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Each faith in its own beautiful and respected, but all past sins and evil deeds forgives only Islam. Sins in Islam remain in a former life, as if the person accepts the faith, renounce the past. On this subject even there is a parable about the coming to faith of a man named AMR. He wanted to be cleansed from past sins, but the Prophet Muhammad assured that the conversion erases dark spots biography. It is fair to say that a devout Muslim carries a double responsibility for their actions.

Islam sins in Islam

And the Prophet said...

The Great Lord is merciful and encouraging people for their good deeds. The prophet Muhammad said that even a righteous intention will be counted as a blessing. But a bad thought will leave its mark on the man. If man commits evil and repents of it, then the Lord can forgive. In Islam, sins and prohibitions more than other faiths. Perhaps this is because faith itself is very young and like a teenager - is perfectionism and vehemence. Severely punished by God for adultery, gambling, eating forbidden foods, alcoholic drink and visit houses of debauchery. Devout Muslims devote much time to communicate with God and perform the prayer five times a day. Fellowship with God must be done after the implementation of the whole ritual. So, a Muslim has to be clean spiritually and physically. There are even a number of prohibitions for prayers. Women in the menstrual period may be exempted from Salat. Also, they can't touch a Holy book (the Qur'an) at this time. By the way, it is impossible to read the Koran in the toilet. It is necessary to wash hands before to take the Holy book. Thorough and strict religion like Islam.

relationships in Islam

Sins in Islam

If you try to allocate the total number will be about 76 worst sins. What are they? The first sin is not even killing the man and making partners with God, that is equal. This so-called idolatry, or "shirk". Many people believe that this sin is not exposed, so as not have totems. In fact, the sinful, those who dedicate their lives to anyone but Allah, who tries to please others, subscribes to a certain ideology. It is a sin to ask for help and protection from the dead, thereby attaching them to Allah. The word "shirk" means "mediation", i.e. the creation of a third party between the person and Allah. This is the most grievous sin that is not forgiven, because the main principle of the Quran that there is no other God except Allah. Major sins in Islam is not only idolatry and murder but also witchcraft, neglect of prayer and evasion from payment of zakat. The idea is that the last two provisions are voluntary, but they should make every Muslim if there is no valid reason to Dodge. So, prayer is permitted to defer for pregnant women, sick people. But paying zakat is a mandatory annual tax to the needy. In practice, this expression of mercy, kindness, and generosity. Bitter and a painful punishment will those who evades from payment of zakat.


After the five pillars

Disobedience is on a par with usury in a list of sins, because, in fact, implies a single idea of their own exaltation over other people. Respect for elders is necessary for an intelligent and good man. Families do not raise your voice, do not arrange scandals. Muslims do not resort to the lowly "help" swear words. Most often the head of the family - the man and his word is law for other family members. But a man has more obligations to his family. He can't shout at his wife, punch her, or even to refuse the execution of marital debt. Divorce in Islam is possible, but only under good conditions.

divorce in Islam

The collapse of the family

Allah blesses the creation of a new family, but admits the possibility of conflicts within the unit. If there is no alternative, then possible divorce. In Islam, now everything is on a more advanced level than it was before, when man was enough three times to shout about their desire to divorce his wife. Now the couple can "forget" about the decision, but instead cultural to go and get a divorce. The wife thus receives the full support, can leave all the gifts of her husband, but her children have to say goodbye, as by law they are still considered her husband's family and live with him. However, now men can make concessions and allow visits ex-wife with offspring. What are the main causes of divorce? Relations in Islam can be broken by adultery, but only if it is a proven fact. Otherwise, people who declared a possibility, it will be sinful to those that defamed the good name of women or men. The swearing of false oaths is severely punishable Holy book. Divorce in Islam can be cancelled three times, but third timethe last, and if he made, the man and woman together to be longer. Allah gives the chance to reunite our family, but puts a limit to the divorce does not become a habit to solve the problem.


Everyone provides such a religion as Islam. Sins in Islam can be done by only one person, but two. For example, encroachment on the property of orphans. If a couple adopted a child in the house, you have to love it as their home, and to share with them all, no claim to his things. Without a valid excuse is considered sinful to skip fasting in Ramadan and cover such behavior in their home. It is impossible to ascribe to the words of the Prophet, to deceive, to exhibit arrogance and pride. Grave sins are: homosexuality, theft, suicide and sexual behavior of women in the family. It is impossible to cook food pork, meat with blood or carrion. The laws of Islam condemn hypocrisy, unjustified tax increases, betrayal and even carelessness in respect of urine and faeces!

is it possible Muslims

At home

The Righteous are considered a protected group, and causing harm to them is a grave sin. Prohibits overly emotional behavior at the funeral of Islam. Sins in Islam include the loud lamentation of the deceased, backbiting about him and his bloodline, the negative prophecies, disputes and scandals, and touchy appeal to Allah and his accusation for the death of a loved one.

In conversations you can not call it forbidden to insult other nationalities and religion, the sacrifice of animals not for the sake of Allah, and lose hope for the Lord's help, to be ungrateful and secretly knowing secrets.

If in the family there are helpers, then you cannot restrict their food and water, threatened with a weapon, to beat and to humiliate.

If the farm has animals, then it is a sin to put a stigma on them.

Everyone needs entertainment and the attributes of a beautiful life, but the world of Islam does not allow to wear wigs and do tattoos. Also do not eat of the precious vessels, to wear long clothes for importance, and men do not wear silk, red cloth and gold jewelry. To top it off I have to say that sin is the visit of the establishments where the gambling game, and the Friday prayer alone.

