The smartphone Prestigio Grace is S7 LTE: owner reviews, specifications and features


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The Brand "Prestigio" and its mobile devices pretty firmly entrenched in the domestic market. Line and the series has a huge number of models in the budget segment and mid-price.

prestigio grace s7 lte reviews

Grace's New phablet S7 appeared on the market a few months ago and has already found its consumer. In short, the device boasts intelligent sensor HD-schedule 5.5-inch display, a good “filling” in the face of Quad-core “Library” series МТ6737, 2 GB of RAM on Board, interesting cameras on 13 and 8 MP, as well as support high-speed LTE protocols.

Reviews on phone Prestigio Grace S7 LTE on major shopping venues are mostly positive, so the gadget is worth a look. The more that the price of the machine does not exceed 9 thousand rubles, which for domestic consumers is an obvious plus.

So, we present to your attention review for smartphone Prestigio Grace S7. The basic characteristics of the unit, its strengths and weaknesses, and feasibility of purchase. In the calculation we take the feedback of owners of the gadget and the opinions of experts in this field.

Package contents

The Device is packaged in a recognizable brand box with red-and-white style. The front is a picture of the phone and its title, and the rear fairly detailed specification together with comments on Prestigio Grace S7 LTE. The latter, of course, registered, so serious about it not worth it.

prestigio grace s7 duo lte reviews

On a side face caused icons that reflect the basic capabilities of the gadget and some “chips”. This is essentially the same specification, only in graphical form. At the ends pasted stickers, bar codes and other dealer entourage.


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Package includes:

  • The phone itself is Grace S7;
  • Charger;
  • Micro-USB cable for PC connection and recharging;
  • Protective film for the screen;
  • Manual and warranty card.

Pick a modest, but for the price acceptable. The lack of other accessories like cases and headsets allowed us to keep the price, and the price of the device is not exceeded the mark of 10 thousand rubles. Judging by the reviews on Prestigio Grace S7 Duo LTE, many users complained about the fragility of the charger: backlash on the plug, loose clamp cable, so it's best right in the store to buy the intelligent network adaptor from the same “Samsung” or “Sony” that the demolition is not know.


The Device is turned classic without any striking or noteworthy design elements. But this does not prevent him to look beautiful and stylish. Holding the model in hand, it can not be called another Chinese consumer goods.

prestigio grace smartphone lte reviews s7

The Gadget comes in two variant colors-Golden and black. Reviews of Prestigio Grace S7 Duo LTE Black clear: classic and versatile range which will suit everyone. Dirt on it is not so visible as on light options, and it is suitable for any styles and clothes. Reviews of Prestigio Grace S7 Duo LTE-Gold not as flattering. Colors, that is, to everybody, besides the definition of Gold is not quite suitable, because gamma is sinking into some kind of a cream color, and natural, namely the Golden yellow gives a little.

The case of the combined apparatus, and the symbiosis of metal and plastic was very successful. Looks a little unusual and yet interesting, and coating the front glass of the class of 2.5 D gives it a degree of charm.

Design Features

As for the build quality, judging by the reviews on the smartphone Prestigio Grace is S7 Duo LTE, consumers have to it no claims. Some squeaks, backlash, crackles or prodavlivanija of the housing parts no. We should also mention the back cover, which is entirely made of metal, but drenched matte plastic on the perimeter. This solution looks very fresh and adds to a gadget originality.

prestigio grace smartphone s7 duo lte reviews

Any special coatings on the housing there, but without them the phone perfectly in the palm of my hand and tries not to slip and hands pleasantly cools the metal. By the way, the back cover is solid and is removed together with the side faces of the device. Many users like this at first confusing, because visually it seems that the waste needs only the Central part, not the whole rear.


Under the cover you can see three familiar interface for SIM card and external SD storage. The manufacturer did not split hairs and made the slots for the SIM cards in the same form factor. Users on this issue left only positive comments on Prestigio Grace S7 LTE. Not many people appreciated the combination options of generations past, when he had “transform” the SIM card in mini, micro.

In the upper left corner of the rear part of the eye of the main camera and led flash quad format. Power key device and the volume rocker located on the right side. Users in their reviews smartphone Prestigio Grace S7 LTE repeatedly thanked the designers for their classic location of these elements. And lefties, and righties hold the phone, usually left hand, so this decision looks much more comfortable other mirror options like the models from the “Sony” or “Nokia”.

Interface Features

At the top there is the classic port for audio on 3.5 mm (“Jack”) and interface micro-USB for charging and/or synchronization with a personal computer. On the bottom edge houses the microphone hole and the perforated speaker grille.

The Latter, incidentally, turned out not entirely successful. Users in their reviews of Prestigio Grace S7 LTE has repeatedly noted that the bars often clog small “pocket” trash, and simple venting here does not help, you have to take small tweezers, a needle or other device for extraction of foreign elements.


The Device has received a pretty decent IPS matrix with HD-schedule of 1280 x 720 pixels. To 5.5-inch diagonal screen, this resolution is quite suitable, and the average grain size (267 ppi) did not hurt the eyes.

prestigio grace s7 duo lte gold reviews

The Picture on the output is good: colors are natural and saturated, the factor of contrast and brightness at a high level, and the maximum viewing angles for IPS-matrix. The image is not distorted even under considerable change of the angle and does not fade under the light and in well-lit rooms.

The Only thing that sometimes users complained in their reviews about Prestigio Grace S7 LTE – the color temperature. Indicators a little above normal, making the colors seem cold. There are more pumped up factory-calibrated, so to all those who need really high-quality picture, it is useful to establish a special tool for adjusting the color channels. But otherwise, we have a nice picture without some critical comments.


Responsible For the performance of a good set of chipset: processor "multimedia libraries" series МТ6737 on four cores and a graphics accelerator “Mali” series T720 MP2. Two gigabytes of RAM and 16 GB internal is more than enough for a normal and smooth operation of the interface. The latter, incidentally, can be greatly expanded after installing external SD media (up to 64GB).

prestigio grace s7 duo lte black reviews

As for games, it stumbles a smartphone just for the “heavy” applications. The majority of modern toys go without problems, and only some need to drop the graphic settings to medium or even minimum level. With multimedia, navigation, surfing and other member functions there are no problems: everything works, sounds and plays bright colors without any lags with friezes. Users in their reviews on the performance of the smartphone did not complain, especially since the price does not allow to demand from him something transcendental.


The Device received an excellent matrix for both cameras. The main has a resolution of 13 MP and F/2.0 aperture and a selfie-instrument – 8 MP. Both cameras have shown themselves in the best way: the autofocus works as it should, the bright flash and to the point, a “smart” interface understand the situation perfectly.

Detail of the images is quite acceptable. We can say that the manufacturer is squeezed out of the cameras all that is possible in this price segment. Also many users in their reviews say great quality night time pictures. The prefix quad on the flash is clearly not for effect, so the name she fulfills in full.

Operation time

The figure can be called one of the clear advantages of the device. The device has a battery capacity of 5000 mAh, which even for a voracious platform “Android” is enough. Forums and sites online stores are full of praises from the users for this reason.

reviews on phone prestigio grace s7 lte

If you use...

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