What we say dream? The accident at the car - what is it?


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Any accident in our dreams are evidence that we're moving too fast to live. We do not have time to stop in time, forgetting about the danger awaiting us on the twists and turns of life. What do we see such dreams?

Car crash. General interpretation of dream

Any dream a road accident carries with it some changes in our lives. This dream signals us of impending dangers, makes us all possible and impossible warnings. The main thing - correctly to interpret them.

Family dreams

  1. Accident by car a dream to unexpected circumstances that prevent you to execute the planned business. Do not attempt to take responsible actions and do not make financial investments.
  2. If you dream you manage to escape somehow miraculously accident, then in reality you will be able to manage difficult challenges. You will be able to get away with it.
  3. See in the dream an accident? In addition, the accident involved so many cars of different brands? This dream advises you not to rely on others. They will not be able to fulfill the promises made to you. This will lead to various problems in the business in the family.dream interpretation accident on car

Freudian dream interpretation

  1. A Car accident in our dreams - it's the beginning of a passionate attraction to some extraordinary person. The dreamer in real life will experience unforgettable moments of pleasure, bliss and happiness... You will long remember your sexual affair.
  2. If you are watching the accident from the side, then get ready for the sexual meeting in someone's luxury car brand. In the future, you will skate on this machine. Your sexual experience will be closely associated with the vehicles.

Esoteric astrology


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  1. Accident on the car that you hit in the middle of a long road, a dream to good device your cases to a favorable development of your plans.
  2. If you dream you witness a major traffic accident, the reality will be able to enlist the support of some important people.
  3. Dream that you yourself are a victim of a car accident? It's great! In reality, all your actions are going to benefit and you will be rewarded for your work!dream interpretation car crash

English dreams

  1. Accident by car, accompanied by the loss or injury is a bad dream. In reality you can survive a very strong mount until this loss.
  2. If you are in the dream became an unwitting witness to a strange accident with a tragic outcome, you should know that you can take the closest people!
  3. In Reality you feel some craving and attachment to those people with whom you have been associated or directly connected with the accident in my sleep.

Dream book Juno

  1. Seeing the accident in my sleep? Take your time to live! You go too fast. Believe me, no hurry.
  2. If after an accident your own car is broken, then you are trapped by a failed business, a divorce with a loved one, the deterioration in the financial plan, etc.crash in a dream dream interpretation

Universal dream

The Accident on the car the Accompany her serious injury means a disorder of the important things. If the car is white, your life will crumble scandals and gossip, if black is someone's death, funeral, mourning,

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