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Undoubtedly, gifts, or as it's sometimes called, gifts, are an ornament of our life. They are nice to give, and to get even more. Sometimes a desirable thing long before the solemn day in our dreams, filling them not only happy, but also quite a certain sense. Let us try to figure out how to interpret, according to the different dream books, gifts received in a variety of circumstances, because we know that the meaning of the dream depends on the details seen.

holiday Gift

Listen to the opinion of Aesop

It is unclear whether it is accepted to give gifts in the stone age, but in Ancient Greece, this tradition already existed. Proof of this can serve as the entries made in the VI century BC the great ancient poet-fabulist Aesop, who presented in his dream interpretation of dreams about gifts.

Read his work, you can get answers to many questions. It is interesting that in those old times was considered very indecent to go to visit with empty hands, and were supposed to have something to present to the owners of the house. By accepting a return gift, followed by warmly thanking, regardless of how it is actually obtained thing. Not surprisingly, this reality is reflected in the visions of the night, which made a wide variety of interpretations.

In particular, the dream in which the man presents a gift to some of your friends, according to Aesop, says that in reality he feels for him the friendship and sincere sympathy. In addition, such a subject may indicate a desire to gain the trust of the person. In General, a gift in the night dreams were considered in a positive way, bearing in itself a sign of love and respect.


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According to compiled by Aesop the book of dreams, the gift can be a precursor and a secret rendezvous. This will be the case if, after receiving it, the dreamer of happiness will forget to open the package and see the contents. In other words, the love shown to him will be more important than the possession of the thing received. In reality, his selflessness will be rewarded a romantic meeting with someone that he has a deep love.

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Excerpts from the dream Miller

The Famous American psychologist Gustav Miller was also not passed the topics that interest us. According to the made them dream, to get a gift in the night visions, is a good omen, promising a fortune in the financial sector and rapid enrichment. Especially promising, in his opinion, is a dream in which the gift was made on the day of birth. In this case the dreamer expects a rare success in all his endeavors. However, if the thing was too lush packaging, it says that in reality he is the giver of proper respect.

Curiously interpreted by the author of the dream book gift from the man, received a young unmarried woman. It is also a good omen and promises snovidenie a speedy and successful marriage with a very worthy and wealthy man, able to create her heavenly life is not in the tent.

The Only unfavorable dream plot may be sending a gift to some stranger. As Miller argues, it is better from this generosity to refrain, because in reality it can be a precursor to the giver the loss of opportunity to solve some of their current problems.

What means received as a gift a ring?

In the dream Miller, this issue has received a lot of attention, as gold rings often become elements of dreams, especially when we are talking about young girls, istaisyta waiting for the Prince. For them to dream cherished gift is the most that neither is the best sign that promises a quick meeting with the one.

However, if in the dream the lady will become a witness of how the Golden ring give to another woman, it means that in reality she herself would be made an offer, but someone who is not worthy of her hand. At the same time, a gold ring, and proposed a complete stranger, can make (in the dream, of course), because this gift means in reality the decision of those problems which before seemed a dead end. Note also that, according to most dream interpretation books, gold – the gift that carries a positive omen. And even in those cases where its image does not promise a quick fortune, he finds the information, allowing to avoid trouble.

a Gift from your favorite

Dream interpretation wizards and magicians

Somewhat pessimistic interpretation of the gifts in the dream book, compiled by the experts the secret mystical Sciences. It's hard to say where they got their knowledge, but currently are struggling to apply them to the realities of the modern world. The fruit of their literary works referred to as “the Esoteric dream book” in the Wake of General interest in the occult is very popular.

In it, oddly enough, dreaming about the gifts become somewhat gloomy meaning. In almost all cases, they promise all kinds of trouble. For example, if the dreamer receives a gift from a friend to him, it means that in reality it was from him we should expect some dirty tricks. In the case where the donor is an abstract entity, nothaving in real life its prototype, it suggests that in reality the recipient of the gifts of the night surrounded by secret enemies, choosing a convenient moment to implement their nefarious plans. In General, according to this occult dream book, the gifts in the dream, it is better to refuse.

Do Not recommend the creators of “the Esoteric dream book” and give gifts. The danger in this case lies not in the fact that the dreamer gave someone a particular thing, and that he had previously chosen in the store, at the market or somewhere else. It is the choice of gift promises him in the near future, significant financial losses that can radically undermine its prosperity.

The Only relief the authors of the doing dream interpretation for those who in the night visions, and produces gifts with your own hands. This activity is highly commendable, by the way, in real life, in dreams will testify to their ability on their own to provide for himself and his family material wealth.

the Gifts are different

Forecasts British interpreters of dreams

Very different night are considered gifts in dream interpretation, which is home to Albion. Obviously, there are very cordial and optimistic people who truly love to give and especially to receive various gifts. In their "English dream” they say in particular that any gift received in the dream is a harbinger of an unexpected and very pleasant surprise in real life. Especially bright and memorable it would be if night giver was someone from friends or relatives.

