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Oksana – the woman was wild, wayward, with ever-changing mood. It is interesting, but very difficult to communicate with her and to be in the company. A rather unpleasant feature name. Oksana – such. But at the same time, the woman bearing this name, has a lot of advantages and positive qualities. Tell me more about it.

The Fate of Oksana

the meaning of the name OksanaOksana from childhood knows what she wants to achieve in life. She is single-minded. Does well in school, be sure to continue to study at a higher educational institution and get a good profession. And the work she's lucky.

Oksana successfully marry. Although a very long time to find their soul mate. She will have many children. In them, she, the soul will not chayat. Due to excessive care of the mother, the children will suffer and grow weak, with a difficult character and not quite the right Outlook on life.

Considering the meaning of the name Oksana, you should pay attention to what fate she has two options. If she goes one way, then life will be successful, full of happy moments. If Oksana goes to the other, the result will be one and a lot of problems, detractors and enemies. By the way, the origin of the name Oksana began its history in Greece. In the Greek Scriptures, it means “a foreign guest”. Perhaps that designation still holds true. Oksana life feels like a stranger in any society.

Working days 

Feature name Oksana

Oksana will work with people. Maybe it will work connected with children's choir. By the way, it should be noted, speaking about the meaning of the name Oksana that it is very easy to find a common language with young children. She feels their needs and knows what you want the child in a particular situation. She is able to defuse the situation in the children's team if there's conflict.


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But with older Oksana is not able to communicate. Even as a grown woman, she doesn't listen neither to believe nor to the desires of others. More importantly, it wants to. Everything else – secondary.

Oksana can get a good health worker. She is able to take quickly the right decisions that clearly defends your position.

In the economic sphere, Oksana will not survive. She has a different mindset. She is not able to foresee the outcome of complex economic transactions. And profitable to invest it fails.

Personal life

the origin of the name Oksana

But those who wish to associate my personal life with this woman, you should very carefully consider the meaning of the name Oksana. The fact that this girl is pretty headstrong. She knows how to fake a fight in an empty place. And it always comes out the winner. It is strange how she does it! Especially tight have her chosen one. Oksana agrees to marry until I test the endurance of his betrothed. And check will be very serious.

Hates Oksana jealousy, although she is very jealous. Not like, if she doesn't constantly have attention, don't give gifts. She was used to luxury and wealth. Her husband will have to work hard to make Oksana happy.

On the other hand, to trust that narrate the teachings of interpreting the meaning of the name Oksana, be careful. The name of the person mysterious. No one knows exactly how it affects destiny. And check all of the above, having lived with her all his life.

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