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Due to the popularity of smartphones among subscribers of many operators develop a special tariff, which used to demand among owners of such devices. In particular, service packages, designed for smartphones, include mobile Internet for e-mail and social media packages and FREE minutes for calls.

Is Not an exception and the Russian operator MTS. The company has created several tariffs as a smartphone and a tablet its subscribers. That they include, will be discussed in this article.

Smart Packages from MTS – the smartphone will be satisfied!

The company introduced a system of tariffs that will satisfy the user's mobile phone called Smart. This service includes four extra package, which differ in cost and amount of data provided. We are now talking about Smart Mini, Smart, Smart + and Smart Top.

MTS mobile

The Subscriber is given a right of choice – to get smaller for the appropriate amount or pay more for additional features. The difference between the packages is the amount of megabytes of the Internet connection (in MTS smartphone is considered to be a device with which the user will probably be “surf” on sites, read the news and be entertained by various media), SMS-messages, free minutes within the network and, of course, the region of the package. For example, the rate at which a subscriber is provided the opportunity to talk with users in another part of Russia, will cost more.


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To more clearly understand which of the rates “MTS smartphone” will suit you better, here is some basic information on each of them.

Smart Mini

Let's start with the most simple and affordable – package “Mini”. It is designed for users with minimum demands and those who would like to spend on communications as much as possible. A monthly fee which is charged to the user is only 200 rubles. For the money a person receives 500 MB Internet, unlimited number of conversations with the MTS from the same region, 50 SMS and 1000 minutes for calls to numbers of operators from another region.

At the same time in order to call to numbers of other operators must pay 1.5 rubles per minute of conversation. As reported on the company's official website, rate “MTS smartphone Mini” (or, as it is officially called, Smart Mini), you must purchase the starter package cost 220 rubles.

smartphones are MTS prices reviews


Following in the pricing ladder is the Smart data package. This is a more expensive tariff, which will cost 450 rubles for each month of use. However, the subscriber will be much more. So, for use in MTS network the Internet for a smartphone on this plan is provided in volume 3 GB of data. This is, as you can see, 6 times more than the norm set by the previous rate.

In Addition, the subscriber will provide unlimited calls with numbers that belong to MTS and 500 minutes that can be used to make calls to phone numbers of other operators. For text communication operator provides 500 SMS subscribers can send any number for free.

The Cost of your plan equal to the monthly payment – 450 rubles.

MTS smartphone reviews

Smart +

The Following tariff, which we are interested in the study of package “MTS smartphone», – “Smart plus". It costs even more expensive-900 rubles per month. For this amount the customer gets as much as 5 GB of mobile Internet and unlimited calls to any number in the MTS network. In addition, the subscriber will provide 1100 minutes of calls to any numbers across the country, as well as 1100 TEXT messages.

The cost of the services that will be provided after the expenditure of allocated packets depends on whether the subscriber is using the service is “Internet” and “Extra FREE". If it is not, then Internet is free, but with the speed restriction. Then as SMS in excess of will cost 50 cents/piece.

Smart Top

MTS Internet for smartphone

Finally, the most expensive and at the same rate with the widest opportunities – “Smart Top”. The cost is 1500 rubles per month, and for the money the user gets 10 gigabytes of Internet services throughout Russia and the unlimited for calls in MTS network. In this case instead of 1100 on "Smart Plus" user "Top" gets 2000 minutes for calls to foreign operators, and 2000 SMS messages across the country. If a person consumes a marked limit, to numbers of MTS calls him, will be allocated free of charge, whereas for connections with foreign operators will have to pay 3 rubles per minute of conversation.


It is possible to use and other tariffs for the smartphone intended for MTS. It plans to “Second” and “Super MTS”. The first is the lack of a subscription fee each month, but charge 5 cents for every second conversation on the phone located within the Moscow region. To talk with someone from another region, you have to pay at the rate of 5 rubles per minute, if we are talking about the numbers of MTS, and 14 rubles/minutefor calls to numbers of other operators.

Rate “Super MTS”, you will have no monthly fees but must pay a rouble and a half for communication with the MTS (starting from the 21st minute of conversation per day of use) 5 rubles – for calls to other operators.

Thus, most likely, if you have a need to use the Internet more profitable for you to be Smart tariffs.

Phones from MTS

phone MTS smartphone

In Addition, the company is engaged in the provision of mobile services, the operator also has its own line of smartphones. Their range is presented in a special online store on the official website. All MTS smart phones, their prices and the reviews for each can be found there. On this resource are also invited to enjoy a smartphone.

You may ask, what is the feature of devices sold under the brand name of the mobile operator? According to the model, which has long been practiced around the world, these devices are locked under one operator. This means that purchased smartphones marked "MTS" will only work with SIM-cards of this operator.

What's the benefit?

The question Arises, why buy a phone (MTS mobile) if you cannot use it with other networks? It's a pretty significant limitation for the user to circumvent that impossible? What if a customer wants to switch to another operator?

The Benefit of that promise smartphones MTS (prices, reviews about them we will describe below), the low cost of the devices. She, in turn, is due to the fact that the mobile operator lowers the price on the basis of the future cash receipts from the subscriber. Because, you see, the smartphone people will continue to use and pay for services of mobile communication operator. Therefore, MTS may sell these devices cheaper.


MTS smartphones prices

If you think to buy a MTS smartphone reviews about it, you need to read first. For example, take one of the most popular (and affordable) – a model of Smart Start. It costs only 2990 rubles, however, according to customer reviews, the device is fully justifies its price. Characteristics show that this is a budget touchscreen phone, which can be used as a “simple”, and as a gadget for listening to music, talking on "Skype", reading books or surfing the Internet.

Another example: if you need not a budget camera, and a solid smartphone is capable of more, you can choose the model 968. This MTS smartphone (reviews confirm) looks much more solid, and worth 6,500 rubles. While it is equipped with a processor 1 GHz, camera 5 megapixel, RAM size 512 megabytes and various features such as the GPS module and a slot for a memory card. For the money, again, according to the recommendations of buyers, the best device is not found.

The Company sold and other smartphones MTS. Rates, reviews and technical characteristics – what you need to pay attention in the first place. You can also choose the device on the basis of its appearance and other preferences.

tariff smartphone

Features branded devices

Generally, when buying a smartphone, be aware of its main characteristics – it is, rather, a simple budget phone for a SIM card MTS, than a serious machine for everyday work. In essence, these phones-cheap Chinese Android device. Therefore, to compare them with smartphones from Samsung, Apple or even Lenovo makes no sense. Just considering which is installed on smartphones MTS prices, reviews about them are positive. Remember, however, that they are suitable primarily for basic tasks (listed above). Play them or to make colourful pictures, alas, will not work.

In General, shows the range on the MTS website, phone numbers, these people buy and the demand for them is. And again, the device connected to the tariff plans of the operator, which would be a clear advantage for those who are accustomed to MTS.

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