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The Apostle Luke – this is one of the most important parts of some long chain, which originates from the time life first coming of Jesus. Being a disciple of the Savior, he gave him all his love and serve him with incredible devotion and dedication. He also always believed that to treat sick people – this is the greatest cause of humanity, in no way related to the enrichment and glory.

Apostle Luke

You have probably heard numerous stories about that in their faces, the Saints still heal many terminally ill people. And the Holy Apostle Luke, which to this day, the stories of many cured, is helping desperate people to get well, appearing to them in dreams or sending them those doctors who really can help. It's hard to believe, isn't it? But as you know, the wonders of the earth, anyway, happen. And believe it or not, the right of everyone. And we in turn will try to figure out what was the Holy Bow, why he chose the profession of a doctor, what miracles he did and what he did among other things.

The Apostle Luke. Biography of his Holiness

The Holy Apostle and Evangelist Luke was born in Syrian Antioch. He was one of the 70 disciples of Jesus the Savior, was a companion of St. Paul and true doctor with Golden hands. When the city was a rumor that Christ was sent to earth, Luke immediately went to Palestine with all my heart and love accepted the teaching of Christ the Savior. The Apostle Luke was a God-sent one of the first out of 70 students. It is, in fact, the first and preached about the Kingdom of God.


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From a young age, the future Apostle Luke, the life which was completely devoted to the Almighty, to do science. He completely studied the Jewish law, acquainted with the philosophy of Greece as well as in perfection knew the art of healing, and two languages.

During the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the Holy Apostle Luke stood, grieving, watched this terrible for the whole Christian society event, in contrast to many other disciples who betrayed and denied him. For this never-ending faithfulness Luke was one of the first that had a chance to observe the Resurrection of the Lord, which he learned along with Cleopas met Jesus walking on the road from Emmaus.

After the Lord went into His Kingdom, Luke with the other apostles continued to preach His Holy Name, received before that a blessing from God.

But soon the Christians and apostles had been driven from Jerusalem, so many left the city and went to know about God in other countries and cities. Luke decided to visit his hometown of Antioch. Along the way he decided to talk about God in the city Sebastia where suddenly beheld the undecayed relics of John the Baptist. The Apostle Luke wished to take them with him to his hometown, but faithful Christians refused him, referring to the eternal devotion and okitaomote St. John. Then Luke took the relics from the hand on which once prayed to Jesus himself, taking from her baptism, and with it untold riches went home.

Joint work and friendship with the Apostle Paul

In Antioch Luke was greeted with joy. There he entered into a number of companions of the Holy Preacher of God of Paul and began to help him to preach the name of Christ. They talked about the God not only of Jews and Romans, but also the Gentiles. Paul with all my heart fell in love with Luke. And that, in turn, considered him his father and greatest mentor. At a time when Paul was cast into prison, Luke until the last minute was with him and relieve his suffering. As the legend says, he was treated headaches, poor eyesight and other illnesses, who have at the time of Paul.

After a long suffering of the Holy Apostle Paul died, and Luke went to Italy, and afterwards visited Greece, Dalmatia, Galiyu, Libya, to preach the word of God. It took a lot of suffering for something that told people about the Lord.

The Death of Luke

After Luke returned from Egypt, he began to preach in Thebes, under his supervision was built the Church in which he healed the sick from ills of body and soul. Here Luke, the Apostle and Evangelist died. Fans of idols hanged him on an olive tree.

They Buried the Saint in Thebes. The Lord appreciated his pupil, during his funeral was sent to his grave rain of healing kalluri (lotion eye disease). Patients who for a long time came to the tomb of St. Luke at that moment was healed.

