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The meaning of the name Arsenius is of interest to moms and dads who are thinking about how to call son. Also it will be useful to know boys and men name. What is known about the meaning and origin of the name, what impact it might have on the character and destiny of its owner? The answers to these questions are offered in the article.

What is the origin and meaning of the name Arseniy?

To get started is to understand where it came from and what it means. The origin and meaning of the name Arseniy, fortunately, is not a mystery. It is known that it has Greek roots. In our country, the name was used simultaneously with the spread of Orthodoxy. In the twentieth century became popular form Arsene, this name is considered to be related. It became widespread in Western Europe, but also found in Russia.

meaning of the name Arseniy

The Value of name Arseniy – “masculine”, “male”. So it translates into our language from Greek. For centuries parents calling because of his son, dreamed that he grew up strong and brave.

Arseny in childhood

What is the meaning of Arseniy name for a boy? His influence on the character of its owner makes itself felt already in childhood. Gentleness, shyness, kindness – characteristics of the child. Growing up, the boy can show stubbornness to insist on. Parents need time to channel it in a positive direction.

Arseniy loves to dwell in the world of fantasies, he has a rich imagination. He likes to play with other children, but he's not bored and alone. The boy easily met, but he had many real friends, with others he prefers to communicate superficially. Arseniy animal lover, gladly accepts responsibility for them.


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As events develop during the school years? What is the meaning of a baby name? Arseniy ambitious, it is important for good grades. He is easily able to impress the teachers, who often overstate his points. Interestingly, this talent will be useful to him in adulthood. Ability to allow the boy easily gnaw granite of science, but deep knowledge is not his goal. To study Arseniy applies superficially, enough for him to “five”. Parents need to explain to his son that knowledge is also important.

Arseniy in adolescence

In adolescence, Arseniy easily give in to emotions. In their mistakes, he prefers to blame themselves, relatives and friends. The offenses caused it, the boy remembers for a long time. It may take a while to hatch plans for revenge, and then to settle with the enemy when he will not expect. To make fun of this guy, he will not react to this favorably.


What traits gives the owner the name Arseniy? The value of the name and destiny of men are directly connected, so it is important to understand this. In this person easy to get along opposite traits. This man peculiar responsibility and diligence, which helps him in his work. However, the desire to make a career out it? Arseniy prefers to quietly do what he likes.

the Meaning and nature of name Arseniy

The Owner name is often not telling and even lying. Sometimes he does it in the name of achieving their goals. Sometimes it just doesn't want other people too close to him. In your world Arseniy ready to let the elite only. They have to try to prove that they deserve it.

Career Choice

What profession are most likely to prefer Arseniy? The meaning of the name, character and destiny of its owner are connected. It is having an impact on the professional activities of men. Arseniy can safely devote himself to creative activity. If you have talent it is easy to succeed in the visual arts, and architecture.

Suitable for the owners name and profession, where success depends on the ability to speak well. Arseniy can become a successful translator, restaurateur, sales Manager, journalist. It can also work in the medical field. But the technical specialties it is better to avoid.


What other secrets it reveals the meaning of the name Arseniy? Whether its possessor to achieve success in business? It directly depends on the time of year when he was born. Arsenius, born in autumn, you'll be ability, tenacity. He will be easy to realize themselves in business.

the Choice of profession for Arseny

If the man was born in the summer, he should abandon the role of the entrepreneur. Have “summer” Arseniy lack leadership quality, it will be uncomfortable to feel in the role of Manager. Guy, born in the winter, to succeed helps ingenuity. He can test his hand at business. Arseny was born in the spring, often it is in his parents ' footsteps.

Love and marriage

To Understand personala man's life will also help the value of the name. The character of Arseny has an impact on his relationship with the opposite sex. Holder name – nature romantic. However, to chat with the girls he often prevents shyness and unwillingness to let into your life of another person.

What is Arseny in love

From Arseniy have to wait long for the first step. Therefore, a high chance of becoming his wife have a girl who is ready to take on the role of leader. Secretly the possessor of the name of dreams about strong and happy family.

If the Union is successful? It depends more on lady Arseny, than from himself. The girl needs him to become not only lover, but friend, to share his passion. But there is no doubt that the owner of the name will be a good father. As a rule, Arseniy loves their children, especially if it's girls.

Name Compatibility

The girls are wonderful to feel married to Arseny? This man fit the holders of the following names:

  • Maria;
  • Tatiana;
  • Olga;
  • Barbara;
  • Hope;
  • Anastasia;
  • Valentin;
  • Alexander;
  • Tamara;
  • Pauline;
  • Galina;
  • Lidia;
  • Lyudmila;
  • Larisa.

What girls should avoid men with the same name? This recommendation concerns Rais, Angelin, olhão, Veronique, Regin. Unsuccessful will be the family life of Arseny with Julia.


What can you tell about the health of the owner name? In childhood Arseniy hurts rarely, resistant infections. However, parents should pay great attention to its food, as it can suffer from problems with stomach and intestine. In childhood the boy needs to understand that junk food does not suit him, to learn to focus on healthy eating.

men's Health named Arseny

In adulthood Arseniy also need to watch your diet. The menu should prevail fruits and vegetables. Chips, sodas, fast food – from these products to man it is advisable to abandon once and for all, to avoid problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

The winner name must be wary of the problems associated with the heart. The sooner Arseniy learn to control your emotions, the less likely to provoke unpleasant consequences. We should not forget about the sport, which is important for maintaining health.


The Value of name Arseniy indicates the responsibility and diligence of the owner. These qualities he displays in childhood, as a rule, they remain with him into adulthood. Arseniy rarely breaks his promises, a responsible attitude to their professional duties.

Often the owner of the name takes its fantasies for reality. However, his imagination will stand him in good stead, if he engaged in creative activities. But it is worth remembering that Arseniy contraindicated monotonous work.

Make Friends with the owner of the name is not easy. However, Arseniy ready on much for the sake of the people who managed to approach him. He tries to be a good friend, he can always rely on. Of course, from the friends of the man waiting for the same treatment. Disappointing it once, you can lose confidence in Arseniy forever.


What should parents remember that choosing a name for a boy? The meaning of the name Arsenius and the fate of the owner directly connected. In men, which name is, has serious flaws. Selfishness and pride – their main problem.

the Meaning and nature of name Arseniy

Arseniy – the man who can't look at ourselves critically. He often attributes to himself the virtues and talents, which in reality is not. In his failures, he is often inclined to blame someone else than yourself. Admitting your mistakes becomes back-breaking labor.

The Egoism and self-love Arseniy often spoil his relations with others. This applies to both professional and personal. Parents need to teach my son to appreciate their positive and negative traits. He shall not issue the seeming for real.


The First years of life Arseniy determine what his self-esteem. The owner name must not try to suppress, to subdue his will. If others succeed, the future of man is bleak. It will go with the flow, meekly accept any profession, marry the one that show the greatest persistence. However, deep down, Arseny will still be unhappy.

If the self-esteem of the owner of the name will remain high, the toughness and determination will help him succeed in life.

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