The compressor of refrigerator: types, application


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The Compressor of a refrigerator is to compress the refrigerant and move it along the contour of the entire system of the heat exchanger. This is achieved by creating a pressure difference. This is where the electricity is converted into work to the heat transfer from the inner chambers to the outside atmosphere. Which creates a cooling effect.

compressor from the refrigerator


A Modern form of a compressor for refrigerators is basically a piston with a vertical layout of the motor shaft. He is suspended on springs and is closed a sealed enclosure. This ensures the reduction of noise in the system. Previously, the compressor of the refrigerator had a horizontal layout, making the design more noisy, since the vibration transmitted to the whole body. Piston units are divided in a crank and crank-rocker. Both species proved to be reliable and durable mechanisms. For large refrigerators install a crank device capable of withstanding quite heavy loads. Along with imported refrigeration appliances have appeared, and new types of compressors - linear. They have no rotating shaft, and the reciprocating motion of the piston is provided by electromagnetic forces. They also set in the refrigerator having a large volume, as it is a very economical device. Another less common rotary compressor of the refrigerator. Here the pressure difference is created due to pressure changes in the chambers of the suction and discharge by rotation of the rotor. It has a small size. But in Russia and in neighboring countries, they are not produced. Screw air compressor from a refrigerator in its technical characteristics similar to piston. However, the first is characterized by lower weight, reliable in operation, and has no friction in the plane of compression, in addition, it can be used at low temperatures.

compressor for refrigerator

Repair refrigerator compressor

Repair of the refrigerator is divided into two main types: repair of automation and repairs. If denied hosts, such as evaporator, compressor, condenser, overhaul. It consists in the removal of the refrigerant from the cooling unit and replacing the failed nodes. The compressors are failing often inadvertently supports the organization. The most common cause of failure of this unit is untimely replacement of the air filter. repair of compressor of refrigerator this fails first valve unit, and then the slider-crank mechanism. If set correctly, failure of the compressor, in the presence of slight jamming in the friction pairs and, if the whole of the stator winding before it can perform its removal, you have to try to run. For these purposes, for a short time, winding through two diodes with different directions of conductivity are connected to the network with a voltage of 220 V. the Free ends of the diodes are connected. When this occurs the rotor torque alternating torque. The rotor will vibrate with a frequency of fifty Hz. Vibration will be transmitted to the jammed friction pair, reduce friction.

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