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Electric barbecue – a universal unit that can cook meat and vegetables, and no added oil. The most convenient option – barbecue electric vertical. What are the benefits of these units and what brand preference?

Design features

Vertical units require the location of the skewers in a horizontal position. Are the grills different cylindrical shape. The heater in them is centered on, and around the hanging skewers – there can be up to 10 pieces. Ten well-protected by a durable cover, which is used to create heat-proof glass. A special container bottom serves as a container for dripping with meat juice and fat.

barbecue electric vertical

Modern electric vertical barbecue is good because it has a solid design. The meals are prepared at a constant temperature, so it's good fried, retaining all the useful properties. When choosing a model must proceed from a number of options:

  1. Capacity. The smallest of the grills have small capacity – up to 700 watts, but such models have enough for a leisurely cooking small portions of kebab. If you have a more serious inquiries, you need to choose the unit more power – from 1000 watts. Such models are able to fry meat in about half an hour.
  2. Material. Most of the products created from aluminum or stainless steel: the first characterized by simplicity of design, but do not possess resistance to external influences. The second is more reliable, but also weigh more.

We Offer you a review of the most popular, judging by reviews, electric barbecue area.


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First place: “Fragrance”

This barbecue electric vertical gets good reviews, due to the small cost (about 1500 rubles), compactness and economy of operation. Model with capacity of 1000 W is only 2 kg. whole Assembly of the Russian production is equipped with five rotating skewers and a metal protective casing. The effect of grilling and high-quality processing meat is provided by the direct exposure to infrared radiation. At full load – and this is one kilogram of meat – to cope with the barbecue cooking barbecue for 15-20 minutes.

barbecue electric vertical feedback

Among the advantages of the buyers give notice of compactness (“Fragrance” easy to take along on a picnic), the presence of special cups made of aluminum, where is the juice and fat, uniform roasting of products due to the location of the heating element in the center of the device. As users say, meat is tasty, juicy, and the cooking process, and the process of cleaning the unit is simple and quick.

Second place: “Caucasus”

This is convenient for the home and garden barbecue electric vertical – the best, according to many buyers. It costs about 1,700 rubles and are presented in several versions. In it a heating element made of nichrome spiral, which is packaged in a flask made of quartz glass with thick walls. According to customers, it is the most convenient to use, which is better than many analogues of foreign production. Due to the powerful motor ensures a quick rotation of the skewers, even if they are not loaded correctly.

This electric vertical barbecue comes complete with 6 twisted skewers made of high quality steel. Barbecue is just 20 minutes. To cook on the barbecue can and mutton, and pork, and chicken. At low power (1000 W), the device can prepare quickly when heated to 250 degrees.

Third place: Saturn

Multifunctional barbecue Saturn is a metal body of the original design. The heater is made of nichrome wire, which is wound on a ceramic core, protected by quartz glass. Skewers have an electric motor. This barbecue electric vertical runs through the radiation of heat that comes from the heater and reflected from the protective casing. The average cost of the model – 3200 rubles. Among the distinctive features of the grills that users have the possibility of cooking barbecue, but grilled chicken, Shawarma and baking fish.

barbecue electric vertical best

Equipment includes the presence of 7 skewers, skewer with a fork and food for fish. Glass door allows you to control the process of cooking. Another plus – a special tray where the accumulated fat. Simultaneous download of up to 2.5 kg of food. Of the minuses, the emphasis is on rotating skewers only in a circle.

Fourth place: “Maxim”

barbecue electric reviews chudesnitsa

This table machine we have set in our ranking of the best models on the 4-th place. According to reviews, this is the most compact, but no less user-friendly electric barbecue. Reviews “Maxim” received a good sufficient for the home environment capacity and low energy consumption. Like most models, this one has the shape of a cylinder, the center of which is located a heating element and the bottompart – drive skewers that rotate. The case is made of aluminium and heat-resistant plastic. According to reviews, the Assembly is pleased with the small size and easy cleaning.

Fifth place: “Gentle”

A Set of this brand is a complex tool that perfectly handles meat products by infrared grill. Available in a wide choice of capacity, this electric barbecue. Reviews “Gentle” received a good as reliable and easy to use. Depending on the model varies the number of skewers – there may be from 5 to 8 pieces, and they all revolve, ensuring uniform frying of meat.

The Grills of foreign production: SMILE GB-3311

barbecue electric vertical stainless steel for home

No less a quality and reliable models offer foreign brands. It is clear that their technique is more expensive. For example, SMILE GB-3311 – barbecue electric vertical stainless steel home. According to buyers, that's not only practical, but also stylish appliance for home. Kebab made it in just 15 minutes, the grease drains into the special tray. One of the advantages users notice the presence of the protective casing with plastic handles of the downsides – no clamps holding the meat on the skewer. To clean the device easily.


For the cooking of vegetables, meat, fish is the perfect barbecue Kitfort. The increased volume of the chamber gives the possibility to simultaneously cook up to 4 kg of meat. Of the benefits of purchasing this device it is possible to note the presence of 7 skewers, which operate in a rotating mode. Among the advantages users notice the compactness, ease of management, availability of special plates for dripping fat, which is easy to wash.


barbecue electric reviews photo

MOT-3321 – another popular with buyers of electric barbecue. Reviews, photos – all the evidence suggests that it is not only functional but also a stylish device. This sexylolita suitable for barbecue according to traditional recipes right at home. the model is equipped with seven skewers with automatic rotation that provides a uniform cooking of the meat. But this device is not only suitable for cooking kebabs, but also for roasting vegetables, frying fish and create smoked sausages or wieners. A mechanical switch allows you to adjust the timer to 60 minutes, and it will automatically turn off upon completion of the frying. There is a turntable-tray, which is the key to uniform cooking of meat.


Sterlingg ST 10746 – a barbecue compact size, which has an aluminum body and aluminum skewers. One of the advantages of this device users report the ability to simultaneously roast up to 1 kg of meat, the presence of switch with illumination and available cost model (costs about 2500 rubles). 5 skewers in the kit have a plastic handle, which eliminates possible injury.

Draw conclusions

barbecue electric reviews of Maxim

As can be seen, electric the grills today offer many domestic and foreign brands. Vertical load in them – a convenient design solution. When choosing a specific model focuses attention on the number of consumers and speed of cooking of the product. For use at home is fine and compact, and if you need the instrument for a large company, you should choose a powerful instrument. Models of the Russian manufacture are reliable and good performance properties. Foreign counterparts at about the same price and encouraging more original design, and also additional tools that expand the functionality of the device.

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