"Education", the icon of the Mother of God: history, value. What helps icon?


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Russia is always with awe and solicitude belonged to the younger generation, namely, to his spiritual enlightenment. No accident “Education”, the icon of the Mother of God, occupies an important place among the other Orthodox icons. Very many of the saints and Jesus Christ himself spoke of the need for parent prayer and life in the commandments of God, because kids learn example of both good and bad.

the education of the mother of God icon

The Emergence in Russia of the icon

A Very important and revered in Russia icon of the Mother of God “Education”. Its history, however, is quite vague. It is believed that she came to us from Byzantium, but how it happened is unknown. As it is from the Byzantine Empire came to us first icon, and the canons of their writing, we can assume that it happened a very long time.

The Icon possessed miraculous properties before the revolution in Russia was the Kazan Cathedral in Moscow. However, after her image was lost and now there is an accurate list, which also has miraculous properties. In addition, the master list, there are others which are in many churches.

The Iconography of the image

The Icon of the Mother of God “Education” (photo below) in type refers to a Protectress (i.e., the Guide who shows the way). It depicts the virgin, who holds the Baby on his left arm. The Baby stretches out his hand to the virgin's face (for some images - two hands).

The Face of the Mother of God filled with love and tenderness not only to the Son but to the whole human race. Although the first Byzantine icons is very strict and ascetic writing of images, the image of the virgin and child is very airy and festive. This is due to the fact that iconography is very light, the colour palette – refined.


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A mother of God is also his right hand points to the Baby Jesus. On virgin dark red clothing (omophorion), they are three stars (one of them hidden son). The edges of the cloak is gold fringe. The Baby is dressed in plavinu fabric (it is believed that this prototype of the shroud), which leaves one naked part of the chest (on some images she's all naked, as a sign of denial of worldly).

icon of the mother of education

“Education”, the icon of the Mother of God, shows the importance of the young generation to humanity. This was stated even by Christ himself. He said that the Kingdom of God will include the one who like a child. Obviously no coincidence that this image became an assistant in the difficult task – the upbringing of spirituality in children.

What helps icon?

The Miraculous power of the icon of the Mother of God “Education”. What helps it? It is very important to know the parent, as the way of life formation your child will meet the temptations and bad company, and resentment, and violence with disappointment and many other negative aspects. This is all unfortunately part of our lives.

The best way to protect a child from all this and lead on the right path would please the patron assistance. Prayer to the virgin Mary, which is a symbol of motherhood and protector of the family, you will be faithful assistant in this difficult journey. It is, moreover, another perfect example of the goodness of the parents, which will undoubtedly have a beneficial effect on the child.

Prayer and akathist before the icon

If you have problems with your child, then to help you “Education” - the icon of the Mother of God. We pray for her? There is a short and ancient prayer, which has reached our days. It the following words: “Handed my child fully to my Lord Jesus Christ, and Thy pure, heavenly protection”.

There are Also special prayer that must be made before the icon “Education”. In it I ask for the intercession of the Theotokos for children of all ages, even the unborn. Also asking them for guidance and intercession before God, to give them the opportunity to spiritually survive.

icon of the mother of God education history

The acathistus to the icon of the Mother of God “Education” – song of the virgin Mary, her high motherhood and intercession from evil. Read it on the day of remembrance of the icon, as well as every week in some churches, where there is this way. Also, the akathist can be read and the parents, asking for intercession for her children the mother of God. Very important heart to understand every word, which you call the mother of God. Hot parent prayer will be able to benefit and be heard.

Miracles performed with icons

Due to the fact that the information about this icon is very small, it is difficult to cite many examples of miracles. However, in a newly built Church in Nekrasovka in one case helped the icon of the Mother of God “Education”. Before her prayer was so fervent and sincere that the problem was resolved very quickly. The gist of it was that it was necessary to allocate land for a new Church. Faith and prayer to the mother of God did the trick and the site was received without any problems.

For the icon, which was in the Kazan Cathedral, also has a history of miracles. Parents who prayed to this icon for their children, received help from her. Their children were sorry for what've done before, and became morecalm and return to the way of truth (both spiritual and worldly). The same guys, which was a place of prayers since the birth took place your way of life more worthy.

The Meaning of icons Orthodox

Every parent should be mother of God “Education”. The value for children cannot be overemphasized, since so many of the qualities the child is laid in childhood. It is believed that the character of baby is mainly formed of up to three years, and if you surround him with piety, and place in the house corresponding to the icon, then it will have a positive impact on it.

icon of the mother education assistance

Love, compassion, humility and other fine qualities, which are so lacking in this world, is to lay only with the right education, and also in the intercession of the saints and the Lord. Everyone knew it in the old days, why so valued this icon. And now many come to lay before her knees and pray.

Day of the veneration of the icon “Education”

“Education” - the icon of the Mother of God - also has a day of celebration. It happens once in a year, namely on the eighteenth of March (or the fifth of March, old style). On this day we should pray to her, to ask sincere intercession for the children of the virgin. Very often in this day sing the acathistus to the icon.

