As the voltage stabilizer to choose correctly? How to choose a voltage stabilizer for fridge, gas boiler, computer?


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After Analyzing the current state of electric grids in Russia, one can understand that they have one common parameter. He regards deviation from nominal numbers voltage 220 Volts. Sometimes this value deviates by 10-15 percent, and both the positive and negative side. Of course, electrical appliances, and especially refrigerators and expensive computers were at risk to fail. But how can that be? There is a solution. In order to protect the devices from abnormal loads, purchased voltage stabilizer 220V for home. How to choose it, and what it is – read on in our article.


Before you choose a voltage regulator, you should understand what it's for. And is this device for protection of household electrical appliances from various types of differential current as well as other clutter, including pulse. how to choose a voltage regulatorThat is such a device as a voltage regulator (to select it we will help you right now), is a reliable defender, a kind of “iron shield” for your home or garden. Due to the normalization of current it will protect electrical devices from surges, thereby extending their lives.

Need to purchase the device

Before you install this unit, you should measure your business network and to determine the need to purchase such a device. Before you choose a voltage regulator for private homes, it is recommended to make several measurements of the maximum consumption current for the entire day. Perhaps the purchase of such a device you do not need.pumps for gas boilers how to choose


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But how do you determine how much current is consumed in the house right now? This requires the use of measuring instruments True RMS. The information you with high accuracy, determine which voltage is applied in a given period of time.

Now, about the results. If the apparatus showed a value between zero and the phase of the order 205-235 Volts, the installation of the stabilizer is only required for additional security (for example, to protect highly sensitive to changes in devices). That is, these values are normal for all modern appliances.

as a voltage stabilizer to choose

A Little different is the situation with deviations of order 10% in both positive and negative. When the instrument shows values from 198 to 235 Volts, the installation of stabilizer is recommended for all consumers of a current.

Critical deviations

The Critical value is from 187 to 242 Volt and more. In this case, the devices are exposed to serious risk, respectively, for their protection use the voltage stabilizer 220V for home. How to choose this device, discussed below.

Single phase or three phase?

First note that all devices are divided into two groups and can be:

  • Single-phase;
  • to choose a voltage regulator for private homes

How to choose a voltage regulator for private homes need? It's very simple. For example, if the apartment is used solely by the 1-phase voltage, therefore, it is necessary to buy a 1 phase units.

In the case when the house has 3-phase input, and also present a air conditioner or other equipment with electric motors (pumps in particular), the best for this space will be 3-phase stabilizer.

Let us Consider another situation. For example, when the house is connected to 3-phase voltage, but the use of such devices have not provided (they are all 1-phase, that is, domestic), there is an opportunity for optimization. Here it is necessary to analyze how the load is distributed between the phases.

voltage regulator for computer how to choose

What if each of the three are equally loaded and it has important power consumers? Then you should install three 1-phase stabilizer with the same power. You can go the other way. If there is an opportunity to concentrate the main power consumers on 1 or 2 phases, the other group of appliances connected to the network directly.


Before you choose a voltage regulator, consider its types. All of these devices can be divided into several types:

  • Relay.
  • Electromechanical (still referred to as servomotors).
  • Triac.
  • Thyristor.
  • Double conversion.


The First type-is a product algorithm, which is for switching the windings of a step-type transformer with relay. This is perhaps the cheapest option equipment with input current of the order of 100-290 Volts and high speed. However, its significant disadvantage is the contact group relay. This detail often fails and thus can give an error when switching the windings to 20 Volts. In addition, if the line will be connected to welding machine, the probability of failure of the relay is greatly increased. For General purpose (one device for the whole house) they hardly fit. However, as an individualstabilizer (only on TV, for example) – a very good option.


The Second type of equipment works by moving the special brushes on the winding of the transformer. For the cost they relate to the budget option. Also Electromechanical stabilizers work on the motor without distortion sine wave. how to choose a voltage regulator for the boilerThis allows you to maintain easy maintenance, accurate output voltage, as well as the smooth setting. The main drawback of the equipment – the need for frequent replacement of the carbon brushes and cleaning of the transformer. However, all these operations you can do without the help of professionals.

Triac devices

The Thyristor, and triac products are, thanks to the automatic section switching the transformer through the power switches. Such equipment by its design is a bit like a relay. However, unlike their counterparts, triac stabilizers have a small error in the setting (no more than 5 percent) and a large number of stages of stabilization.voltage stabilizer 220V for home how to choose

The Disadvantage of this type of device – sensitivity to heat, which requires forced cooling of power switches. Also, a significant drawback is their high price, so these devices are less popular than the first two.

