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In many cultures, especially those that largely preserved the remnants of ancient beliefs, is practiced a special type of spirituality that is associated with establishing close internal contact with any animals. The latter is called a totem. In principle, almost any animal can play this role. But one of them, of course, leads in almost all such cults. It is, of course, about the wolf.

totem of wolf

Tasks of article

The totem animal is also called power - spiritual power, energy, magic. In Russia this practice is traditionally associated with shamans of the Altai mountains, Siberia and the Far East and has in these regions very ancient roots. Totem Wolf has a rich history, captured in many myths and legends. But we will not go down in historical studies, and talk about the importance of this animal in the proposed religious-mystical context. In other words, our task is to find out what is in essence, totem is a Wolf. The main value of his figures and the function will try to describe as detailed as possible.

What is totem

First, under the totem always meant not a particular animal of flesh and blood, but rather. the archetype behind the form as a whole. That is the totem of the Wolf is not any representative of the canine, and the concept, if I may say so, volnosti, or his idea, to put it in Platonic language. The real beast can act as a personification of the totem, the mediator between God and man and as bearer of the characteristic of the totem qualities. Totem Wolf photo which you can see below, was often the animal forces are not just individuals. His patron, he was elected the whole shamanic clans military brotherhood, clans and other groups of people at different levels of organization and enterprises. While personal totem, a person may be quite different, but, staying in such Association, it is compensated for and the collective totem.


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totem wolf value

The Purpose of totemism

The Actual objective of this practice – learning. The person requires to feel the idea of the animal, in this case, velcescu to the inside to be reborn and become one of its kind this creature. In other words, it is necessary to develop the quality of his beast strength to feel one with him. We are not talking about disorder when the person really feels the different animals on the physical nature (Mowgli syndrome). In this case, means a close spiritual contact, in which the magical power of the animal comes in contact with a human being, and teaches him some specific things that are typical for the fauna.

Wolf totem in its relationship with military associations

It is Well known that in nature, wolves are subject to many rituals specific to their species. They distinguish between locations in relation to their purpose, guarding their territory and in their society there is a complex hierarchy. All these features fit perfectly into the principles of organization and discipline, various military associations. Besides, wolves-predators, the personification of strength and aggression, courage and collective strength, which is also very highly correlated with the notions of valor and honor. This value was the Wolf totem among the ancient Slavs, the Scandinavians and many other Nations.

totem wolf basic values

Principles of totemism

The Man who discovered the qualities of this animal should not neglect his habits. Otherwise it will turn against him. The fact that the totem gives the person not only power and knowledge but also imposes certain responsibilities associated with the constraints. In other words, the totem, the Wolf, whose value had suddenly discovered a power searcher, needs and behave according to wolf, some intuitively feel and sometimes quite obvious, code of honor. People, for example, must not sacrifice the principles of their own and other areas, but must realize where he is and who is the boss. Wolves live in packs, respectively, of the wolf type of person should not excessively inward, to indulge selfishness and to lead an introverted, solitary life. Wolves are by nature monogamous. The same attitude in matters of love and marriage requires from man. Otherwise, acting against its newly open nature, people destabilizie your condition, which can cause a variety of diseases as a mental and physiological level. Therefore, an iron rule for those who made the connection with their totem, is to live in harmony with his nature.

totem wolf and Raven

Howling and internal honesty

Very characteristic of the wolf is his howl. In this way, these animals in nature convey information and Express themselves. Totem Wolf also requires a devoted person to the presence of this line, which sometimes can lead to conflict with the requirements of the local culture and peculiarities of abstinence. This, of course, not that spontaneous and unrestrained to show all their feelings, including the bad. Means the development of inner honesty and the eradication yourself any hypocrisy. Wolf people must demonstrate sincerity and openness in their feelings andemotions without inhibition or artificiality. However, he needs to own a true wolf self-control and intelligence to understand when it is enough just to roar or show a grin when the time to attack, when to ignore and when to substitute the withers under the stroking hand. Shameless rudeness, predatory attitude to people and being rude is not a wolf quality. Wolves are noble, mind and strength, and only in the usual anecdotes and fairy tales describe them as forest pals. This image has nothing to do with totemism.

totem wolf value signs howls

Common sense and intuition

Wolves are by nature different common sense. This quality teaches his students the totem of this animal. However, we must clarify that it is not just about common sense but about developing the integrity of your being. This process includes, for example, the development of intuition. Thus, a person instinctively learns to find the path leading to the best result, and also read various tips in the universe. That's what actually teaches the totem Wolf – the value of signs… Howling man-wolf (of course, not literally) in the sense that, often and effectively speaks to your subconscious, inner voice, dialogue with which it has well established.

wolf totem of the ancient Slavs


Wild wolves in nature can join forces with other creatures. Since ancient times was marked by a close relationship of these animals with the ravens. The latter, for example, indicate the pack, where the victim and the wolves, in turn, share with the informant part of the production. In the same way among people of the totem the Wolf and the Raven can fruitfully interact. But in General, it is important to understand the principle according to which wolves do not neglect win-win deals, and make use of all opportunities for joint fruitful cooperation. Also we should not forget about the concept of honor – the wolves would not use others for their selfish interests. It is only such cooperation that does not involve “money”. The last for the wolf man – a shameful act.totem of wolf


A pack of wolves reign strict orders of, and all species of wolf communities play their role, occupying a certain hierarchical position. However, the nature of the wolf does not tolerate any bragging, arrogance, or haughtiness. Have sufficient internal maturity, strength and prudence, to boast of his position. The wolf man learns from his totem the same. It will not be no reason to flaunt his status, title, connections or other advantages. Generally totem gives such an energy force that in the face, eyes, posture of the person starts to feel a enormous power. This means that he without a word or gesture, with just one their presence could tame over-zealous people.

totem wolf photo

Inner rhythms

Sexual maturity, and hence full-fledged status of the wolf reaches around the end of the second year of life. Hence, in the various traditions postulated by the special importance of the biennium for those who have the Wolf as their totem. It is important for a person to learn to feel this rhythm and to determine the point in the Zenith of his power. It is also worth noting that the wolf is closely associated with the planet Mars, the duration of a complete revolution around the Sun which is approximately equal to two earth years. Thus, people with an awakened wolf totem energetically dependent on the Martian year. This factor must be taken into account, but we should not exaggerate its value. After all, man lives on Earth and Mars, as, indeed, wolf, the impact plays a supporting, not determining role.

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