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The Phone, which will be discussed further in the article, is one of the most popular. All buyers want to quickly test the instrument and to Express their impressions. The device is interesting and not frustrating owners. Consider the specifications, features and reviews of Xiaomi Mi Note 2.xiaomi mi note 2 reviews


Form factor of the phone – candy. The body is made of aluminum and glass. The operating system is represented by the native shell on the basis of “Android 6”. Chipset from Qualcomm. Runs on 4 cores. The internal memory depends on the modifications, the maximum – the 128 GB. To use external storage is prohibited. RAM is 6 GB. Supports wireless network, Bluetooth and NFC. The screen has a diagonal of 5.7 inches. Display got protective and oleophobic coating. The front camera has a resolution of 8 MP, the main – 22.5 MP. Integrated navigation modules and a plurality of sensors. The non-removable battery type with a capacity of 4070 mAh. The device weighs 166 grams. Reviews about the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 and its characteristics are positive. xiaomi mi note 64gb 2 reviews

Features and feedback on appearance

In the feedback that buyers admire the exterior of the device. But it should be noted that the idea does not belong to the manufacturer, and the South Korean “Samsung”. From its products was inspired by the basic elements of design. Many customers in their reviews have noted that the smartphone looks like the device “galaxy C7”. But the overall impression of the fit does not deteriorate. Reviews of Xiaomi Mi Note 2 (64Gb Black), this fact is hardly mentioned.


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What else to tell buyers? Most liking the idea of a curved screen. He is “rose” in the body, not bulging and not outside the ends. On the edges you may notice a slight curve. The owners note that the display technology implemented more than good – incorrect keystrokes are excluded.

Many buyers notice the quality of the materials used. Glass and aluminum allow you to maintain a beautiful appearance even when falling from a small height. During tactile contact, as noticed by owners, the feeling of ceramics.

In General, the design of all liked: it is beautiful, fresh and bright. To use the device conveniently.xiaomi mi note 2 64gb black reviews

Reviews about the Assembly and core elements

In addition to praise appearance, many of the comments about the phone talk about the ergonomic features.

The owner Reviews about the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 make it clear that the idea to embed the fingerprint scanner and two additional buttons under the screen are good. The developer has also added point lights. Key to the left is responsible for the return, and the one which is located on the right, open recent apps. All the commentators notice one advantage – the destination can be easily changed in the device settings.

Together with good impressions, the owners, and describe a negative experience. Unlocking is uncomfortable, especially at first until people get used. In order to do this, you need to start, press “Home” and only then apply your finger to the sensor. In all other moments, people no flaws not found.xiaomi mi note 2 owner reviews

Feedback about performance

The Phone runs on last year's processor, so its performance is not at a high level. And reviews of Xiaomi Mi Note 2 is confirmed. Customers in the comments notice that games and applications are drawn fine, but heats up the device pretty bad. The last factor is not like most owners, plus they write that the temperature rises regardless of what the user. You just start to see the film, “Twitter” or flipping websites to the browser – will immediately begin to heat up the case.smartphone xiaomi mi note 2 reviews

Feedback on Autonomous work

All buyers in feedback about the smartphone Xiaomi Mi Note 2 notice that the charging occurs rapidly. It is enough to wait two hours. A particularly interesting owners conducted an experiment in which it became clear that for the half-hour unit is charged to 40 % and for 60 minutes – 75% in 1.5 hours – 95 %. The battery capacity like all buyers, without exception.

However immediately is to say that you can count on 17 hours of continuous active work is not necessary. At maximum brightness of the display device sustains no more than 360 minutes – all users claim about it. Over night in standby mode the phone resets about 5 %.

Reviews about the camera

The Owners of Xiaomi phone Mi Note 2 (64Gb) reviews note that the photos during the shooting day make excellent. Sharpness, white balance, focus – all the advantages of the phone. Also, buyers notice that in cloudy weather the quality suffers slightly. But what owners say about night photography?

Unfortunately, the task is to make photos in the evening or even quite at a later time quite difficult. The frame can come out too dark, surprisingly, but too overexposed as well. Least likely pictures a good. General feedback about the camera Xiaomi Mi Note 2 is positive.

The Video is shot in 4K. Users note the presence of the stabilization and eight times zoom. Shooting is too sensitive to light. The brightness can jump very strongly, especially if the operator moves. The exposition is changed in automatic mode.

Front camera, judging by the reviews, allows in daylight to take good pictures. Take the time to blur the pictures, but this is rare.

Generally speaking, the owners leave a positive feedback about the cameras. The only minus is shooting in the night time.xiaomi mi note 2 camera reviews


For all the time use consumers do not Express any claims to hearing interlocutors. 90% of the reviews about the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 recommended device to buy. The sound quality is excellent, both during a call and when listening to music. Level competitive.

To Buy this phone in the official store it's 35 thousand rubles. On the Internet flea markets version 6/128 GB actually bought for 30 thousand, it Should be noted that this phone is one of the few that is not an additional charge for the shipping from China. The price is adequate.

Among the most serious competitors should note the device is ZTE Nubia Z11. The display has no limits. The dimensions are smaller, users prefer this phone.

If you see owner reviews, another contender can be called Chinese device Meizu PRO 6+. Is a phone more expensive: version 128 GB up to 40 thousand rubles in the official stores. But the price is justified. There is the best display quality. But RAM is less.

In their reviews, the owners note that the phone they like much. The design is impressive, the battery is a powerful, affordable quick-charge function. Display curved shape. While working at a high level, and dimensions suitable for everyone. To use this device easily, the impressions remain good. It becomes immediately clear on first inspection that the phone belongs to high price category.

However, the shortcomings of this smartphone is not deprived. For example, the viewing angles are bad, when tilted significantly distorts the picture. This is a disadvantage for many consumers is significant. However, the overall impression from using the gadget it does not spoil.


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