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Starting in 2010, on the market, specializing in laptops and netbooks, there was an unusual gadget that did not exist before that time. Touch screen with no keypad keyboard, is actually instantly interested in a large number of consumers. To date, the tablet has left far behind all its competitors. The use of a new generation of technology allows you to take any actions that are possible on an ordinary home computer, and it is anywhere.

tablet features

The tablet Features are quite diverse, most of them require constant interaction with the outside world. Data transfer is implemented using wireless technologies, and the most popular of them - Wi-Fi, the access point providing a constant connection to the Internet. In the absence of such connections, you can use the 3G function, using mobile SIM card.

In order to function of the tablet was working, and specifications must comply fully with existing programs. Maximum uptime ensures that the processor automatically distributes the required power for each included utilities and programs. The more applications, the faster it consumes the battery power.

The tablet Features the latest generation allow you to use audio and video inventory. Listening to music, watching movies and other options, regardless of whether the source is in device memory or on the Internet, will be available to you. This is one of the simplest features provided by the developers of the product.


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tablet with phone function price

The Main difference from conventional computers or laptops is that there are already tablets with phone function. Prices on such devices are very reasonable and depend entirely on the settings of the gadget. Device with average characteristics will cost you about $ 400.

Not surprisingly, the makers have equipped the tablet and the camera, too, because any such device is estimated maximally enhanced abilities. The quality of shooting images and videos at the level of modern computer and telephone counterparts. Tablet features allow you to use the camera in different modes, ranging from the inclusion of a flash and ending with smile detection.

tablet with the function of the Navigator

For travel lovers or simply those whose job requires constant travel, the tablet with the function of the Navigator is not only a minicomputer, and a perfect conductor in a path that will take you from any point of the globe. The navigation is done via the GPS function that automatically transmits your location data to the satellite. A small but complete map of the whole world will instantly be on the touch screen.

The Autonomous operation of the device depends on the load of the battery. The average tablet with a full charge will last 6-8 hours, if that's not enough, there are portable batteries that will increase the performance for some time.

The Main advantage of tablets is the portability and ease of use. 

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