For the young man, according to the authors of dream interpretation, to gift means impending meeting with his future bride-a girl that has all imaginable and unimaginable virtues, among which, the heart breadth is combined with a rich dowry. If a gift in a dream gets the girl, and she will not be offended. She is the "English dream" of the promise of an early marriage and, as a true matchmaker, not sparing paints, paint the qualities of the future groom. According to them, he is handsome, rich, noble, loyal to the grave and so on through the list of known virtues.

The Only fly in the ointment, that spoil a barrel of honey, are dreams in which the main character tries, but can't do someone a free gift, not depending on his reasons. I would not want to upset him, but, according to the British, he will soon be in the grip of poverty which was the result of a fatal combination of circumstances.

Dream book for family reading

According to the compilers “Family-dream interpretation" of to gifts good not only in reality but also in dreams, because they are harbingers of the coming happiness. People are limiting the range of his interests a home, they can promise a quiet family life, and businesses – good financial operations. For young girls are a harbinger of the imminent marriage, and married women – abundant childbearing (of course, if they allow age and health).

Positive are also considered a night vision in which a person sends someone a gift. In reality they often turn into an opportunity to solve the most pressing problems. But the same plot could Herald a kind of irritation caused by someone's inappropriate remark.

Christmas gift

The “Family-dream” sincerely happy for those who see themselves in a dream receiving gifts for birthday – according to them, this is a good sign, promising them wealth and prosperity. But at the same time they heartily sympathize with the dreamers who themselves bring the jubilee variety show. In this case, commentators tend to believe that the donor will inevitably come upon some mishaps, the culprit of which will be exactly the person they were congratulated in a dream.

What is the symbol of a gold chain?

Any dream interpretation dream interpretation about the gift complements the mention of gold products. In this section of the article I would like to focus on some private issues of direct relevance to this topic. First, let's talk about what it means received as a gift chain. Dream books published in our time, interpret it according to a number of adverse circumstances.

In particular, compilers “Modern dream interpretation” connects the image of a gold chain with an overwhelming passion of the dreamer to enrichment. The circuit in this case symbolizes his complete enslavement to money. In the case if it were made of some other less expensive material, it can be regarded as a harbinger of imminent disappointment. Note that this is a fairly traditional interpretation of the image.

gold chain in gift

Not surprised its fans and the famous Austrian psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, osmatrivali the cause of all human thoughts and actions in the sphere of intimate life. On the pages of his dream book, he argues that dreaming gold chain testifies to the prurient interest of the dreamer to the intimate life of other people. It is from such people formed the innumerable army of voyeurs, feed the weakness to different kinds of “key wells”.

Chain with an additional decoration

Will Bringseveral values of this gift. In dreams the image of the chain is often supplemented by the gold pendant or any similar ornament. For example, some authors see in this combination is a sign that in reality the dreamer was a long journey, but fun, will bring him the opportunity to improve their financial situation.

If instead of a pendant on a chain would be a cross, his image suggests that in real life this man has protection. At the same time, suspended on a chain locket with a portrait of a loved one may anticipate separation from him.

Dreams earrings, and their secret value

Having dealt with rings and chains, talk about the meaning received as a gift a pair of earrings. Dream books and this subject gets its light. The majority of authors believes that for a girl it heralds the beginning of a romantic relationship, it is able to grow in true love and end with marriage. However, not all so smoothly. According to some commentators, the person who saw this dream (no matter a man or a woman) may soon become the victim of a robbery, so it should be taken all reasonable measures and precautions.

The Meaning of dreams can vary depending on what earrings were seen. If gold or platinum, it means that snovidenie (it is likely that this dream will visit a woman) it is better to refuse from the previously planned plant, in addition to grief, it is nothing she will not do. At the same time the earrings from the level of expensive jewelry can mean that all obstacles will be easily overcome.

Giving flowers a favorite

There is another interesting detail observed in most dream books – the gift (no matter what it was) impossible to lose. If in real life such a failure may cause serious distress, seen in a dream, it may be a harbinger of the extremely unfavorable turn of fortune. Some authors indicate that the forthcoming life of the dreamer will be filled with fear and despair.

Giving flowers in dreams and reality!

To end the article on a more positive note, we should mention how the authors comment dream books flowers – the gift that is considered for centuries an expression of the good feelings. Let's start with the fact that bouquet, presented in a dream, according to popular belief, in reality promises a new romantic acquaintance. It can occur regardless of whether the dreamer presented flowers to someone or himself. In any case, the fate will send him a new appointment.

In particular, it is possible to envy those who in the dream is not only held in the hands of the flowers, but enjoyed their smell: they have to hear a Declaration of love. By the way, even if a bunch suddenly become instead of the scent of stink, and in this case, matter – embarrassing portends a small family business that will be easily overcome.

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