How to choose a humidifier for home?


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One of the main parameters of air is its humidity. The optimal level for humans is 40%. If this figure is unattainable, the dry air forces the plants and people evaporate more moisture than usual. The result is a deterioration of health even in the healthiest of people, manifested by dizziness, distraction, drowsiness, fatigue, reduced performance and immunity. The lack of moisture becomes a cause of excessive dryness of the skin, with the result that it ages much faster. In the rooms where the children live, it is extremely important to maintain the humidity at an optimum uorine. For the health of babies, especially infants, it is very important to create a comfortable environment. In order to better cope with the dry air, was invented a special device. Next will be described how to choose a humidifier.

The Main purpose of such devices is to work in the same room, usually in the room. If we talk about how to choose a humidifier for home, it is important to say that most choices are influenced by the area of the room where it will be used. To make a preliminary calculation of the required performance of the device. In the specifications from some manufacturers specify the amount they calculated. You'll find most moisturizers that are designed for space, not exceeding 150 cubic metres. Such devices are very easy to install and operate. They do not need to mount something special, and for their functioning, it is sufficient to include them in the socket and pour the water. All models are usually designed to operate around the clock.


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How to choose a humidifier.

Device designed for home use, very compact, and some of them are mounted on the wall in a special way. This can be very important for children's rooms. For the early dispersal of moist air from the humidifier is to install it closer to the radiator. In recent years, the manufacturers implement in their device items of silver, used for disinfection of water.

Currently, the most common are the following types of devices: steam, traditional, ultrasonic and air washer. To pick the humidifier, it is necessary to consider their principles of functioning and mechanisms of operation.

In the steam devices laid the evaporation of water. There is absolutely nothing new. Is boiling of water, its evaporation, and saturation of air with moisture. As the volatile elements are applied to the two electrodes, which are immersed in water, they fit an electric current, causing the water heats up, boils and evaporates. After complete evaporation of water there is an open circuit, and then automatic shutdown of the device. Humidistat-a sensor humidification, ensures that the humidity at the specified level is no longer increased.

How to choose a humidifier: traditional devices

These devices called humidifiers cold vapor. In them evaporates cold water that is fed from special tray at the volatile elements. It is important to know what these moisturizers can only work with the use of distilled water. Otherwise, the cartridge may be quickly clogged by the salts contained in hard water.

How to choose a humidifier: air washer and ultrasonic models

This type is very similar to traditional. Here goes well as a humidifier and air cleaner, which eliminates dust, odors, allergens, giving very high levels moisture. The most common and effective are ultrasonic. Their productivity is quite high, and the size is quite small. Water from the tank goes to a special plate that vibrates at a predetermined ultrasonic frequency, vaporizing the water. Fan air flow is blown into the room.

We Can recommend a humidifier MW-3551 SR, which proved to be very good.

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