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Each mobile device manufacturer has its own strengths and weaknesses. This rule is not bypassed and smart phones Doogee. Knowledge of the limits of the firm will greatly facilitate the choice of apparatus and avoids many problems.


Phone Dodge have a fairly attractive appearance. This is true even in public sector companies. Of course, many of the decisions designers have been borrowed from the market leaders, but it is a common practice.

Affects the appearance and the material used for the enclosure. Cheap models are made mostly of plastic, but some flagships are made of different alloys. Sometimes there are even leather inserts. For example, the model F5 is made of an alloy resembling aluminum.

Dodge X5 phone

Without a doubt, the manufacturer does not skimp on materials. Although unusual solutions periodically create additional problems. Case all the same F5 like metal, but the material will crack when bending. A defect in the flagship very unpleasant.

More reliable was phone "Dodge Titan" with additional protection. Is a founder of a series of three low-powered smartphones. All design elements designed to increase the stability and durability of the device. The unit received not only plastic, but also rubber inserts. In addition, the device is protected from water, drops, shocks and dust.

The Design is definitely the strong point, because the company pays attention to even inexpensive devices. Of course, most of the public sector are made of plastic, but its quality is no doubt.


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There was a weak place from the manufacturer. One of them is a camera apparatus. Almost all employees became owners of the matrix of five megapixels, and the first "Titan" has received even less-only 2 megapixels.

Phone "Dodge" the middle class have 8 megapixels, which is comparable with some inexpensive equipment. If a cheap machine is not expected a good camera, the advanced series must have at least 13 megapixels.

Mobile phone Dodge

Not affected by this issue, only the highest category of devices. Almost all of the F-series got a great matrix. Some flagships used even the camera technology of Samsung. And it is happy.

Some solutions also cause a fair loss. So, camera at five megapixels from the model X5 is absolutely no change moved in an updated version with the note Pro. Although new and expensive, radical changes happened.


To Evaluate the efforts of the company, seeing the display of the same "Dodge X5". Phone from the budget series received a full five inches with an excellent resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels.

Display devices Doogee, of course, deserves attention. Usually on that size display set a lower resolution. Adds attractiveness and good color rendering of almost all vehicles.

A Surprise was the fact that most of devices has IPS matrix. This gives the vehicles "Dodge" high viewing angles, as well as improves the behavior in the sun. Not even the most successful "Titan" with a diagonal of 3.5 inches has got IPS technology.

The Manufacturer installed in some smartphones and even LCD TFT matrix, but the result, as you can see, not impressed. Each of these technologies has its own shortcomings.


"Dodge" gives preference to MTK processors, which are loved by many Chinese firms. Of course, they are not known for high performance and capacity, but significantly reduce the cost of the device.

Choosing a cell phone "Dodge", you should pay attention to the number of cores and their clock frequency. Although in this feature the company has set the bar high. Even a weak "Titan" has got two cores, each of which has one gigahertz.

Phone Dodge Titanium

The RAM on the machines of the company fluctuates depending on the device class. For example, "Dodge X5" (phone budget series) was equipped with one Gigabyte, and the flagship F5 got three GB. In the most simple and cheap device, the company sets the minimum 512 megabytes.

We should Pay attention to the number of built-in device memory. A rare case for Doogee, when the device is less than 8 gigabytes. This exception was the first "Titan", which is 4 GB, and a few models. Devices firms support USB drive up to 32GB, and the flagship – up to 64 GB.


Like many modern devices, phone "Dodge" - not the best longevity. The approximate duration of the work of the public sector is 5 hours of active use. The middle class and flagships pull only 3-4 hours.

This situation occurs because of the power hungry screens and powerful filling devices. Standard batteries is not sufficient to provide for the needs of the devices. Even in the series F installed battery capacity is only of 3000 mAh. Advanced device it is definitely not enough.


Adds to the appeal and requested for the phone Dodge price. The cost of the devices is very affordable and attractive. The price ranges from approximately three to ten thousand rubles.

Phone Dodge price

For such a low price the owner will get a good unit, able to performmost of the tasks. Unfortunately, the flagship of the Dodge is far behind well-known brands. They can be compared with the middle class.

Positive feedback

Phone Dodge attracted the attention of users with high-quality displays. Among the other Chinese manufacturers screens firm stand out. Although the diagonal of all the devices is standard, the Dodge wins by a large number of pixels.

Left behind and the design of the phones. Well designed looks both cheap and expensive devices significantly improves the impression of the Doogee. It should be noted and hardware gadgets. Although the filling was not very advanced, however, granted a lot of queries. To devices company attracts and low cost. Even among the Chinese counterparts, the price stands out.

Negative feedback

The Original choice of materials was to some of the owners of the real problem. Alloys impart affinity with metal, but have many disadvantages. The lack of flexibility and the possibility of cracking – it had to pay for a low cost. Leather panels of some vehicles feel like plastic, that had many user's "no taste".

Phone Dodge

Leaves much to be desired and the autonomy of smartphones "Dodge". Batteries with small capacity and "greedy" filling tie owners to the outlet. The only solution is to replace the battery or reducing the life of the device.


Despite the fact that Doogee are not the market leader, the manufacturer has something to offer. Of course, have to accept some flaws, but definitely worth it. The company is developing very rapidly and accurately declare itself.

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