Luke the Apostle and Evangelist

In the fourth century the Emperor of Greece, learning about the healing power of the deceased Luke, sent his servants to deliver the Holy relics to Constantinople. After some time a miracle happened. Anatoly (the Royal gentleman of the bedchamber), who almost all his life lying in bed due to a terminal illness, hearing that the relics of St. Luke are in the town, ordered to carry yourself to them. Heartily praying and touching the coffin, the man was instantly healed. After that Luke power was transferred to a Church built in the name of the Holy Apostles of God.

Why St. Luke was the doctor?

All disciples of God to do good not for getting fame and glory, as do many Wiccans, in the name of God and the salvation of men. Moreover, the Saints continue to work miracles to this day through the Church and their countenances, a continuation of the good work of Jesus Christ.

In his sermons the Holy Apostle and Evangelist Luke always explained why he decided to become a doctor. He didn't need neither the fame nor the money, he just wanted to help people with his gift and to ease his suffering. He told people: “have You ever thought about why God sent the apostles not only to preach the gospel, but also to treat sick people? The Lord has always believed that healing and preaching are the most important person. He healed, exorcised demons and raised. And now it is the task of the apostles. The Lord has always believed that the disease – is the most serious problem of mankind, which leads to despair, the most terrible pain, thereby destroying life. Instead, the Savior only asked for love and mercy and compassion for a sick person. And the doctor who will practice medicine from the heart and with love, be blessed by the Lord, because he will continue the work of all the Holy Apostles”.

Acts of St. Luke's in our time. The power of prayer

Luke the Apostle and Evangelist was truly Holy. He came to our world to do good and to heal people. It is a gift granted him by the Lord himself.

Despite the fact that the Apostle Luke, the life of which was held in love and compassion to bolshemu, has passed, many sources tell of his exploits in our time.

The First miracle of healing occurred in may 2002. The woman, a Russian immigrant residing in Greece, said that St. Luke had healed her. Doctors diagnosed her with diabetes and serious disease of the spine, where one of her hands atrophied. Despite all the doctor's prescriptions and a long, painful treatment, woman, nothing helped. She decided not to visit any more doctors, because of their helplessness, and chose to turn to God. Saving her was the prayer of the Apostle Luke and the akathist hymn, which she faithfully read every night. After a while, her dream was a Saint and said that he will heal her. The next morning the woman went to the mirror and calmly raised his hand. The doctors didn't believe their eyes, because the disease is actually considered to be incurable.

The Following case was recorded in the city of Livadia. A kind lady told me that in the time when she and her husband were on a business trip, their son was in a terrible accident, after which the doctors were to amputate the boy's legs. But after the appearance of a doctor, who took full responsibility for the operation, the boy has only lost the heel on one leg. The fate of the child, as the doctors said, was a foregone conclusion. All with one voice claimed that he will soon be able to go and prepared parents for the fact that still need to consent to the amputation of the feet. But the mother and father of the boy stood his ground, believing that the Lord will help them.

After some time the child told her parents about a certain bow, which was every day to him in a dream and repeated the same words: “get up and go to mom and dad!”. Parents, not knowing anything about the Saint began to ask the doctors about this man, but as it turned out, no one by that name in the hospital was not working. Then one of the doctors took from his pocket the icon with the face of St. Luke and said, “That's who helped you all this time”.

Since then, the parents each day reading the akathist to the Apostle Luke and prayed to him without interruption. And the boy, which account was more than 30 operations, was the last to go.

The Following healing occurred in 2006. One woman complained of pain in the ear, but doctors decided not to appeal. Instead, she went for help to the Church. There she was advised to pray and read the akathist to the Apostle Luke. The woman prayed constantly, and finally she appeared in a dream the Holy one himself and said, “for Now I'll operate on you”. After that, the woman felt an easy and painless puncture, and in the morning he found that the ear does not bother her.

All of the above stories are only a small part of what made St. Luke, the icon and prayer which is truly miraculous. But the most important is not fiction, it is real stories of cured patients. These stories once again demonstrate the divine power and love Luke to the people.

Icons, which were written by the Apostle Luke

Icon of the virgin is the most important work....

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