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Western and Eastern culture has always identified the serpent with the cunning man, the seducer, with good intentions. One has only to remember the biblical story about Adam and eve. Despite the prevalence and the reasoning of this opinion, the Chinese do not support, considering amphibian wise and majestic animal. Whether such qualities of character of people born in the year of the Snake? To find out the answer, delve into Chinese horoscope.

Water Snake

We will focus on the 1953 and 2013. The period of ruling of this species of reptile is always characterized by instability and danger. The year of the Black Snake, are under the auspices of the water element, – a time of increased risk, especially in the field of business and Finance. Enemies are intensifying strength and can cause an unexpected blow. The collapse of the global plans and monetary loss. Better to lie low and wait out the “storm” that threatens the career and personal relationships.

years of snakeDespite this, in the years of the Snake are usually born prominent personalities. Those years gave the world geniuses, famous scientists, researchers, teachers, and philosophers - people who know how to think, to invent, to lead. "Snake" individuals possess an analytical mind, create a lot of useful innovations that can change the world for the better. With regard to the nature, people born in the year of Black Water Snake, are not always endowed with positive personal qualities. Their unusual talents are often bordered with immorality, promiscuity and excessive arrogance.

Wooden reptile

Under his control was 1965. Which Snake was it? Astrologers claim that then dominated the Hardwood Blue a cold-blooded animal. Similarly, under his patronage held and 2025. Unlike previous time periods, these periods are fairly calm. They are perfect for the normalization of personal life and social relations. Communicate with family and friends, make new acquaintances. Work and finances always fade into the background and require no action.


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year 1977People born in the year of the Wooden Blue Snake, very soft and good-natured. Outstanding loyalty and absence of conflict. Can become the most loyal and reliable friends, partners, colleagues. Such individuals should choose a profession related to communication: journalist, psychologist, teacher. Certain natural gift of rhetoric and oratorical skills will help them to get into these areas. These Snakes are very skillfully convince the individual or even a crowd to make a decision, lead the way, become leaders.

Fire snake

In her prerogative, as in other cases, each 60-second account year: 1977 and 2037 in particular. The period of the red Fire Snake can throw up unexpected obstacles, so to get by will fail. For example, doing a lot of years love, it is in these time periods you will encounter a flight of capital, increased competition, lack of profitability or restrictions in the legislation. Therefore it is better to focus on a personal relationship, finding a spouse, the birth and upbringing of offspring.

The Fire snake year (1977 and 2037) gives the born babies increased activity and enterprise. They are able to conquer and win. But often too proud, selfish, ambitious and arrogant. So as not to interfere with the environment, such individuals suggest to carefully monitor the words: not to criticize and not to offend unnecessarily relatives and friends. Saying something rashly, they are able to destroy even the strongest Union.

The year of the Snake: the element of Earth

1989 what kind of Snake is he? According to the Chinese horoscope, this time generally Yellow earth reptile. The same applies to the future 2049 mu. These periods are very favorable for career advancement: shows promise, there is hope for solid earnings. But all plans fail, if you show even the slightest misstep. Year will be a negative for law enforcement: officers in uniform unable to resist the temptation to commit misconduct. In any case do not take bribes and gifts, even if it is a little gadget.

1989 the year of the snakeFor baby of the year 1989 - what? The snake, which appeared at this time, prone to bad habits. Sometimes it is difficult for them to cope with a manic craving to alcohol or Smoking, so often these people turn for help to psychologists. Despite the exposure to pathological dependency, children are very talented. However, difficult upbringing: for they are irreverent and prohibitions. Unfortunately, even parental influence is often ineffective.

Metal Cobra

She rules in 2001. This material is strong and unbending, therefore, the years of the Snake (White and Metal) require the same qualities from the people. Be prepared for serious conflicts, upheavals, trials. Danger lurks in every area of life: work, marriage, social activities. For the carelessness will be punished severely: it can even lead to dismissal. In addition, a huge number of divorces falls on the year of the Metal Snake. Be patient and positive, to peacefully and painlessly go through it.

the year of the snake compatibilityAs for the kids who come to our world in the years, it is often a secretive personality. They are quiet warriors. Therefore, to have such enemies is not desirable to predict their maneuvers impossible, struck a powerful and often unexpected. This is especially true of women: they are as cunning, vindictive, and merciless. Both sexes too serious. Sense of humor they are completely missing, so these individuals take offense to even the most innocent of jokes.


These lucky call of men born in these years. Snakes are beautiful, charming and intelligent. Have a strong influence on others, so often it is used-for personal purposes. In addition to physical attractiveness, very cheerful and sociable. Women stick to him like flies. But if the young lady managed to snatch top spot from rivals and pick up on the hook man-a Snake, she must be ready for constant intrigues of choice on the side. The word "faithful" men-Snakes strangers. Being the Pets of the ladies, they skillfully use it.

the signs of the zodiac year of the snakeThey Usually don't like to lose. Paradoxical as it may sound, but to win does not tend, because they are afraid of various obstacles. Before the first failure of a man-Snake fold: they absolutely do not know how to take the blows of fate. Long remember resentment, hate insults, I prefer to observe rather than to act. Almost all men successful in business: their intuition rarely fails, so financial transactions – their favorite horse.

Feature “snake” women

As a man, she is very beautiful. A more intelligent, seductive, knowing to itself the price. She loves to dress stylishly, trying to keep track of fashion news. Not surprisingly, this young lady enjoys crazy popular with members of the opposite sex. She is able to turn them into slaves, ready to obey any of the requirements of his beloved mistress. Men compete for her affection, but she chooses only the best.

A Woman born in the year of the Snake, is able to listen carefully to successfully joke and give good advice. Possessing a natural wisdom, it is easy to find the way out of the most difficult situations. In contrast to the “snake men” who love to go to the left, it does not fall to adultery. Flirting will happen, but only within the limits of decency. The young lady, purposeful and prudent. Always achieves objectives. Despite this, far too vulnerable and deeply experiencing failure. Remembers the good and avenge the wronged.

The year of the Snake and zodiac constellations

The Nature of each person is formed not only under the influence of the Chinese horoscope, but also because of the impact that the signs of the zodiac. The year of the Snake, because of this, gives the world completely different personalities. Aries, born exactly in this period of time, it becomes a real thinker. Taurus-Snake is prone to magical Sciences, he can become a talented visionary. Twin – hard-nosed pragmatist, and Cancer – calm, like a boa constrictor. Leo-Snake is very poisonous, it is better not to touch. Virgin – whimsical and flighty, cheerful and sociable.

a woman born in the year of the snakeThe Baby, born under the sign of Libra, the slow. It was a Serpent in meditation. But if she wakes up, capable of feats. Scorpio loves expensive jewelry and fancy clothes. Sagittarius-Snake-cunning and subtle, he should stay away. To impress his truthfulness is capable Capricorn, passion and temperament – Aquarius. Fish are motivated by the Snake, which can reach up to dizzying heights.

Compatibility Chinese horoscope

The Best partners for the Snake will be the Cock and the Dog. First love will be eternal and strong. Both ambitious and hard-working. In this auspicious Union the Snake will lead, Cock &n...

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