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Everyone knows that the Peninsula of Crimea after a referendum held on 16 March 2014, became part of the Russian Federation. Many global changes had to endure the Peninsula. To rebuild have so far... the Connection – one of the main aspects. Transformation at this level that are particularly sensitive.

call to Sevastopol from the Russian

Link with Russian Sevastopol and Crimea

In Crimea already there are new codes. To reach the Crimeans need to type common code and phone number of caller. Making call from a landline phone is through code 8-365, mobile +7-365. But if you talk about how to call at Sevastopol, it should be noted that there are other code – 869. Instead of six figures now you need to enter seven.

I Changed and post the coordinates. We are talking about the index: to the previous combination of numbers added a deuce in the beginning. If the code was, say, 12345, now - 212345.

Disable connection

How to call to SevastopolOn the Morning of 6 August Sevastopol could not get hold of anyone - lost signal. But the problems started even before: making calls was a problem, you can send only SMS. Many people communication is not disconnected, but was carried out only emergency calls. A caller heard on the other end of the phone the subscriber is not registered on the network.

It is Easy to guess that alarmed the people in the morning rushed into a services to buy a Russian SIM-card and created the sell-out queues. Surprisingly, all were warned in advance that the link will be disabled. Many have moved to the Russian operator in early summer, when the card was introduced. Some naively believed that their current numbers will get a different look (a combination of +7 instead of +380), but no one thought that it is impossible for technical reasons.


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Private operator - myth or reality?

It is Worth noting an interesting fact. In late may the acting head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksenov said that the authorities of the Peninsula consider the possibility that in the Crimea will have its own mobile operator. Or rather, preparing a plan for the implementation of this idea. This idea could be a success, because the mobile market of the entire Peninsula is about three million people. But one thing can be stated with certainty: without a context, the Crimea will remain, and how to call to Sevastopol, you may not worry - the problem has been resolved.

call to Sevastopol from Moscow

Mobile system of Russia in the hero-city

To Call to Sevastopol from Russia can be any number, but need to clarify something. On the Peninsula there is only the tariff. Now residents spontaneously buy card "MTS". The tariff is very profitable: on account of already is 50 rubles, the card costs the same. Almost free! By the way, one passport can be purchased for ten SIM cards. Calls on the Crimea and in the cities of Krasnodar region is absolutely free, if call duration is less than 20 minutes. If the caller saying more, then his account is debited 1.5 rubles, and it means that you can speak for a hundred minutes. In that case, if a hundred minutes will be spent, you will be charged 3 rubles, and the number of minutes will be doubled.

To Call to Sevastopol from Moscow is more expensive because the distance between the cities is rather big. 3 rubles / minute – this is the tariff plan. Touching on the question of how to call at Sevastopol, it should be noted that if the subscriber of another tariff, the price per call will be more than 9 rubles per minute. But because of the location of the regions is completely justified.

In General, calls to Sevastopol from Russia is the same as in the other city, dial +7, then the subscriber's number. Most Crimean rooms start at +797, which can be considered a distinctive feature of the Crimean connection.

Special services

If we talk about how to call at Sevastopol, it should be noted that MTS offers the best connection services, which is called "free Calls to MTS Russia 100". After its activation, the subscriber will pay for 200 minutes. The number of minutes you will come to the room daily. Six hundred of them will go to calls for the Krasnodar territory, Sevastopol and the Crimea, and even a hundred – for calls to other Russian regions. The subscription fee is 1.5 rubles per day. A month out of 45 rubles, not so much, agree? For comparison: in the past 25 days using the package "Super MTS Ukraine" has cost 40 hryvnia. If translated into rubles, and then went about 120 rubles, which is two and a half months of use tariff "free Calls to MTS Russia 100".

calls to Sevastopol

Not surprisingly, subscribers, previously outraged by the high cost of the Russian connection, was satisfied. However, some people still can't deal with the tariff plan, but if you don't want to spend a lot of money, then you can disable some services that will not be charged. Overall quality of service, and rates that are established by the Crimean residents are quite satisfied.

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