Double the transformation

This is a good voltage stabilizer for refrigerator. How to choose it, consider in the next section. Equipment dual conversion is recommended for the most sensitive to surges of current consumers with a capacity of 1-30 kW. These stabilizers are characterized by complete suppression of external noise and silent operation are different. The error is not more than 1 per cent of the output. Equipment dual conversion has a wide input voltage range (from 118 to 300 Volts). Cost they are similar to triac counterparts. However, the reliability and quality of the work they surpass them at times.

Select the unit of power

How to choose a voltage regulator depending on the power of the household appliances? To do this, calculate the total load consumed by your refrigerator, washing machine, computer and other devices. This information can be found in the technical data sheet to the device or in the instruction manual. Sometimes the manufacturer does the sticker on the back of the product, which is the maximum power consumption (monitors, for example). This value is denoted by the letter W.

how to choose a voltage regulator to give

When calculating the power should also pay attention to the start value. For example, for devices which include motors, to calculate such values using special coefficients of expansion. For each range of devices are different. For example, for a refrigerator is 5 and 10 for new and old models, respectively. Air conditioning has factors of multiplicity from 2 to 35. Washing machine – from 3 to 5. Microwave and punch – 3. To calculate power consumption, multiply the coefficient on nominal data. For example, if your old refrigerator has a capacity of 100 Watts, at the time of starting the engine, it will consume 1000 watts. By the way, for these devices the ratio is important, because startup time can last up to 1-2 seconds, which is a relatively large burden on the network.

What to consider before you choose a voltage regulator?

Also when calculating the total power of the devices is important to consider how they can work synchronously. If any of the devices at the same time are not included, the total capacity will be much less. Consider the fact that all stabilizers must have a headroom of not less than 20 percent.

In any case, it is difficult to imagine what other electrical devices you have in the house after purchasing this device. So the more stock the better. Moreover, all devices have recently become more and more powerful. Why should one fridge!

It Often happens that the voltage stabilizer for refrigerator (how to choose it, read on) normalized by the power when the input voltage is 220 Volts. The main parameter is the maximum input current, which is measured in Amperes. Most often the product of the peak input voltage from the stabilizer is the maximum value of the input power.voltage stabiliser for refrigerator how to choose

For example, we have “guarantor СН7000” – a voltage stabilizer 220V for home. How to choose and find out if it fits for our room? According to its characteristics, it has a peak output of 7000 watts when the input value is 220 Volts. The input current is 32 Amps. That is, at a voltage of 150 Volts maximum load power will be 4800 Watts. Thus, the stabilizer is designed for loads not more than the above values. This has given us the light, 200 Watts, refrigerator 1000 Watt, washing machine (2300 watts) and an electric kettle is 1200 watts.

How to choose a voltage regulator for villas and apartments?

We needto calculate the capacity of the stabilizer to the room where you use the TV, refrigerator, air conditioning, a computer and a lighting capacity of 100, 200, 1500, 170 and 300 Watt respectively. Here it should be noted that the second and third devices consume an order of magnitude more current than in normal operation (do not forget coefficients of expansion). So, our calculation will look like this: 100+1500*2+200*5+170+300, where we get a total of 4.57 kW. In addition to the above devices may additionally be connected kettle, iron and vacuum cleaner. Thus, the load can grow by as much as 1000 Watts or even more.

Depending on which devices are located in your apartment or cottage, add on or take some of them. This will help determine how strong must be your defender against changes in to choose a voltage stabilizer for home

On the same principle are acquired and automatic voltage regulators for gas boilers. How to choose them? Now modern boilers consume more energy than before, as most of them are equipped with circulation pumps. Power they take about 130-150 Watts. Accordingly, it is necessary to add this value to the resulting figure (which is 4.57 kW), the device must have power to 5-6 kW (don't forget about the power reserve in the 20-30 percent!). Of course, you can buy a cheaper option. However, in this case without reserve power you will have to manually disable those or other devices, for example, do not burn the voltage regulator for the computer. How to choose it, we have already found. The main thing-not to lose capacity, and not to forget about the indexes.


Now you know how to choose a voltage regulator for a boiler, TV, refrigerator and other electric appliances. Such a device – very expensive, but sometimes its use is necessary. For example, in cases where the voltage is so low that vehicles simply can not start without this item. Do not skimp on the purchase of this device if you have house expensive electrical equipment. The question how to choose a voltage stabilizer for home, can be considered closed.

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