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In Finland, respect for fishing. Worldwide the people of this country are the best fishermen. It is no accident over 50 years ago Lauri Rapala was (a Finn by birth) made his first Wobbler. After some time these products became popular all over the world.

Lures “has Rapala” is more than 4 000 different options. Each fisherman dazzled by such a range.


A Unique lure from Rapala is very diverse. With the advent of such crankbaits instantly appeared on the market competitors. However, until now the secret of a successful catch with the products of “used Rapala” is not disclosed by anyone.

wobblers, "was Rapala"

One of the features of the lures of this Finnish company is the material from which they are made. As the basis is balsa. This wood has the lowest specific weight. Moreover, it does not absorb water and has high strength. Therefore, such bait can be operated for years.

Most Popular models

The Fishermen were able to evaluate many lures “has Rapala”. The most interesting they consider the following models:

  1. Husky Jerk – the most productive and versatile. They can be applied at depths from 1 to 2.5 m. the Bait is available in several sizes. So you can find an option for any fish.
  2. Skitter Walk – wobblers "has Rapala”, which are considered the most successful for catching predators. They are ideal for “hunt” for pike, but suitable for catching perch.
  3. Jointed Shad Rap – composite bait. Its main feature – the ability to take 2-5 meters. The neutral buoyancy it. When the transaction occurs, Wobbler makes special sounds and even starts to twitch like a wounded fish. The walleye and pike usually attack their prey in this period.


wobblers, "was Rapala" reviews

Incredible popular lures “has Rapala”. Reviews they are overwhelmingly positive. The main advantage of that note absolutely everything – the effectiveness of the lure. It works perfectly. Therefore, any fishing becomes a real pleasure, and the catch will always be great.

The Only drawback of products from Rapala – is the high price. The cost of one of the crank – not below 500 to 1,000 rubles, depending on the model. However, real fishermen do not spare money on his hobby. However, with the high popularity of the lures of this company stepped up crooks. On the shelves you can find a lot of fakes. Buy cranks “has Rapala” be tested in advance ask all the quality certificates. The only way not to make the wrong choice, and fishing to get the maximum number of bites.

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