Classification, and redemption

Hypothetically it is possible to divide sins in Islam on spiritual and bodily.

The first is mentioned shirk and kufr (unbelief), nifaq (hypocrisy) and ridd (apostasy). Bodily sins more, and they relate to the seven bodies of man. Eyes - the main weapon of the beautiful half, and, alas, they provoke sins of women in Islam. Ladies should hide all of her body from the lustful looks down at the floor, not to see the shameful parts of the body men. The sinful contemptuous look and peeping in someone's house. The sins of the ears, by the way, also relate for the most part, women who like to talk about someone, listen to forbidden music and other people's conversations. absolution

Return to Allah

Man is sinful, and Allah forgives some of his sins. The key will be the belief in Islam. How to atone for sins? Believe and repent! Sincere repentance - tawbah - returning to God, by doing his will and refraining from prohibitions. When true repentance is turning from sin out of fear of the Lord and the abomination of sin. To God's pleasure is the goal of every person, and many are seeking the path of righteousness. The messenger of God indicates roads and ways leading to forgiveness. Sincere repentance cleanses the soul of a person and leads to enlightenment. Absolution can be achieved through ablution, committed in a special way. After the obligatory prayers need to mention God. The prophet said that he who at the end of every prayer 33 times, is to give glory to Allah, and in the end will tell the main idea of the Koran, they are forgiven all sins, even if they are like the foam of the sea.


The Companions of Allah said that absolution is possible in the case of ghusl and the long road to the mosque that is already there to make one prayer after another. For many will be a month of atonement, the fast of Ramadan. Compliance with all of the pillars in this period, with faith and hope in the grace of God entails a full remission of sins. On the night of Qadr people can stand in prayer and thereby redeem a sinful life until now. Faith is tested by the exposure, and therefore a hundred times you have to utter the words of prayer and turning toThe Messenger Of Allah. Soon after the bad acts are shown performing good to eliminate the effects of bad deeds. After treatment it is possible to atone for their sins through public forgiveness. The most difficult, but common way is redemption through a pilgrimage. Great Hajj to the Holy city of Mecca mostly take people aged. In the process, it is impossible to swear to sin, and need to go home, which was on the day of departure. Have people to perform Friday prayer, which helps to atone for the sins of the week. Only grave sins require special action. Is it possible for Muslims to cleanse your soul from the heaviness of sinful by limiting yourself in the joys of life? For example, through the post? Yes, there is such a practice. For example, fasting the day of Arafat, about which the Messenger of Allah said that fasting on this day is an expiation of the sins of the year past and the future. And on the day of Ashura the post sins of the past year.

world of Islam

Life today

To adhere to the traditions of faith simply Muslims in age, but young people are more susceptible to all the temptations of modernity. Is it possible to Muslims to "sit" on the Internet? To go to the dance? Drinking cocktails (at least dairy)? Or watch TV? Many elders will tell you that all these small pleasures under the ban, as corrupting the soul, provoke the proximity to sin. But religion is for life, and how to build themselves in accordance with the strictness of the system?

Television is now allowed in many Muslim families, but only for a few hours a day and with strict parental supervision. The child must be in the air, to devote time to physical exercise and prayer. The same situation with the Internet if the child attends a mainstream school, it is difficult to control its remoteness from the world wide web, and the performance can be constrained by the inability to acquire a book that is in the Network.

God wants the joy of every follower and therefore covers the way of his blessing, promising enlightenment. Don't let all God is on your doorstep and therefore saves you from many temptations. Allowed to eat delicious food, but natural and mostly useful. Allah refers favorably to physical development, but comfortable and fairly private suits. Many of the provisions and the status of Islam is well understood only with age, as revealed by associations with the problem. So, you can then realize that fasting is for God to obtain a reward for your piety and faith. Day of festive fun needs to be not only a physical delight in his body and soul harmony. It must begin and end with prayer, as well as other days to worry about understanding the elapsed time and display the main provisions.

Should a Muslim keep Allah in your heart to always stay in the raised position of the spirit, to go a righteous way. Even if the path is thorny, the Muslim loses faith in Allah, do not blame him for their troubles, but only asks for guidance and assistance, in order to avoid errors on your winding path. Allah is wise and sends happiness and sorrow in equal proportions, to experience the person and not spoiled him. There is no true favorites of fortune, and all the stories written long ago, so man cannot go against his destiny. In any case, everything will happen according to the Word of God. A devout Muslim goes through life with the constant support of his faith. To lose her is to lose yourself and this is equal to death and devastation.

Can a devout Muslim to lead a modern life and not to give anything to members of other religions? Yeah, maybe, but the provisions of Islam make some adjustments. In religion there is no difference of gender in relation to God. All receive equal reward and punishment for actions. Should not be fear of God, and through prayer we can talk with him. There are no clear guidelines for women to wear headscarves. Allah recommends to cover the head, in order to keep a woman's beauty, but not forced. Feminine beauty can be emphasized through light fabrics, jewelry, and bold makeup.

Arab women have mastered the dance and have a good figure with smooth lines. They are not difficult to rouse interest in their own spouse. Now can work not only Muslims, but Muslim women, but it is advisable to choose a profession decent and did not involve frequent contacts with men. You can pray in the mosque and at home, but the missed prayers (e.g. at school) can be given at a convenient time. Allah is the best listener, and all the problems its better to turn to it, as it is impossible to condemn anyone or complaining about his fate to another person. A devout Muslim free from temptation, and sees his purpose in life. He does not spend time in bars and does not poison your body with fat meat. Arab couples can enjoy the gala evening, go to visit and sometimes even go to places where they sell alcohol, but in any case they remain faithful to Allah in your heart.

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