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Found a SIM card, which for some time enjoyed, and can't remember her number? Maybe you have only recently acquired a room in the office "Tele2" and had already forgotten him? Whatever the reason that you are unable to recall a sequence of digits, the following procedures will help to answer the question: how on Tele2's my number?

how to tele2's my number

See documents

This refinement of your room quite relevant for those people who bought a SIM card recently and have not had time to get rid of the unnecessary “paperwork”, which was issued in the office. Finding them in your locker or glove box, you can easily find out which combination of numbers assigned to the SIM card. By the way, it is not recommended to get rid of all the documents - you should save the data on the pin and puck codes.

Call from SIM card to another number

How to know your phone number Tele2, if documents are missing? If you have already managed to throw away the documentation issued with the purchase of the kit in the phone, or find it is not possible, then just try to call with SIM card. Of course, if you have a second mobile device. When you call the display will show you the forgotten combination of numbers and you will be able to remember or at least write it down.

 how to find out your phone number tele2

Turning on line consultation

If money is on the SIM card is not enough for a call, and there is no way to find out the official information from the documents, it is possible to call 611. This is the free line number of consultations. Hearing the voice of the expert, he should ask the question about how to Tele2 to know your number. Do not think that this question may surprise the employee of the contact center. In response, he'll give you the combination of numbers that you have forgotten.


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Enter query to retrieve data

In one of the most popular problems of forgetfulness subscribers the option for viewing data developed by the operator Tele2. The command "Know your number” as follows: *201#. In response to this simple combination, the subscriber will receive a text notification, which, incidentally, will contain the number. Please note that this message will not be stored in the apparatus, and will be simply displayed on the screen. Therefore, the number still have to write.

 tele2 team to learn your room

It is Also worth noting that if the USSD is not working possibly the SIM card for a long time (over four months) was not used and the operator for this reason were blocked. To clarify, you should try to call tech support and ask for instructions on how to Tele2 to know your number. If the connection is not available, then the SIM card can be forgotten, not remembering the room itself.


In this article we looked at how to Tele2's my number, and gave several ways to retrieve data of interest at any occasion. Please note that the operator reserves the right (this is spelled out in the contract that receives the subscriber when buying the kit and signing of a contract for the provision of telecommunications services) to block the SIM card if it is not performed paid services for four months. Is it possible to recover this number? It should be ascertained from the operator, in the office or on the phone contact center.

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