How to choose a 4 channel DVR? Description, setup, reviews about the best models


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The Use of modern video surveillance systems allows to ensure the safety of the car and to monitor the situation around the car while driving. The most effective tracking system is a 4-channel DVR. If there is an accident, then using this device it is possible to reconstruct the events in fragments and show a General picture of the accident the traffic police inspector. This will allow you to prove your innocence in the case that your guilt really was not.

4 channel DVR

4-channel DVRs in Russia is quite common. Their installation is difficult, but for a long time. Moreover, this system is always used, even during the holidays.

What is 4-channel DVR?

Most drivers want to be aware of what is happening around the vehicle during its movement. They developed such a car DVR for 4 cameras. Each camera has a small angle, but this is enough in order to capture what is happening around the car and display it on the display.

car DVR 4 camera

The package includes 4 separate cameras that are connected to the main unit. Displays either pictures from each camera separately or simultaneously from all cameras. For this the function "Quad". If the monitor is not available (and such models are too), you can view the video on your phone, laptop, computer, TV. If desired, data can be written to the storage device and viewed on any electronic device. Modern loggers support memory card standards, SDHC, microSD, USB.


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There are basic functions four-channel DVR:

  1. Fixing the situation on the road using four cameras.
  2. The Clock monitoring of the machine via mobile Internet or Wi-Fi.

In the latter case, the logger must be connected to Wi-Fi network or have sim cards for mobile Internet connection.


loggers for surveillance

When you select 4-channel DVR, you must consider the type of the machine where the device will be used. Such a solution is appropriate not only for cars but also for special transportation: collectors, police cars, ambulance, buses to transport children, trolley buses, etc. operating Conditions in passenger car and public transport will be different: noise, vibration, temperature extremes.

The Use of video recorders in trolleybuses and buses rare. Besides, not always these devices are limited to four cameras. Some models have additional video and audio inputs, allowing you to connect more cameras to increase the range of the considered sections of the car. For ordinary passenger car will fit the standard model with support for four cameras. However, it must meet the criteria described below.


Recorders for video surveillance have a set of features, which in certain situations can be useful. For example, most modern models have GPS module, G-sensor (also known as shock sensors). All these elements help to determine more precisely the location of the accident and the time of the collision. Also at the moment of impact car registrator "feels" the collision, and saves the clip, which depicted a traffic accident. On the picture are fixed coordinates, speed, date and time, which moved the driver.

4 channel DVR

Thanks to the video from all cameras can be used to accurately represent the scene down to the smallest detail. All this allows to identify the guilty party of an accident and to remove all suspicion from himself. A 4-channel DVRs have a Wi-Fi module, through which you can monitor the vehicle movement or Parking lot. So when choosing, pay attention to the presence in the Registrar module wireless data transmission.

Note that modern cameras are fairly compact, so they can be easily fixed in the car. At the same time they are practically invisible, so they don't generate any interference to the driver. As for the wires, they are hidden in the trim and not damage the interior.

Record Format

four channel DVR

All four used cameras shoot at the same time – this applies to all models. However, some DVRs can not boast of high image quality. The quality depends on cameras, the device's processor. Some cheap registrars may not know how to shoot video in HD format. On other models only have one or two cameras record HD video, and more expensive modern devices generally record FullHD video from all four cameras.

This is one of the most important things when you choose to consider in the first place. The fact that at high resolutionbetter chance to capture the numbers of vehicles that surround the car. This will help in the event of an accident to identify the number of the violator and the perpetrator of the incident.

Selection Criteria

The Buyer when choosing a Registrar for surveillance of the car should first pay attention to the following settings when you select:

  1. Image Quality.
  2. Processor.
  3. Functions: G-sensor, GPS module and Wi-Fi.
  4. Battery Capacity.
  5. Optical performance cameras.

The performance of the processor is important because it affects the performance of the camera itself and quality of video shooting. Some models shoot video choppy, which indicates a weak CPU. Most modern 4-channel DVRs record video at a rate of 30 FPS (frames per second). However, the use of a good processor allows you to record video at a speed of 60 frames per second. At this speed the video will go smoothly, without jerks. Given that the Registrar immediately processes 4 threads, the CPU should be powerful enough.

As for the camera modules, it is important to them, such a criterion, as the angle and the ability to record video in HD or FullHD. If the angle is equal to 140-160 degrees, then that's fine.

DVR 4 channel ahd

You Also need to choose a car DVR 4 camera with high capacity battery. So the device will fail to operate while vehicle parked during the absence of power from an onboard network of the car.

G-sensor (shock sensor) must also be. Thanks to him, the device will save video footage, which was obtained shortly before the accident and during the event itself.

And finally – appearance 4-channel DVR. When you purchase a new device you should pay attention to scuffs or bumps on the body, which may indicate the low quality of the device.


The above selection criteria can be supplemented with another. We are talking about the reviews. On the Internet there are many sites where you can read the reviews about the model that you have in mind. Be sure to read them, because quite often even cool recorder with excellent specifications break within two to three months of operation. In no case do not buy a 4-channel AHD DVR, if it gets a bad rap users.


Today, the market presents so many different DVRs from well-known brands and companies, of which you previously heard nothing. So the choice will be difficult. Use the above tips and you will definitely be able to buy reliable and high quality device.

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