of culture, where great importance is language. People need more communication and advice. Sometimes they turn to friends or family for consolation. Every one of us have problems in life that deal hard. That is why we are looking for support and advice from others. Although we understand that they are not experts and do not understand a specific issue.

As a rule, every person is looking for not only support, but also of the manipulator. That is, he wants to be inspired: “Everything will be fine, don't worry”. Often, these words are comforting, at least for a while.

psychological impact

In such cases, support is very important. About this in his book and says Kara-Murza. Manipulation of consciousness focused on the psychological structure of the person.

Language of the words and images

The Scientist is well described in the second section of the book (Chapter five) sign systems, which often affect man. It is the language of words and images. Depends on them a lot. If a person can find the right words, intonation, and timbre, he has a lot to inspire conversation. However, this depends on many factors, including goodwill.

Remember: often, everyone needs a manipulator for your own good. He calms down, becomes morally and spiritually stronger. People that have good handling less responsive and not so health conscious. Of course, this approach is called psychological pressure.

Anatomy and physiology: the manipulation of consciousness

The man laid a special program, which distinguishes him from other living beings. It may not be without society. Therefore everyone lives under the influence of some others and can not defend themselves from the manipulation, which in itself seems negative.

Not everyone understands at once that he had been. He realizes it's only when something unhappy and realized that he'd been exposed to it. That is, very often, after manipulation of the people lose.

Sometimes it turns out and Vice versa. Man after manipulation remains happy and thankful to those people who in time could act and direct on the true way. That is, manipulation – this is a hidden factor that should not stand out against other words and sentences.

The Technology of destruction of consciousness

The third section of the book "Manipulation of consciousness" the thirteenth Chapter is devoted to news, commercials, movies. That is S. G. Kara-Murza writes about the TV. Oddly enough, but it is proven that it destroys the consciousness of man. Today in modern society we depend on television. People can not imagine their life without it and not realize that it is bad for the psyche of not only children but also adults.

techniques of manipulation

If there is a show, people want to know how it will end. It turns out that he's sacrificing his time, just to watch the rest of the series. Psychologists offer to change the tactics of behavior.


It also destroys the consciousness of man. After all, when people see no way out, can't feed his family, get a job or to solve some other problem, in these moments, and destroyed the consciousness of the person.

Writes Kara-Murza ("Manipulation of consciousness"), people have to go to fortune-tellers and clairvoyants to understand why they have started a black stripe. However, they do not understand one thing: this campaign has the opposite effect. Why? Just all sorts of charlatans, fortune-tellers trying to manipulate people, and those committing undue and sometimes irreversible actions.

Remember: the way. Never agree to a hypnosis session, which can become for youthe first and last in life. In these moments you are being manipulated.

You Cannot destroy consciousness

Try to replace the TV with a walk in the Park, visiting the theatre, reading interesting books, meeting friends, etc.


In About 6 months you will begin to understand that your personality, mood and health changed for the better. Remember! TV – manipulation of consciousness! If possible, try to replace it with a more interesting occupation.

Consciousness destroys not only TV, but also a variety of media. It's Newspapers, magazines and more. That is why psychologists advise to pay a minimum of attention as television and media.

Urbanization and hunger

Strangely enough, but in politics used such a notion as manipulation. This is evidenced by the scholar S. G. Kara-Murza in his book. He writes about society, starting with the restructuring. Then it all started.

Food – the need of mankind. So people were not hungry, you need to work. This raised the price of food, utilities and so on. People had to survive, has created artificial scarcity and hunger.

Even when froze all payments, people never stopped going to work. They are so programmed. This reflects the psychological impact.

Everyone tried to be responsible and was hoping that soon he will pay for all months worked. However, this did not happen. Today, the country has started the same. Crisis, delayed wages, raise prices for utilities, and people continue to work and be silent.


How to behave in order to remain a strong personality, not influenced? We found that the manipulation is the human exposure in tricky ways. Therefore, psychologists are advised not to take and not to listen to the interlocutor, who tries to affect you, and most importantly - not to look him in the eye.

techniques of manipulation

If you don't like the word or phrase of the manipulator, then simply tell him what I think. Let your behavior seem rude, but it is sincere. And, anyway, you will scare your interlocutor a strong statement.

Before you listen to others, include common sense. It will help you to act correctly and consciously. At the time, when you are dealing with a manipulator, don't listen to your heart. After all, there are people who like the guilt trip or pity.

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