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For the full creativity of artists often need electronic graphic tablet for drawing, which greatly facilitates the work with digital images. The modern market offers a wide range of such equipment of different brands. How to choose the right graphics tablet for drawing - will be discussed in the article.

Wacom Intuos Pro Medium Paper

A Rating of the best graphic tablets for drawing opens the gadget from Wacom. The model belongs to the budget category, despite the fact that to meet the market cheap tablet is virtually impossible.

What are the advantages of an inexpensive graphics tablet with screen to draw Wacom Intuos Pro Paper?

It is Worth noting the very line of Intuos tablets, which is equipped with a large number of different possibilities to regulate the degree of pressing of the pen and, accordingly, the thickness of the strokes, and place on the handle and the gadget modifier keys.

This version of gadget is perfect for beginners: a graphics tablet allows you to quickly move from sketchbooks and albums to computer graphics. In addition, the unique technology allows you to continue drawing directly on paper: the gadget supports the A5 sheets, and modification of Large - format A4.

The Tablet comes with a special gel pen that you can draw on plain paper: a sheet is put on top of the device and to start working with handle Finetip Pen.

The Functionality of a graphics tablet for drawing with screen allows you to translate the image into computer graphics in high resolution, memorizing every move in the file.

Built-in memory allows you to store up to thousands of graphic documents, which can then be used in computer programs for drawing.

Due to the fact that this kind of tablet for drawing is equipped with a unique digital pen Wacom Pro Pen 2, to work with it is not necessary to use paper.


  • The presence of the auxiliary keys on the gadget and pen;
  • Low price for graphics tablet with screen to draw with a wide range of functions (about 25 thousand);
  • The ability to draw on plain paper.

graphic tablet for drawing with screen


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Wacom Cintiq DTH-2200

Following in the list of best tablets for drawing gadget from Wacom for professional artists. Released model can hardly be called a tablet - it more fits the definition screen for drawing.

The Gadget is a monitor with Express Key keys. The gadget is connected to a graphic tablet or a personal computer that allows to display in HD the drawing process and carefully consider every detail image.

Graphic tablet for drawing on the computer supports most of the Wacom pen. The screen can be replaced with any device for drawing because you can draw directly on it.

The Tablet can be connected to computer or laptop on any operating system. A fairly large - 47х27 inches - allow you to carefully and thoroughly study all the drawings.

Graphics tablet for drawing with Wacom is ideal for professional artists. Despite the fact that the cost of the gadget is quite high (150 thousand rubles), it is suitable both for professionals and beginners-arterm.


  • High quality graphics;
  • Screen size;
  • Compatibility and functionality.

electronic graphics tablet for drawing

Wacom Cintiq 22HD DTK-2200

The Next model of the tablet for drawing on the computer from Wacom, which, despite the similarity of names, different from the previous functionality. Gadget much cheaper model DTH-2200, but relatively affordable cost - 140 thousand roubles, does not adversely affect the quality of his work and capabilities.

A Relatively cheap graphics tablet for drawing with screen equipped with a special stand, thanks to which it can be installed in any position, tilt and rotate, which makes the creative process comfortable and convenient.

Built-in system Touch Strips in the form of touch strips on the back side of the tablet allows the artist to resize the image, rotate it, reflect, and perform many other options. On the touch strip can be programmed most of the functions of such software as Photoshop or SAI.

Located on the side of the Express Key buttons together with the touch strips much easier control of graphic tablet with screen to draw: keys can be programmed to call any tool.

The Wacom Cintiq took the bronze position in the rankings due to the high quality and resolution images, the ease of working with it and a large screen.


  • Adjustable stand;
  • The system touch keys Touch Strips;
  • Functionality and compatibility.

how to choose the right graphics tablet for drawing

Mobile Studio Pro Wacom DTH-W1320L-EN 13" 128 Gb

The Next model of the tablet from Wacom. How to choose a graphics tablet for drawing and how to create the perfect and multifunctional models of gadgets, this company knows everything.

Tablet for drawing established on the basis of Windows 10, may perform the functions of a standard tablet PC and used for the simplest of programs, games and drawing.

The Advantage of this kind of leaves all the competitors far behind, because for affordable price you can buy a device that combines a graphics tablet for drawing with screen tablet computer.

The Wacom Mobile Studio Pro supports flash, has a good memory and is quite fast, including and responds to stylus input. Included with the tablet comes pen Wacom Pro Pen 2, support more than 8 thousand pressure levels.

The processing Power of the tablet is sufficient to support complex programs like software to create 3D images and Adobe Illustrator, which most other devices do not support.

For multi-functional gadget the tablet has a small screen — no more than 30 centimeters. Despite this, the unit occupies a leading position in the rankings. The average cost of the tablet is made of 140 thousand rubles.


  • Slots for memory cards;
  • Works on Windows 10;
  • Fast response on the pen.

best tablets for drawing

Pro Touch Wacom Cintiq DTH-1320-EU

This version of the tablet was the first set, which went the pen Wacom Pro Pen 2. This model of the pen responds to a large number of degrees of depression, which was not in previous counterparts.

The Tablet's small size, making it could be anywhere. A large number of buttons makes it easier, but the color quality and high resolution allow to create bright and detailed image.

The Affordable price and ease of operation make the tablet DTH-1320 is one of the most popular artists. The advantages of the model include fast response to touch, large memory and high precision, than can not boast of competitors. For this reason, this model often advise those who decide which graphics tablet to draw better to choose.


  • Compact size;
  • High speed response;
  • Affordable price - 75 thousand rubles.

graphic tablet for drawing views

Wacom Cintiq 13HD DTK-1300–1

Advantages of this model of tablet are compact size, functional pen and affordable price.

Comes with a gadget pen Wacom Pro Pen, quickly, clearly and accurately transmitting all of the digitized touch on the canvas and simulating ink, crayons, pencil and other drawing tool.

Compared with Wacom tablets and Cintiq line in particular this model is quite cheap. Despite the low price, features, and performance of the device enough professional artists to work due to the high quality, great detail and colors.

The Gadget has a large memory, compact size and three USB ports.

Model DTK-1300 is perfect for those who don't need professional tablets with the highest resolution and the maximum available number of functions. The gadget is equipped with extra buttons and a high speed of response, making it indispensable for many artists.


  • Reasonable price - about 60 thousand rubles;
  • Compact size;
  • A large number of functions of the pen.

graphic tablet for painting how to choose better

Paper Wacom Intuos Pro Large PTH-860p-N

The Tablets from the Pro Paper created a furor among the similar gadgets with the ability to work simultaneously on two devices. Despite the fact that Large very big sizes, working with them very convenient: the interface is clear and easy to understand, multi-functional.

The tablet pen, there are...

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