Desiccant dehumidifier is the best tool to protect air systems


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Almost all the industrial enterprises that use a Central compressed air system, air piping system is lead outside. The air passing through it, has 100% humidity. In air network, it cools, causing condensation. It is the most common cause of corrosion in the air systems and, consequently, of the marriage of the final product. To solve this problem allows adsorption dryer.

desiccantEach industry has its own acceptable limit of humidity of the compressed air. Specific indicators are described in international standards ISO 8573-1.

How does an adsorption dehumidifier? The basis of it is adsorbent-a substance with a high porosity, characterized by high capacity for absorption of moisture. When the moist compressed air passes through the adsorbent layer, it is dried. Note, however, that adsorption dryer requires a periodical regeneration because of its ability to absorb moisture is limited. The essence of the process of regeneration - removing the accumulated liquid from the pores. The most popular methods of regeneration of the adsorption devices are:

  • desiccant dehumidifierCold regeneration. For this purpose, pre-dried compressed air. It is passed through the adsorbent layer, and he seems to be “sucks” from it the excess moisture. It – the cheapest method of regeneration, however, it has a significant drawback: some loss of compressed air to avoid will not work (15%).
  • External hot regeneration. The adsorbent layer is blown under a pressure higher than the atmospheric air, preheated in the external elements. Then, you must make it cooling. For this purpose also necessary that the dry air, however, in this type of regeneration loss is much lower (up 2.5%).
  • Hot regeneration under vacuum. In this case, hot air is supplied under pressure below atmospheric, i.e. under vacuum. Unlike the previous method, in this case, the cooling of the adsorbers can also be accomplished using atmospheric air. This means that losses of compressed air in the system is equal to zero.

How to choose a desiccant dehumidifier depending on the type of regeneration? Here everything is simple. If the air system must be submitted at least 35 cubic meters per minute, from the point of view of economy it is necessary to choose dryers with cold regeneration type. But options with hot regeneration method is appropriate when per minute the system served more than 35 cubic meters of air.


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Allocate desiccant dehumidifiers 4 classes (depending on dew point):

1. -70 degrees Celsius (far North).
2. -40 degrees Celsius (for normal continental winter).
3. -20 degrees (winter in European countries, the regions with a mild climate).
4. +3 degrees (summer).

desiccant dehumidifiers

The Class indicates the temperature limit at which guaranteed the absence of condensate in the system. If the incoming air is colder than the specified limit, a desiccant dehumidifier may not be able to cope with the load.

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