Words of saints about education and love

The Icon of the Mother of God “Education” also had a special meaning for the elders and saints. They all understood the need for proper education of the younger generation and teach them love for one's neighbor, rigor in moments of morality etc. So with extreme rigor and enthralled with education.

For example, Saint Theophan the recluse speaks of the love of a mother and a father to his child, and everybody expresses it differently. Woman is by nature softer – and the love of her warming, indulgent. The man is more solid, so love it more strict. We need both correct dosing, then the education will be good.

education icon of mother of God pray

Also very significant words of Ambrose of Optina. He says that children should be brought up in the fear of God, to teach the Orthodox concepts and to teach and to protect you from what is not accepted by the Church. This is to ensure that in the future, as adults, they sought the spiritual life and the Kingdom of God.

You must Also read and prayers for the child's upbringing and protection. Many believe that it is also very important to surround the child faces the Orthodox, which will show the inspiration and aspiration to the divine.

The Icon of the Mother of God “Education”, which is in Sochi

In honor of this icon there is also an Orthodox Church. It is located near Moscow, in the village of Nekrasovka. Initially there was a temporary Church named of St. Sergius of Radonezh, the construction of which the people received with joy, as before, there was nothing at all. After some time, in connection with the increase of the parish took the new temple complex.

The name of the new Church was supposed to be the same as the old, but with this came problems. So very opportunely been recalled the words of the Patriarch on the need to educate young people in accordance with God's laws. So there was a temple of the icon of the Mother of God “Education” and posted icon, which has already done wonders (it is written above).

The architecture of the temple

The Church was supposed to have consecrated the main altar in honor of the Theotokos icons of the “Education”. There will be two other throne – in honor of St. Stilian and St. Sergius. The temple, which will be located in the basement, dedicated to the Nativity of Christ. It is confined to that first Liturgy in Sochi were held during this holiday.

The Interesting point is that the inner walls of the temple are going to decorate in ancient technique-encaustic. Its essence lies in the fact that in a mixture of colors added to wax for their relationship, so it turns out unique. The dome and vaults will be lined with colored mosaic.

Also now in the temple there is a stone from the Athos monastery of Panteleimon. And it is very symbolic, as the design of the Cathedral in the late Byzantine style. Also in the temple is the icon of St. Stilian, which was brought from mount Athos.

The Iconostasis of the Cathedral of the future plan to decorate the icons which are manually embroidered with beads. Already working on it woman. And in the temporary temple is the miraculous icon of St. Seraphim of Sarov, which had already been decorated with the villagers (earrings, pendant and ring). It thanks for your help in prayers.

Some of the icons brought by the parishioners. One of them – “Cathedral of the blessed virgin". This is the biggest icon, next to her is Marian belt, beautifully decorated with beads.

Today the building of the temple coming to an end. Already installed on the dome of the cross, which in its production – a replica of the cross, located on mount Athos. The famous mountain it was set an Orthodox Russian in 1882. In the same way as in the original, there in the center is a sapphire ball, which is illuminated in the dark.

Education at the temple

The Most important place in the Cathedral is a “Education” - the icon of the Mother of God, it is no accidentspiritual enlightenment of youth in the first place. Now there is Sunday school for children. In addition, there developed the children's creativity – small allow the congregation to dream about their future of the Church and make small layouts.

There is Also Sunday school for adults that takes students. It is trained prior to the release of three years. The schools for adults are very popular, as wanting to gain every year.

icon of the mother the education of prayer

The construction of the temple has greatly affected residents, two schools began to teach the basics of Orthodox culture. This does not mean that there is a part of the Sunday school, also is not considered a teaching of the law of God. It is, rather, a more scientific approach, which, however, affects the Orthodoxy, forcing him to take it as his heritage (after all, our ancestors before they were all baptized and visited the temples, I was afraid of God's punishment).

Icon, which is located in the Kazan Cathedral

First, the miraculous icon was lost, as described above, after the revolution in Russia. It was written the exact list. Is today the icon of the Mother of God “Education” in Moscow, at the old place – in the Kazan Cathedral. Since his recovery there are flocking to numerous Orthodox Christians, to pray before the image, to ask the protection of the virgin Mary for her children.

icon of the mother of education in Moscow

In Addition to the Cathedral there are other shrines. This is a revered icon of Kazan mother of God, her reliquary. After the restoration of the Cathedral held worship, Liturgy, and also on Fridays, read the akathist to the main icon of the Cathedral and held a prayer service.


In conclusion, I want to say that one should treat the education of the child, to instill in him those values which are essential to nurture a decent man who will be able to enter the Kingdom of God. This can only be done by example, and asking for help and intercession of the saints. Should fervently pray and ask for strength and patience in this difficult, especially in our time.

Very often parents turn to the mother of God, it is not surprising, since she is the patroness of the family and children. There are so many its images which help in different cases, but, as is clear from the foregoing material, the most effective assistance in education may come from the icon of the same name. Pray for the future generation of our order it was brought up in the fear of God, the Laws of God. It is only then will peace and order on earth. Everyone will be able to think of your fellow man with love, not hate, in the family everyone will respect his neighbor, the marriage bond will be stronger. All this can be achieved only by coming to God and bringing back their children.

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