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There is No such device that would be safe from the various failures and software problems. Reasons for the need to do a full reset to factory settings may be a few, and, in fact, ways to perform this operation.


The longer you use a smartphone, the more likely that in the near future you need to conduct factory reset Samsung Galaxy S3. It is the time of use is the primary cause of breakdowns in the programme plan. How is that possible? The fact that while using on your device is installed so many different programs and games, as well as the updates for them. Add all received and sent messages, calls, contacts, shot photos and videos. Even if you regularly clean your device from “garbage”, which remains after operation of these programs, and remove all migrated to the other device files that are part of this still remains in the device memory. Over time, the performance of the smartphone is significantly reduced. Alone and even programmatically, to remove all the excess is impossible.

Another reason for the productivity decline, frequent glitches and even self-disable may be incompatibility between different versions of installed programs, and also sewn to the file system "Samsung galaxy 3". Note here that the system "Android" is constantly improving, improving and changing. Some apps are just not able to function properly together, and to resolve this conflict, we need a complete reset.

factory reset samsung galaxy s3

Software training

It Is understood that the factory reset Samsung Galaxy S3 – it's a complete deletion of all information of smart phone. After this operation your device will be the way you took it out of the store – is empty. It is for this reason just need to conduct a series of procedures to move or copy all the contacts, pictures and other, not less important, files. Where? There are several options:


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  • Memory Card.
  • Computer.
  • Google account.
  • The"Google Drive".

By the Way, don't forget to check what the name of your account in Google, as it will also be removed. Remember that after the factory reset Samsung Galaxy S3 mini, the device will be nothing left and not be subject to recovery is (besides the fact that you advance, move from the phone memory).

Physical preparation

If preparatory work is completed and all necessary data is extracted, you need to do by smartphone. It is better that he was at least half charged and the memory card is removed. It will be protected from unexpected troubles.

Simple reset

The Most basic option is to factory reset the Samsung Galaxy S3 through the settings. To do this in "Settings" you should enter "Backup & reset", where actually to carry out the reset, as shown in the image.

Samsung galaxy 3

Depending on the system, the second item can be found in the "Options" or "General tab". This simple method is suitable when the decision to reset was not caused by severe failure and in the prevention or elimination of small malfunctions in the system.

Reset through recovery

For starters, you need to completely turn off the smartphone. Some devices, force a software failure in need of radical measures – holding for 10 seconds the off button or does the removal of the battery. The second should be avoided.

reset button

To Get into recovery on "Samsung galaxy 3" is possible by holding down the three keys – the power, volume up and home. When you see the logo "Samsung", release only the power button. The rest must remain clamped. In result, a window will appear with a number of inscriptions in the English language, and to conduct factory reset Samsung Galaxy S3 to the end, you must first select the ‘WIP data and cache" of the volume keys. To choose, you have to press the power key, it to confirm your choice.

factory reset samsung galaxy s3 mini

After some waiting a new window will appear. It is necessary to choose "reboot system now” and, as before, the power button to confirm your choice.

As a result smartphone "Samsung galaxy 3" will turn on as if you just took out of the store and now need just to configure. It will be no passwords, SMS messages, your favorite applications and so on.

No matter How difficult may appear the above methods, the process reset your smartphone to factory settings takes not much time.


In some cases, after you used the reset button, the problem is not resolved. If such a fate befell your smartphone, immediately bring it to the service center, where specialists with special equipment and software will start your device and make him a complete reset.

Moreover, a full reset is not always, in principle, solves the problems of the device. More than half of the cases to ensure the normal operation of the device is possible only by flashing the phone. For this, again, you need to contact the experts. Remember that self-repair can only make the situation worse, and yourthe device will be nothing more than just a bunch of metal and plastic, which place in the bin.

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